Teen Parties / Parent Guide

 Social Host Accountability Ordinances
Unsupervised parties and gatherings at homes of Redwood students involving unfortunate incidents resulting from binge drinking and other drug use continue to be a problem.  Emergency room visits, property damage, violence and auto accidents are not uncommon.  Parents and their teens should be aware of the Social Host Accountability Ordinances in effect in towns, cities and municipalities throughout Marin County. Although specific ordinances vary depending on where you reside, in general, it is unlawful to host a party or gathering of two or more minors at a residence or other private property, or a place under your control where alcoholic beverages are possessed or consumed by one of more minors (under 21 years of age).  A violation of these ordinances may be enforced as a misdemeanor criminal offense and/or may be subject to an administrative penalty, payable by a fine ranging from $750-$2,500 for each violation.
In the past, dances and other community events for teens sponsored by "for-profit" organizations have resulted in unfortunate incidents involving binge drinking and other drug use.  One incident included fighting, property damage and evidence of dangerous weapons at an event where teens from Marin and outside of our county were present. Parents are encouraged to review this guide, talk to their teens and ensure ongoing communication. Click here for the flyer (pdf) in English or en español.  For additional resources, please visit the Marin County School/Law Enforcement Partnership website. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact Luke McCann, Assistant Superintendent, by phone at 499-5866 or by email at