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Athletics play an important part in the Tamalpais Union High School District. Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program. Athletics play an important part, too, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students - spectators as well as participants - develop pride in their school.
Marin County Athletic League Honors - Fall 2015
Lizzy Labeeuw-Anderson, Cross Country: First Team
Neil Johnson, Cross Country: Second Team
Olivia Phillips, Cross Country: Second Team
Kate Miekley, Cross Country: Second Team
Annika Levaggi, Cross Country: Second Team 
Riley Walls, Football: First Team Kicker, First Team Punter
TreChaun Berkley, Football: Second Team Back, Second Team All-Purpose
Brett Quai-Hoi, Football: Second Team OL, Honorable Mention DL
Jordan Smith, Football: Second Team DB, Honorable Mention R
Brian Rivas, Football: Second Team LB
Sasha D'Amore, Football: Honorable Mention L 
Courtney Chang, Golf: First Team
Maddie Stoops, Golf: Second Team
Sabrina Haechler, Golf: Honorable Mention 
Kendall Hiti, Tennis: First Team Doubles
Sara Tierney, Tennis: First Team Doubles
Hannah Berg, Tennis: Second Team Singles
Hailey Miller, Tennis: Second Team Singles 
Emma Schultz, Tennis: Second Team Doubles 
Annalie Miller, Tennis: Second Team Doubles 
Sheridan Miller , Tennis: Second Team Doubles  
Natalie Durham, Tennis: Honorable Mention 
Sona Dolasia, Tennis: Honorable Mention
Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Tennis: Honorable Mention
Eden Wetzel, Volleyball: Honorable Mention  
Jackson Hettler, Waterpolo: First Team
Connor Norton, Waterpolo: Second Team
Connor King, Waterpolo: Honorable Mention
Zoey Smith, Waterpolo: Second Team
Alexa Zener, Waterpolo: Second Team
Lillie Gilbert, Waterpolo: Honorable Mention 
Marin County Athletic League Honors - Winter 2015-16 
Amari Allison, Basketball: Player of the Year
Jaiana Harris, Basketball: First Team
Megan Lee, Basketball: First Team 
James Finn, Basketball: Second Team
RJ Cutkelvin, Basketball: Honorable Mention
Jack Duboff, Basketball: Honorable Mention 
Callie Clifford, Soccer: First Team 
Kallie Hukari, Soccer: First Team
Kira Cross, Soccer: First Team 
Gabby Bello, Soccer: Second Team 
Nicole Long, Soccer: Honorable Mention 
Emlen Janetos, Soccer: Honorable Mention  
Emma Schnee, Soccer: Honorable Mention  
Reilly Johnson, Soccer: Honorable Mention 
Riley Walls, Soccer: Honorable Mention  
Owen Schwartz , Soccer: Honorable Mention 
Matt Coopersmith, Soccer: Honorable Mention  
Marin County Athletic League Honors - Spring 2016
Ryan Baumhoff, Tennis: Player of the Year
Julian Chelsey, Field Events Athlete of the Year
Claire Rutgers, Field Events Athlete of the Year 
Trevor Bukowski, Baseball: Second Team
Nick Friedman, Golf: First Team
Jack Hanson, Golf: Second Team
Hans Glader, Golf: Honorable Mention 
Elodie Townsend, Softball: First Team
Jessie Scarsella, Softball: Second Team
Anna Reichenbach, Softball: Honorable Mention 
Kate Peterson, Lacrosse: Second Team
Lucky Shulman, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention
Raven Twilling, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention
Arthur Antonio, Lacrosse: First Team
Arthur Berlinger, Lacrosse: Second Team
Matteo Liebman, Lacrosse: Second Team
Riley Hancock, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention 
Matia Jovanovic, Tennis: First Team Singles
Jackson Gathard, Tennis: First Team Doubles
Nikhil Kharkar, Tennis: First Team Doubles
Trenten Francis, Tennis: First Team Doubles
Will Roddy, Tennis: Second Team Singles
Finn Taylor, Tennis: Second Team Singles
Cole Boscoe, Tennis: Second Team Doubles 
Dylan Harris, Tennis: Second Team Doubles
Tyler Baker-Williams, Tennis: Honorable Mention
Blake Killingsworth, Volleyball: First Team