Parking Permit Refresh

If you currently have a Tam Parking Decal that allows you to park on campus, please come out and have your hanging decal replaced. We are replacing the old hanging decals that we distributed at the beginning of the year, during Tutorial on Wed March 26th and Friday March 28th. Make sure that you bring your old hanging decals with you. You will NOT be given a new one unless you have the old one in tow. Also, Make sure that all information for the car you are assigning a decal is accurate such as : LP#, color, year, make, model. Your DL# should also be on file with us.


For seniors who do not currently hold a parking decal because of the limited distribution, please hold off on coming down as we are not planning to do that at this time. If students do not show up to claim their decal on Wed and Fri  there may be an opportunity to get assigned a decal.

Driving and Parking


            Students are encouraged to walk, bike, car pool and use public transportation whenever feasible.

Tam High is not equipped or required to provide parking for all students.  Driving and parking on and near Tam High is a privilege reserved for seniors in good standing. 


            Driving and parking on campus are privileges reserved for seniors in good standing who meet the following conditions:

·         Possession of a currently valid driver's license;

·         Registration of the vehicle in accordance with the school's parking policy;

·         Consistent observation of all vehicular traffic and parking laws;

·         Safe operation of the vehicle at all times;

·         Adherence to school parking policies; and,

·         Possession and proof of automobile insurance.


Students in violation of school, district, state or local driving ordinances, rules or policies are subject to school disciplinary actions which may include the suspension of, or termination of, parking privileges or suspension from school.  Students may also be ticketed by local law enforcement agencies (BP 5131.3).


Students who do not receive permits and park on local streets must obey parking laws and follow common sense. Failure to follow the law when parking off campus may result in disciplinary action at school.


Available parking is limited to assigned areas for students, staff and visitors. Only students with parking permits may park in the Almonte Lot, but not in spaces marked “Staff”.   Students are not allowed to park in the Miller Avenue lot or the lot behind the Ceramics building.   Please follow all traffic regulations and use common sense when driving and parking near campus.  It is important to maintain good relations with our neighbors and to respect their property.  Do not park on both sides of narrow streets and do not block driveways or intersections.  Cars parked illegally will be ticketed (and possibly towed) by local law enforcement.  Also, failure to park appropriately off campus may result in disciplinary action at school.


To obtain a parking permit, fill out a “Student Parking Request Form” in the Assistant Principals’ office.  Please remember that a parking decal is required, but does not guarantee a parking space.