Team bids a hearty welcome to the class of 2015 - 2016 chosen in our lottery process: Kit Beauchamp, Madison Grove-Burke, Holly Voorsanger, Delaney Hunt, Holly Friedman, Ella Marlatt, Ava Hagen, Will Gallagher, Andrew Jensen, Cole Dosker, Maia Mazur, Aziah Garvey, Alberto DeLeon,, Claudia Serrano, Artemesia Ashe, Nick Morris, Gigi Wyatt, Christina Klyce, Olivia Kallai, Harper DormanGreene, Gerald Ingraham Jr., Emily Hawkins, Mara Lawlor, Noemi Fretes
                      Please plan on attending our meeting at 9:00 AM Friday, June 12 in the couch room.
Last Modified on May 15, 2015