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    Quality Education Renewal Measure

    Information About Measure M


    Since 1989, the local community has provided local parcel tax funding for Tamalpais Union High School District that has helped to maintain qualified teachers and protect challenging academic programs.  Today, this funding provides $16.8 million each year and accounts for 17% of the District’s annual budget.  This funding is set to expire soon.


    Budget Management

    In recent years, the District has had to make $6 million in annual cuts, increase class sizes, cut administration staff and reduce benefits, with more cuts expected in the future. If the current parcel tax funding expires, $16.8 million in additional cuts would be required, including teacher layoffs and cuts to academic programs.


    Local Renewal Measure on November 2020 Ballot

    To prevent cuts equivalent to laying off 115 teachers, the Tamalpais Union High School District has placed Measure M, a parcel tax renewal measure, on the November 3 ballot. The Quality Education Renewal Measure would renew existing parcel tax funding at the existing $469 rate and would minimize cuts to existing programs. If passed by 66.7% of local voters, Measure M would provide funding to help:

    • Maintain excellent science, technology, engineering, math, reading and writing instruction
    • Attract and retain highly qualified and diverse teachers
    • Support music and art programs


    Fiscal Accountability Required

    • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits would be required
    • All funds would be controlled locally and go to Tamalpais Union High School District
    • No funds could be taken away by the State
    • None of the funds could be used for administrator salaries
    • Seniors aged 65 and over would continue to be eligible for an exemption from the cost


    Will District funds be used to pay for the potential name change of Drake High School?

    No, money for any name change will come from individual donations and grants. No parcel tax money or general fund money will be used to pay for a name change.


    We Want Your Feedback

    The District values your comments and feedback as it evaluates its budget, implements cuts and continues to strive to provide a high quality education to students.  Please share your thoughts and questions with us.


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