• Español 3-4 - WEEK 12 (3/30 - 4/03)

    Hola clase, here is your WEEKLY lesson plan, due on Friday, April 3rd at 3 p.m. Again, the time you spend here should equal the time you are missing from class, plus your normal weekly homework assignments (230 minutes/week, or 3 hours and 50 minutes plus homework). All weekly assigned activities are worth points! (Note: once I put the scores from Quia into E-school, I archive them in Quia. This may look like you haven't done the assignment inside Quia. If this is the case, look in E-school, and if your score is there, then all is well. If not, email me and I can investigate what happened). If you have any questions, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Additionally, I will be available to you for tutoring, general check-ins, help, questions about grades, etc. on ZOOM every Wednesday, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (regular tutorial hours). Checking in with me on Zoom is OPTIONAL for you, and not obligatory.


    All Spanish 3-4 vocabulary can be found HERE

    All Spanish 3-4 grammar notes and slides can be found HERE

    WEEK 12 (3/30 - 4/03) - THESE ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE AT 3 PM ON 4/03

    1. Study on Quizlet. I have come to realize that I can't see how many minutes you are completing on Quizlet, but I can see how many activities you've completed within each Quizlet set per week. So, from now on, in order to receive credit for studying on Quizlet, you will need to complete ONE ACTIVITY inside each study set assigned in order to receive credit (the equivelant of 60-90 minutes). Again, you must LOG IN first (otherwise your work will not be recorded!). If you forgot your login, you'll need to join the class again under another e-mail account. You can do that HERE*** Also, if your username is something like Blink123, please change it to something that resembles your first and last name so that I can give you credit. Gracias.
    Here are the two sets you should focus on this week (do other sets if you are able, specifically the past tense verb conjugations of pretérito vs. imperfecto): 
          - R5 vocabulary 
    Remember, YOU MUST keep up with your vocabulary and grammar while out of school in order to not fall behind when you return!! I can't stress this point enough!
    2. Watch this video on pretérito vs. imperfecto (video #3). Then complete this activity on Quia.  
    3. Read chapter 1 and 2 of our class novel, and then answer the questions about chapter 1 and chapter 2 on Quia. 
    4. Watch this video and then write a summary here.
    5. Complete Tarea #19 on Quia.
    If you would like to spend more time on Spanish this week (optional but not obligatory):
    -  Practice your past tense verbs on conjuguemos.com (#9 and #13)
    -  Listen to songs and complete activities on Señor Wooly. You will need to join as a NEW STUDENT. Join code:7S73M6
    -  Read children's stories in Spanish (subtitles available) with Duolingo YouTube videos
    -  Listen to audible books for free in Spanish
    -  Complete any activity on Enrichment Activities for Spanish Students
    -  Watch a Spanish-speaking series on Netflix, etc. Some ideas: The Time In-Between, El Gran Hotel, Jane the Virgin, and here is a whole list of other shows you might enjoy
    Gracias y hasta pronto.
    Ms. Lingrell