• Teen Friendly Apps:
     Mindfulness Apps 

    Calm: A simple mindfulness mediation app that will bring you more clarity, joy and peace of mind.

     7 Seconds

    7 Second Mediation: This app helps you relax, focus, and de-stress every day with reminders to take a pause from thinking and just be present.


    Stop, Breathe, & Think: Mindfulness, mediation, and compassion building tool that is simple and fun to use!

     Stress Relief Game Apps 

    Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad: If you find doodling and drawing relaxing, this game feels kind of magical. Pick colors and styles, then just touch the screen to make your very own kaleidoscopic drawing.


    Flowy: This app helps you remember to take deep breaths while playing a fun and engaging game.


    TanZen Free: Find your Zen with this fun and relaxing puzzle game.

     Be Informed Apps:

    PILL ID: Quickly and easily identify pills by imprint, shape, color, or drug name.


    MY3: Make a plan including your coping strategies, people who are there for you, and ways you can help yourself when feeling upset or suicidal.


    Text Arrest: This app locks the phone’s screen so no texts or emails can be sent or read while driving.