“We want you to see school not as something

    that is happening to you, but something

    you are doing for yourself.”  Paul Grifo

    Junior Year - The Big Picture:

    Our Student Counseling Goals are based on supporting you through

         the TRANSITION into ADULTHOOD:
    • Understand how to access resources and information to explore personal, academic & career goals (understanding your challenges and asking for questions if you need help, seek out your counselor for information, don’t just wait for her to send a pass)
    • Begin independent research of next steps in my post-secondary planning process (use the College/Career Center, Naviance, your teachers, your counselor, your parents, other adults with interesting careers)
    • Become a self-advocate - seeking out guidance when questions arise (communicating effectively – for yourself on your behalf)
    • Understand how current choices impact future options (Future Time Perspective: How do my decisions today impact my options tomorrow or next year?)
    • Understand the importance of balancing academic, extracurricular & personal responsibilities 

    Define YOUR PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF SUCCESS (not mine, your parents or your peers: YOURS!)

    Set some achievable goals in these three areas (knowing what you do well and what you like and dislike can help with this):

    • Academic (refine your writing, learn what the quadratic equation can do for you, become an accomplished speaker.  This goal is not just a GPA, because you are not just a number)
    • Extracurricular (start a club, run an 8 minute mile, plant a community garden)
    • Social/Emotional (What kind of person are your becoming?  What are you curious about? Would you choose you as a project partner?  What are your values/priorities?)

    Aiming high will always result in more options – even if you are not successful at every single thing you aim for.  Perfection is not the goal; learning about yourself is


    Specific Tasks to Complete FALL Semester (Junior Year):

    Last year for UC/CSU GPA – review transcript and set goals based on college interests, hope & reality

    D’s get a diploma, C’s and higher get 4 year college opportunities

    Continue to develop good relationships with teachers.  Some of them may be writing your letter of recommendation for college next year (character, potential, ability in subject area).  You do this by showing up on time, every day, prepared for class.  Then you participate actively with a focus on learning, not just on the grade you may earn

    Attend the College Night for Sophomores & Juniors (see Calendar for date)

    Take the PSAT – second Saturday in October, or one of the ACT/SAT or combo tests announced by Lisa Neumaier in her email or web communications

    Continue to explore careers based on your talents/interests:

    • Road Trip Nation on Naviance
    • Internship – talk w/ Mr Davison
    • Job Shadow/Informational Interviews (interview teachers, friends parents)

    College Visits – sign up on Naviance for at least 10 – ask Questions!

    Attend Financial Aid Night for a preview of FAFSA for next year when you apply to college

    Attend school EVERY DAY.  Studies of Drake attendance demonstrate a definite correlation between attendance and grades

    Specific Tasks to Complete SPRING Semester (Junior Year):

    Attend your Junior Conference with Ms Souder (first full week in January).  This group meeting cannot be duplicated; being present is critical to understanding the wealth of information and resources coming your way at a high rate of speed from this point forward

    SAT/ACT in spring – take it early so you can retake (if necessary) in spring

    Attend the Course Workshops so that you have accurate information in order to make course decisions

    Complete these Naviance Tasks

    • Complete Resume (this tool will help with jobs and college applications)
    • Add Colleges to the “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list (then in the fall, you will get emails from these colleges if an admissions rep is coming to visit Drake or the Bay Area)
    • Scholarship Search
    • Completer Super Match College Search
    • Complete MI Advantage

    Attend school EVERY DAY.  Studies of Drake attendance demonstrate a definite correlation between attendance and grades

    Attend Open House (late January).  This evening provides an opportunity to preview course happenings of interest to you and talk directly with teachers about courses that interest you

    Select courses for next year based on your interests and abilities, a desire to challenge yourself, all the while keeping in mind the importance of balance and the fact that college applications take far more time than you realize

    Complete your Letter of Recommendation packet (on Sheila's website) as soon as your AP exams are complete. This will be one less thing on your "to do" list in fall of senior year, when college applications heat up

    Specific Tasks to Complete SUMMER (Junior Year):

    Participate in an Internship - see Greg Davison for details
    Take an interesting course at College of Marin - something fun that we don't offer at Drake
    Get a job - working will provide you with several things:
    • Skills and experience at interacting with the public
    • An idea of what you do and don't like in the work environment
    • Spending cash
    • Experience managing your own money
    Read Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be, by Frank Bruni
    Interview at least two adults about their careers:
    • Find out what they love about their work and what they don't
    • Find out what training and/or education they needed for their career
    • Ask about "a day in the life" of their occupation
    • Find out what qualities and characteristics they have that suit them for their career
    • Take a walk and ponder whether these are things that interest you 
    Begin to write your college essays/personal statements for either Common Application or the UC system.  Essay and Personal Insight Questions prompts are available under Junior Year Information on my website.
    Review all of the Junior Emails that Ms Souder or the Counseling Team sent you in the spring, as there are specific lists, dates, links for all of your responsibilities in those emails.

    Give 100% effort this year to Being Your Best Self!!

          Don’t just do what is expected;

            surprise yourself;
                                    go above and beyond!!


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