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    All content, materials, and announcements for Spanish 3-4 and Spanish 7-8 Honors taught by Henna Lopez Rahimi will be found on Google Classroom, in which all students will be auto-enrolled. Parents/guardians are encouraged to sign up for access as well.

    For any information about HLR's teaching philosophies, experience as a teacher, and background, please visit my Weebly portfolio. Please note: This is not a location to find current course materials, just an archive of older information. Please see Google Classroom for all current content, materials, and announcements for Spanish 3-4 and Spanish 7-8 Honors.

    For any information about an individual course, please see each syllabus linked below:

  • Instructor Contact Information

    • Name: Henna Lopez Rahimi 
    • Email Address: hlopezrahimi@tamdistrict.org 
    • School Phone Number: 388-3292 ext. 5032

    Please note that email is the primary means to get my attention if you or your parents choose to communicate with me outside of school hours. However, I encourage all students to approach me in person to discuss anything of concern. I am available and willing to meet with students during Tutorial and after school (if after school, please make arrangements with me beforehand).