• Español 5/6 - Otoño 2019                                                                                                 Profesora do Carmo                           

    Redwood High School                                                                                                   adocarmo@tamdistrict.org

                                                                       ¡Bienvenidos a todos!

    Our goals:

    You will be acquiring Spanish this year through a variety of effective and fun ways. Our primary goal is

    communication in the Spanish language. We will also explore countries and cultures and make cultural

    and linguistic comparisons. Connections with your other school subjects will be made. Together we will build a

    Spanish learning community that will enable you to learn and use Spanish in and outside of the classroom.


    Spanish 5/6 is a third-year Spanish course. We begin with a brief review of material covered in the second-year course.

    Various materials are used to support your acquisition of Spanish. (Mini novels written entirely in Spanish,

    online resources such as Quizlet, Quia, Kahoot, and studyspanish.com, handouts, videos, songs, articles and authentic readings)


    Class expectations and behaviors:

    1.) No phone use.

    2.) Be on time.

    3.) Come prepared: pen/pencil, paper, book (if assigned)

    4.) Pay attention and be on task at all times.

    5.) No heads on desks, no hoods on heads. Sit up! Stay alert!

    6.) No gum, food or beverages other than water.

    7.) Clean up around your desk.

    8.) Show respect to the teacher and your fellow classmates at all times. Insults and put-downs will not be tolerated.

    9.) Participate and have fun with the Spanish language!


    You will receive a grade in this class based on:                     A = 94% - 100%            C+ = 77% - 79%

    70% Quizzes/tests (may be unannounced)                           A- = 90% - 93%             C = 74% - 76%

    15% Homework, Classwork/Participation/Projects              B+ = 87% - 89%            C- = 70% - 73                                   

    15 % FINAL EXAM                                                                  B = 84% - 86%               D = 60% - 69%

                                                                                                    B- = 80% - 83%              F = 0% - 59%


    You must earn a grade of 70% or better to go on to the next level of Spanish.


    I use eSchool for my gradebook. You can check your grade record through the Home Access Center on eSchool.


    Binder   Please have a three ring binder in which to save papers, articles of interest, and handouts. All vocabulary and structures we are learning will also be online on Quizlet. Please see me if you need help with obtaining any of the materials listed above.


    Why isn’t Spanish like some of your other high school classes?

    Spanish is a skill. This is not a class in which you can learn material for a test and then forget it. Acquiring a language is like learning how to ride a bike. It’s a skill that you build gradually, use, and remember for a long time. In order to build your skills you need to practice and that is why full participation in class is essential for you to improve your Spanish skills. Fortunately, you already have some skills (reading and writing) that will help you to acquire Spanish more quickly.

    What if I make a mistake in class?
    Mistakes when acquiring a new language are normal, natural and…. EXPECTED!!!   Even students with a high degree of proficiency in the language will make errors when speaking or writing. Don’t worry about making mistakes! Making mistakes in class will not count against you as long as you are trying your best to acquire and use Spanish. Relax and have fun participating in class and your Spanish will improve quickly!  

    The Bottom Line   If you try to learn and participate fully in this class, you're going to know a lot of Spanish by June. I promise.


    I am looking forward to a great year with you all!  

    Profesora do Carmo                                    email: adocarmo@tamdistrict.org                                       tel: (415)945-3600 x6133