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    COVID-19 Impact on Honors Mathematics:

    TUHSD has made the following changes to the Honors Math Program for the 2021-2022 school year.  

    • All Honors Mathematics Placement Exams that were scheduled for May 2021 are canceled.
    • Honors Geometry will not be offered for the 2021-22 school year.
    • Current TUHSD students interested in Honors Advanced Algebra may seek information from their geometry teacher.
    • Incoming 9th-grade students that are enrolled in Advanced Algebra for 2021-22 will be contacted via email regarding Honors Advanced Algebra enrollment.


    Why have these changes been made?

    The TUHSD Math Task Force, with the consultation of TUHSD Math Teachers, Site Administration, and District Administration, recognizes that algebra is the foundation for success in all of our honors and college prep math courses. To address the impact of school closures on math learning,  the TUHSD Math Department anticipates a one year restructuring of our geometry program to address the need to strengthen student's current algebraic foundation and fill any algebra gaps while progressing through the geometry content.  Through differentiation, we believe our Geometry 1-2 course will continue to stretch and challenge students.  

    The one-year restructuring will help to ensure students have a solid algebra foundation which is needed to access the honors program and all higher level math courses.  Given that students who have completed a full year of algebra and a full year of geometry already have experience with the depth of algebra needed for success, the Honors Advanced Algebra course will remain as a course offering.  
    Historically, the TUHSD has had several school years without offering an Honors Geometry course.  In those years, the absence of the Honors Geometry course did not negatively impact student access or success in Honors Advanced Algebra.  By contrast, a weak foundation in first year algebra skills can negatively impact access and success to the higher level math courses in which college bound students are expected to excel.
    We understand many of you will be disappointed with this decision.  Given the current constraints and challenges, this was determined to be the best option.