•  Pathos Practice: Imagery

    Pathos means using emotion to support a claim. Support each thesis in the left hand column by writing 1-3 sentences depicting a character in a moment using sensory details in order to evoke emotion. The character could be from the news or history, could be you or someone you know, or could be hypothetical (if clear it’s imagined). Continue on the back if necessary.


    Relevant Pathos-evoking Imagery

    The US borders should be opened.


    The US borders should be closed.


    School should start at 9 AM.





    The US should subsidize renewable energy.


    College education should be free.


    College education should not be free.


    Vote for Donald Trump for President


    Vote for Hillary Clinton for President


    Insert your thesis here:









    Pathos Practice





    Incomplete or inappropriate.

    Either does not use characters in moments, or those don’t support thesis, or attempts humor over stirring emotions. Or up to 3 weeks late.

    For nearly every thesis, you presented a character in a moment with sensory details. May be 1 class late.

    For each thesis, you presented a relevant character in a relevant scene with vivid, authentic sensory details. Genuinely moving. On time.


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