• Community Colleges

    Many students and parents are unaware of the amazing opportunities Community College offers them to launch their academic career. The perception is often that people are settling for Community College, versus seeing the benefits offered. The following offers some key highlights put together by parents and students based on their personal experience and observations:

    1) Community College is a great option for students wanting to go on to higher education, but not
    directly into a 4-year institution.
    2) It is a great opportunity for students seeking an Associates Degree in a specific field as well as
    for those wishing to bring up their GPA and explore their interests before transferring to a
    3) Community College offers students time to find out the requirements and what is needed to
    transfer into a 4-year school.
    4) Community Colleges offer the same travel and study abroad opportunities as 4-year schools, often 
    at half the price.
    5) For students looking to venture outside the Bay Area, California has 114 Community Colleges to choose from.  Requirements, deadlines and on-campus services vary between each California Community College and some have dorms or off-campus housing. 

    For details visit: http://www.cccco.edu/CommunityCollege/collegehousing.aspx.  If student housing is of interest, it is important that you begin early and submit a deposit to confirm your space. 

    Requirements, deadline and on-campus services vary between each Community College. The College and Career Center can provide you with a complete list of Community Colleges in CA and can meet with you 1:1 and with your family to discuss the best options for you.

    Just like preparing for any 4-year college, students interested in attending a Community College (CC) should research the list of available schools early on and get to know their particular areas of emphasis. Whether you transfer out or not, you’ll want to know if that school matches your interests. Things to consider:

    • Contact the CC or visit their website
    • Reach out to your prospective school early
    • Contact the Admissions office or look online for registration steps. 
    • Schedule a visit to the school complete with an orientation and counselor Meeting.

    Many schools offer special opportunities to tour your school of choice where all of the details are shared with prospective students. Students can then schedule a meeting with a counselor prior to registering to ask initial questions to start you on your path.

    Be aware that Registration, Placement Tests and Enrollment Deadlines vary. No two schools are alike and deadlines can vary by weeks and sometimes months. Reaching out early will ensure you don’t miss a critical deadline at your CC. DATES CAN BE DIFFERENT FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS OR ACCOMMODATIONS ...ask your counselor at your prospective CC if there are any special requirements for taking placement tests for enrollment.

    While you can certainly wait until the last minute, getting in their system provides you with a student ID and all the clout to take the next steps. And in many cases, it gives you more freedom to get the classes you desire. Most schools operate through a school portal which students log into and their ID allows them to navigate the system. If the school does not offer this than a school counselor will provide you with the protocol for students. Reach out to the Counseling Department at the CC. Many schools have sign up sheet to meet with a counselor upfront and then later, set up a formal meeting where education plans, classes, goals and interests are discussed. Your counselor is key and will work with you on many aspects of your school experience.

    Students with 504 plans and IEPs should contact the Disability Services Program at the CC or other appropriate office. The services and support are so important to students needing help. Most often students needing accommodations such as this will schedule counseling sessions within The Disabilities Service Program and will do all college planning with a counselor from this department. Students will benefit from early enrollment so it is critical to seek out these programs if you need them to give you ample time to get the correct paperwork and benefit from the services.

    Most CCs do not offer on-campus living for students but some do. If you know you will be attending school in the Fall, it is important to begin your housing search during the prior Spring. The best advice for housing options comes from students on campus, so ask around during your site visit. Refer to the CC website for student housing and transportation options.

    Just like any institute of higher learning, the earlier you get on board with registering, the less stressful it will be to complete the many STEPS FOR ADMISSION that it takes for students. The admissions process of each Community College can vary in ways so it is important for you to check the online sites for any Community College you are interested in and follow the appropriate links to register.

    With a high school diploma, students are admitted regardless of age, prior course work or grades.  Without a diploma, students must be 18 years or older, or have successfully passed the CHS Proficiency Examination, or GED Exam.   To learn more aobut community college campuses and programs, go to www.cccapply.org

    Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

    Six UC campuses offer an admission guarantee for junior transfer applicants. These campuses include UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz.

    By participating in the program, students can ensure their admission to a specific UC campus and major. Over 80% of students admitted through the TAG program choose to enroll in a UC campus. TAG students come to UC prepared, with 61% graduating in two years. UC's TAG Matrix provides information about the GPA, major preparation, and other criteria required by each campus.
    The TAG filing period is Sept. 1-30. Students can submit a TAG to only one UC campus.

     College of Marin 


    Current 9th-11th grade Drake students who are interested in taking classes at COM concurrently, an enrollment card (signed by parents, counselor and principal) is required. 

    Santa Rosa Junior College 


    Check out this page for valuable information on the transfer process from SRJC to a four-year university.