Dear Junior Students (and Parents):

    This fall, counselors sent out a video for Juniors covering a brief preview/check in on the year.  I hope that you will review this information together with your parents and have a follow-up conversation about goals and personal expectations, so that we are all working together as a team.

    First, I hope you will all join me for the Zoom Q&A (TBA) so that I can answer any questions.  It saddens me that I can't be with you in person to hear you talk about your goals.

    Below are a few reminders and points I want to reiterate for discussion with your parents:

    • Read your emails.  So much info is going to come flying at you and this is really the only way to stay up to date.  I will not be tweeting, instachatting or texting, so email it is.
    • Review  “How to Prepare for the College Application Process” with your parents
    • PSAT may be a thing of the past.  Only time will tell.  Look for information about registration and/or Practice SAT or ACT from Lisa Neumaier. As of this date (8/19/20) no school in Marin is offering it.
    • Transcript Review – Aim HIGH, but maintain BALANCE in life
    • Sign up for at least 5 college admission rep visits on Naviance
    • Write your goals on paper & review your goals regularly to assess your progress and/or update. Research shows that folks who write and review their goals tend to achieve their goals
    • Check out some of the great ROAD TRIP NATION videos on Naviance
    • Meet with Mr Davison (School to Career Liaison) for assistance with

             o   Internships

             o   Resume Writing

             o   Job Shadows or Informational Interviews

             o   Work permits

             o   Gap year program information

             o   College visit information

             o   Financial Aid questions

    • Continue to earn college preparatory grades (A/B/C) in each class, so as to ensure the most future opportunity for yourself


    Based on the challenges that students have shared in the past, here are a few areas where students can use some support:

    • Time Management … Balancing academics, athletics and social life.  The link to the worksheet can help
    • Math Support – Monday/Thursday after school TBA.  Please utilize this time with a real live math teacher to get FREE support
    • Assistance from PARENTS on helping to carve out downtime each day so students can unplug & unwind

    We will be meeting again in January to begin more in-depth planning (as I must focus on senior college applications this semester).  Keep in mind that my main focus from January through December 2017 will be YOU! 

    Continue to set high standards for yourself and maintain balance.  Life is a grand event – make it joyful!  If you have any questions or need to chat in the meantime, you know where to find me.

    Sheila Souder, Counselor


     “Satisfaction in life lies in the effort,

          Not in the attainment;
                   Full effort is full victory.”

                         ~~  Gandhi


    Last updated by Sheila R Souder on 8/19/2020.