• Nonfiction 1-2:

    This is a two-semester course that explores traditional and evolving means of nonfiction storytelling and information sharing.  As a prerequisite for Advanced Journalism, this course will focus on the analyzing, writing, and filming real-world stories in newsprint, books, and evolving digital formats.

    Course Goals:  The goals of this course are wide and varied, and encompass the basic skills of the ever-changing journalism world.  Students develop their nonfiction writing, editing and revision heavily – but will also strengthen interpersonal skills. The course offers chances to research and develop stories that may have a serious impact on the community, presenting them via video, audio and text. Students learn to use a variety of complex hardware and software to create layouts for print and web stories and will have access to modern equipment and professional gear.  A significant, underlying focus of the coursework will be devoted to training students to become observant, insightful writers about nonfiction topics for which they have a passion-- all the while respecting alternative viewpoints and practicing unbiased reporting.

    A majority of the class content is distributed through Google Classroom. Due to the limitations of the service, only TUHSD staff and students have access to its content at this time.