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    Frequently Asked Questions



    How is Mobius different from ROCK, Galileo, or Trek?

    All small learning communities are blended 9/10 with a team of teachers and some use of project-based learning. All programs share common students, plan together, and incorporate interdisciplinary projects.  

    Mobius's slight difference is its focus on developing critical thinking skills through multidisciplinary instruction based on provocative propositions driven by essential moral questions.  We emphasize clear, organized and accurate written communication. Like the other SLCs, it is a program which includes interdisciplinary projects and group work.  However, Mobius project time accounts for about 1/3 of the students' time. Mobius only incorporates English and Social Studies, leaving an open elective option. Unlike ROCK, with its art and drama requirement as a fourth subject, Mobius includes two subjects (English and social studies), leaving students free to choose their own elective, be it music, art, drama, technology, or the prerequisite for the school paper, Nonfiction 1 and 2. Additionally Mobius has only one interdisciplinary project per semester each year, blending individual work with group assignments.  Mobius students occasionally use technology in the classroom for research, watching films, and other educational pedagogy, but unlike Galileo and Trek, Mobius does not have 1:1 Ipads.  Mobius students occasionally come together for a Mobius Community Day of all 60 students or work in small workshop groups, but instruction is predominately delivered in a traditional classroom setting of one teacher working with one classroom of 30 students.  


    How will my child benefit from participation in Mobius?

    Two teachers, Diana Winkler, and Marlene Kandall personalize learning by meeting weekly to review student achievement. Students occasionally will be asked to meet informally with their teachers to discuss class work and performance. Both teachers have agreed to plan and schedule major assignments in a manner that avoids overwhelming students. The Mobius teachers work to design their courses to maintain rigor of instruction while creating a positive educational environment.  Many students have benefited from Mobius's emphasis on written communication and feedback, and they emerge as stronger. more confident writers.

    Students who participate in Mobius have many options their junior and senior years. Teachers prepare students to succeed in Advanced Placement courses and/or in upper divisions academies like Engineering, ComAcad, and SEADISC.


    What kind of students does Mobius serve?

    Mobius values a diverse community that mirrors the world around us. Any student can be successful in our program. Success is a group effort among students, families, teachers, and any appropriate support staff.


    What is the MOBIUS community service requirement?

    A minimum of 10 hours are required in the first semester of an "A" year for completion of Social Issues. During the activism project second semester of the "A" year, students study an issue and are encouraged to take some action to contribute to that cause.

    How does Mobius encourage participation from the broader community?

    Mobius has an active parent community and families have assisted in a myriad of ways. Parents participate in generating ideas for trips and projects, reading materials,community service opportunities, and guest speakers . They have participated on panels, helped with fundraising, chaperoned field trips, agreed to be interviewed for career explorations projects, made incredible food for our events--participation is only limited by their interest, availability and time. We welcome your suggestions. To maximize accessibility and to accommodate different schedules, group presentations alternate one in the evening and one during the day. Parent participation increases students' commitment to their work, knowing their work will be viewed by more people than their teachers.


    Can a student participate in Mobius and extracurricular activities?

    Absolutely, like all small learning communities, students in Mobius are involved in dance, music, sports, and a wide range of activities. As in life, students will learn to balance outside interests with their coursework.


    How much group work is completed outside of class?

    With one interdisciplinary project per semester, we expect students will have to meet outside of class to complete the requirements. On average groups need to meet approximately two to three times per project. Tutorial provides another chance for students to work together with the assistance of a teacher.