Mobius Academic Policies

    Welcome to Mobius! Our goal is to help you learn to understand the world around you through the vehicles of English and social studies. Our Mobius Core Principles support Community, Rigorous Academics, Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Communication. We also value collaborative learning through our bi-annual projects which integrate content from English and Social Studies, along with life skills and authentic assessment. We want to help you improve your reading, writing, and public speaking skills while helping you to think critically about the issues and ideas in our society.

    Grading Policy: Your grades are calculated from classwork, homework, quizzes/tests, and final exam. The final exam is worth 15% of the semester grade. Letter grades are assigned as a percentage of total points in a grading period as follows: 100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-60% = D, below 59% = F.
    To help students understand how larger assignments are assessed, Mobius teachers use a shared rubric format. Students will be asked to practice self assessment and reflection with respect to the assignment objectives. We follow all grading policies outlined in the student handbook with respect to tardiness, unexcused absences, and plagiarism/cheating in calculating your grade.

    Make Up Policy: If you have an excused absence and the assignment was known about in advance, the assignment is due the day you return to class. Missed quizzes and exams must be made-up during tutorial. Check the teacher websites or a classmate’s table of contents to see what additions were made during your absence and then check with each teacher's classroom system for all missed work. Make sure late work is marked ABSENT with the date of absence on it or it will be graded as late. Exceptions can be made for unusual circumstances.

    Late Work: Late work will only be accepted for the equivalent of D points, or less. We reserve the right to make exceptions. When adhering to these policies, Mobius’ teachers will consider the special needs of students identified by the special education department.

     Tools for Success:
    • Class starts when the bell rings and you must be in your seat at that time. If not,you are tardy.
    • Please limit interruptions during class and use the restroom during breaks.
    • Make sure that you write your name in your planner, books, binder, and calculator.Basically, keep track of your stuff.
    • Bring all necessary materials to class including a sense of humor and a positive attitude.
    • Please finish your lunch or snack outside of the classroom. 
    • We're here to help. If you are having any problems, come see us so we can talk. Come to us in advance of assignment deadlines so that we may deal with problems proactively. Talk with us to arrange a good time to meet and remember that Tutorial is a great time to get extra help.
    • Have fun. If we all work hard and cooperate with each other, this will be a great year. Let's remember to show appreciation for one another.

    Format for Assignments
    1. Double-space the document, unless otherwise noted.
    2. Use a 12-point font, please no exotic, hard-to-read fonts.
    3. Set 1-inch margins on all sides.

    Behavioral Expectations 

    Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings.

    Respect this classroom by keeping your desk/floor area clean and by pushing in your chair at the end of class.  Pack your belongings only after we have dismissed the class.

    Turn off and put away your cell phone and/or music player during class, according to Drake policy.  If you disregard this policy, you will lose your device for up to one day.

    You may bring bottled water water.  

    Necessary Supplies
    Colored Pencils
    Tape/Glue Sticks
    White Out
    2-3” Binder (English)
    Spiral Notebook (Social Studies)
    Current Literature Book