• Sorry to hear that you have been/are/will be absent. 
    Missing class is tough because we do so much in the period and tutorial is rarely sufficient time to get you back on track with a personal "here's what you missed" talk. 
    So, do these things for Algebra 2...
    1. Check Google classroom and/or your unit plan to see what the topic/activity/assignment is. If possible, click on the assignments to see the details of the text pages and problem numbers. 
    2. Read the text pages prior to the problems, to see sample problems, formulas, vocabulary, and concepts.
    3. Still not sure about the topic? Look for a video lesson from another source, like...
    • math is fun - algebra
    • Khan Academy - create and account and list me as a coach
    • Purple Math
    • Advanced Algebra Students: use you course code to login to text resources
    • YouTube - enter the name of the topic or type of question and the phrase "high school Algebra 2"
    • Flipped Math - Algebra 2 - search for your topic in the Semester tabs (1 or 2)
    4. Check in with other students
    5. Come by to pick up any missed handouts 
    6. Come to tutorial when you are back.
    I will send pics of solutions via Remind and I'll have them available in class always.  
    And, sorry, I'm just not having time to put every handout and solution set online.
    All assignments will be entered in Google Classroom.