• Pre-Assessment                                                             Name __________________________ 


    I. If the sentences below are correct, write "OK." If they need something fixed, fix them.  


    1. Even after eating a doughnut, Lily’s hunger did not subside. 

    2. Desperate for attention, it was difficult to quiet down the child. 

    3. Having already read that book, I decided to pick up another.

    4. Being only ten years old, no one has asked Billy out on a date. 

    5. The company’s kitchen kept lunches for the employees frozen in special boxes. 




    1. Define a "dangling modifier": 

    2. Give an original example:  





    Dangling Modifiers 


    modifier describes or gives more detail about something. It could be a phrase that starts with an adjective or a word ending in “-ing” (a “participle”). When a modifier mentions an action but not who did it, it must be followed by an independent clause that starts with who did it. 

    Examples: Having finished his glutenHambone knew dessert was waiting. 

    (Having finished his gluten is the modifier of the sentence) 

    Without saying goodbye to her sock puppet, Jezellis rode her hoverboard to church. 


    If a sentence doesn’t clarify who’s doing the action, or if it implies that the wrong subject is doing the action, then you have a dangling modifier. 


    Having finished his gluten, dessert was waiting. 


    This structure of the sentence implies that the dessert finished the protagonist’s gluten, but that is obviously not the case. The person doing the action must be specified in the independent clause of the sentence. 


    Let’s look at another example: 

    Not having a license, the police officer ticketed Sleepy. 

    Who doesn’t have the license? It is implied in this sentence that the police officer did not have a license, when that’s clearly not true. There are a couple of ways to revise that sentence: 

    Not having a license, Sleepy got a ticket from the police officer. 

    Because Sleepy did not have a license, the police officer ticketed him. 

    Now we know that the modifier is describing Sleepy (the subject of the sentence). The point is to make clear to the reader who is doing the action stated in the modifier. 




    Dangling Modifier Assessment                                        Name: _________________________ 

    I. Read thesentences below. If there is no dangling modifier, write “OK.” If there is a dangling modifier, revise the sentence so there no longer is one. 


    1. Hopping from foot to foot, the bus came into view.  

    2. Shakka Nakka saw the ball driving by the lake.  

    3. I found a dollar walking home.  

    4. Walking past the cemetery, an open coffin scared Chewy. 

    5. Gemini made a table for her aunt with wooden legs.  

    6. I glimpsed a rat sorting through the recycling.  

    7. Hey, Mr. Doherty, I get it already.  

    8. Pygmies hunted elephants armed with spears.  

    9. Gamma and Bon Bon sat on the porch listening to the birds sing while playing checkers. 

    10. While camping, I saw a bear in my pajamas. 

    11. While doing the dishes, a mouse ran across the floor.  


    II. Now write two original sentences with dangling modifiers below.  




    III.  Having written them, the sentences should now be fixed by a classmate.  

    Having fixed them, the name of the student should be written beside them.  



    IV. What is a dangling modifier? Using the back if necessary, explain in your own words without looking at the instruction sheet.


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