• Non-Fiction 2020-2021

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    “Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”  

    -Henry Anatole Grunwald, Time Editor


    I am excited to be teaching this course and working with each of you individually as well as the class as a whole as we spend the next nine months (don’t will fly by; you’ll see) experiencing, recording, thinking deeply  and responding to the events that unfold locally, nationally and internationally.  Even more exciting to me is that, after years of teaching, I know that each of you will grow and progress over the course of the year and I look forward to bearing witness.  My request of you is to be open to the learning. Look to me for guidance, but also find it within yourself to realize your own potential.

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