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    Race/Equity Resources

    From Not in Our Town, NIOT.org

    What are the next steps to sustain your momentum after attending an NIOT event?

    1. Make Your Values Visible: 
    Take the Pledge and  share it with your friends, family and networks: print it, post it, make it visible so that it can inspire you and others. Here is a poster you may print and display it in your window, school, business, workplace.

    2. Talk It Out: 
    Sit down and have a conversation with your children, family and friends. Practice how to respond when you hear an offensive remark. Do it again - don't let this be a one time conversation.

    3. Start a Not In Our Town Group or connect with a group in your community:
    Host a screening of a Not In Our Town film to begin the conversation about who is vulnerable to hate and how to do something about it. Find a venue in your neighborhood, faith organization, yoga studio or school.

    Films we suggest you start with:
    For Communities:

    • Manhattan Beach
    • Light in the Darkness

    For Schools:

    • Shajee's Story: Middle School Students Learn About Islam
    • Students Map Bully Zones to Create a Safer School

    NIOT's resources are at your disposal: our staff, our video library and many more ideas at niot.org. 

    Here's a list of upcoming equity events - all are in Marin and most are free:

    Saturday, 10/28, 10am-12noon
    Race Matters: Environment and Housing panel
    Location: First United Methodist Church, San Rafael
    Free. RSVP to racematters2017@gmail.com 

    Thursday, 11/9, all day
    2nd annual Marin Equity Summit
    Location: Marin Civic Center, San Rafael
    Tickets TBD; scholarships available.
    Details will be online at www.marinequitysummit.com

    Peggy MacIntosh on White Privilege
    The Psychological Experience of Students of Color by NAIS
    Independent schools challenge white privilege
    Admitted but Left Out
    Stereotype Threat

    Race the Power of an Illusion
    White Like Me Tim Wise
    Prep School Negro
    I'm Not Racist, Am 
    The American Promise


    "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria: And Other Conversations About Race" Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum
    "Courageous Conversations About Race"  Glenn E. Singleton



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