• Dear Junior Students (and Parents):

    Now that the year is underway, and you have had a check in with a counselor (in your history class on 9/25) to review transcript information, and hopefully attended Junior Night, I thought I would send some information to keep you informed and answer questions that you may have.

    As the fall semester finds me busy supporting senior college applications (something for you to look forward to) and helping the frosh transition to high school (a not so distant memory), I will not be meeting with juniors until January (at which time there will be more meeting opportunities than you imagined possible!).

    With that in mind, I have put together a wonderland of advice for now:

    • Be sure to have at least one practice SAT and one practice ACT under your belt by December. Some of you already did this last year, and some are starting now.  No one is behind in the process.  Lisa Neumaier has a host of testing opportunities on her website.
    • Start taking the REAL exams as early as possible in spring (the December SAT is a good option for those of you who already took a practice SAT sophomore year).  Review this Information & Advice page
    • Review this page If you want to know the differences in the SAT & ACT
    • Review this page for information on How to Prepare for the College Application Process
    • Align your Drake Planner with my Calendar of Events for juniors so that you can be present at all workshops to make the most of my services (months January through May all the purple events are just for you!)
    • For those of you who are anxious to see a preview of the spring semester, you can read the December Update (which will obviously be sent to you again at that time)
    • Important dates and events are also posted on the monthly Junior Calendar which is posted by the first day of each month, so print that and put it on the fridge to make sure you are on track as well
    • Continue to attend as many college visits as possible (even if you plan a gap year or to start your college career at the community college).  The best decisions are informed decisions, and a wealth of information is available to you at these presentations

    If you review and follow all of this advice, you will be ahead of the game.  Thank you in advance for accessing these resources and beginning your list of questions to bring with you to your January student/counselor conference (and parents to the parent events).  It will be an exciting time together and I will be there to help you organize and coordinate every step of the way!


    Updated by Sheila Souder on 10/11/2017.