• CREW announcements 5/22/19


    • ALL JUNIORS please go to the student center for tutorial one for your end of the year awards ceremony.  Celebrate the hard work of the year and look ahead to senior year! 
    • Student Parking Permit applications for 2019-2020 school year are available on the Drake Website and due Monday, June 3rd.  See the application for details.



    • Turorial 1, All Seniors not currently enrolled in a Science class, report to the Gym for the Senior CAST Test.
    • SENIORS in the following CREWS are to attend a mandatory affirmative consent training in the Little Theater during tutorial TODAY:  Doherty, Fay/Gilmore, Fox, Gutfeld, Hailer, Hayden, Hotchkiss, Kitchend, Lackney, Leffel, Mr. Leist, Nelson, Louton, Mall, Mr and Mrs Martz, Mr and Mrs Milstead.
    • Check the senior page (under STUDENTS) for all the details of your end of the year events and required senior check-out..



      • LEADERSHIP AT DRAKE!!!  Want to be a Crew Leader? Please come by and see Ms. Seabury this week if you are interested.  We are looking for 12 students to help with Crew Leadership!!


    • Drake’s Greatest Hits:


    Andrew Leist has the coolest therapy dog ever and he loves the color blue!! He is an amazing Special Education teacher! He loves to play guitar and his tattoos. The song that is giving him life is Within your Reach by The Replacements.

    Paul Grifo is a HUGE Giants fan and loves the color brown.  Mr. Grifo took Spanish 1 three different times and has hitch-hiked in 49 different states. The song that is giving him life is Ball of Confusion by the Temptations.