• What is SEA-DISC?!

    Simply put, SEA-DISC
    (Studies of the Environment Academy - Drake Integrated Studies Curricula)
    is a junior/senior environmental science academy offered at
    Drake High School in San Anselmo, California.


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  • The academy’s curriculum is:
    • College-preperatory
    • Activity-based


    We encourage small group learning, and develop
    many skills through extensive field work
    and hands-on laboratory experiences.
    We typically go on 10-15 field trips each year!

    Most of the complex and perplexing issues and
    problems facing our world involve more
    than just scientific concepts and economic principles.
    They also involve individual and social values and group decision-making processes.
    Accordingly, SEA-DISC aims to prepare students for
    informed, effective citizenship through stimulating
    and engaging projects, discussion and debate
    on critical environmental problems, and a variety of
    student "decision-making" activities.