• Dear Students (and Parents/Caregivers):

    As you know, the Drake community had a very difficult end of the first semester with the death of one of our seniors.  The loss of a friend, teammate and classmate is incredibly difficult.  While all around us life seems to be going on, many of us are still grappling with feelings related to our loss.  We want you to know that, as a support team, we are here to provide support and a listening ear.

    Below is a brief overview of information about grief and loss that you may find helpful and a list of support services at Drake and in our local community.  We invite you to take advantage of these supports and reach out to us (Counselors, Wellness, Peer Resource, Teachers, Administrators) if you need support or know of a friend who is struggling and could use support.

    The important thing to remember is that every person has their own time line to move through their feelings of loss and grief. Being kind to yourself and others will help you on your path to acceptance and healing. There is no one right way to grieve and it’s even ok to feel like you’ve already moved through it.

    The Stages of Grief/Loss:

    When we hear of a loss, our first reaction is often that it makes no sense and we are shocked and numbed by the loss; this stage is denial.  Anger often follows, as we feel abandoned by the loss and disconnected from others. Anger is a feeling that many of us are comfortable with and it can give us a sense of direction for our feelings.  The next stage is bargaining - a time where we ask ourselves the ‘What if?’ question repeatedly. We often think we could have done something to change the outcome of a situation. Depression sometimes follows as the next stage, as our grief deepens. This is an appropriate response to loss, and often requires support and understanding from others.  The final stage is acceptance, not to be confused with the notion that things are all ok or that you don’t still miss the person you lost or feel sadness.  Acceptance is learning to live with the loss and still enjoy life, realizing that this does not mean that you are betraying your loved one.

    If you feel the need for support or know someone who does, there are many resources available here on campus and in the community:

    If you are in need of support or want to talk to someone, please drop into the Drake Counseling office or Wellness Center.  If you are interested in being part of a grief support group here at Drake, please contact Lani Bass, Wellness Coordinator, directly at lbass@tamdistrict.org.

    Drake Counseling and Wellness


    Posted by Sheila Souder on 3/7/2018.