While this entire site is a resource for parents, here are a few specific links that I believe you will find most informative and useful.  Enjoy!


    Ross Valley Healthy Community Collaborative.  Local families have worked to get informed, get involved and get real.  A host of articles and opportunities, ranging from guest speakers to action committees.  A super group of folks striving to improve the lives of our students.

    Families Managing Media.  There are a myriad resources, articles, etc. 

    Drake Fund.  Terrific parent resources and opportunities to see past presentations and attend new ones. Opportunities for giving back to the Drake community.

    Lynn Lyons.LICSW - Anxiety and Worry Specialist - great resources for students and parents 

    Jessica Lahey - Author of The Gift of Failure, middle school teacher, mother of three. Great website with advice, links to resources, blogs, Q&A, etc. 





     Updated 4/16/2018 by Sheila Souder.