• If you are planning on taking a class at College of Marin  this summer or fall and have never taken one before or skipped two semesters in a row, you must apply to COM.  Here is the link to the class schedules: http://www1.marin.edu/schedule


    To apply:


    Go to marin.edu


    Look for Admissions on the  top left of the page and find “Apply for Admission" tab- click here


    Scroll to "Application for Credit Classes"  click here


    Click on “Create an Account”


    Follow the steps to create an account. You are a concurrently enrolled high school student


    Once you create the account, YOU MUST CLICK CONTINUE to move to the actual College of Marin application


    The next screen should say ”Start a New Application” click here


    Click on “Start a New Application” again


    Complete the COM application that pops up


    After completing the application (within 24 hours) you will receive an e-mail  from COM with your  M00 number= COM ID number. There will also be instruction on how to set-up your COM portal.  Save this e-mail, set-up your portal and write down login and password-they are different from above. 


    Once you have your M00 number, you can see Grace to talk about the class you want to take and  pick-up the COM class registration card  (CCP) and obtain the appropriate signatures.  I can also give you the card if Grace is unavailable. Some classes may require a Math or English Placement Test. You must have a M00 number to test. You can register for the test through your portal or by calling the testing center. Here is the testing schedule and contact info http://ss.marin.edu/assessment/testing-schedule


    You must complete an orientation at COM.  You will bring the registration card (CCP) with you and after the 30 minute session, a COM counselor will sign off  on your card and it will go to the registration office. If you cannot make the group registration, you can go to the COM Counseling Office and wait for a counselor to sign off for you. The first day that high school students can register for summer of fall classes is May 23rd.  You can either register through your portal (you should check to see that you are clear after attending registration) or have the COM office manually register you from the registration card (CCP) they collected. It is in your best interest to complete these steps before May 23rd.


    If you have any questions, please Julie Gannon: jgannon@tamdistrict.org