• Dear Parents of New Redwood Students,

    Meet the Counseling Team

    School Counselors:

    Jeff David, Candace Gulden, Lynne Kennedy, Katie Paulsen, Ian Scott, Tami Wall

    College and Career Specialist: Meg Heimbrodt

    Records Secretary (Transcripts): Diana Fernandez

    Counseling Secretary (Registrar):  Ann Jackson

    The school counselor's primary focus is to have direct contact with students.  We have a caseload of 325 students to 1 counselor.  Students may request to see a counselor by coming into room 103 and filling out the “Request to see counselor” form or by email.  We remain with our students all four years to support them in the realms of personal, social, academic, college/career planning and development. We are their support person for navigating high school.  We are honored to work with our students during this valuable stage of growth during their teen years.

    Each year in mid-September students will meet with their own counselor in small groups during English. We share with students that as school counselors, we are bound by confidentiality within the limits of the law meaning that our communication is confidential unless there is reported abuse and harm to self or others, as we are mandated reporters. (Note: all school staff are mandated reporters.)

    You are able to view your child’s school counselor on Home Access (eSchool) under the registration tab.  We encourage you to update personal contact information, such as phone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information, in Home Access.  This is the main source of communication used by staff at Redwood High School to get in contact with students and families.

    As a new family to Redwood we know there are many questions that come up throughout the year, we hope that this provides you with resources to access this information.  When questions arise we encourage you to have your student come see us as it gives us an opportunity to get to know them and develop our relationship with them. 

    Welcome to Redwood!


    The Counseling Department

    Additional Personal Support Services

    • School Counselor (see above)
    • The Wellness Center is available for students for drop in before/after school, during lunch and breaks. The Wellness Center works with the counseling department to expand existing support services for students on campus. Wellness Staff help coordinate and provide health, mental health, substance use/abuse and sexual health services and education for students on campus. The Wellness Center/Program offers both direct services as well as prevention and education programming for students including health and wellness classroom presentations and school wide health awareness events.
    • Peer Resource students receive training and learn how to make healthier, safer decisions for themselves that reflect their own personal values through classroom, district and county youth leadership and educational opportunities. The Peer Resource students utilize this education in promoting health and well-being on campus to other students in the role of peer educators, peer mentors/counselors and/or by offering conflict mediation support. Peer Resource students often use their knowledge and expertise to present to local middle schools, Social Issues classes, and to parents/caregivers on topics that promote healthy youth and community.
    • Link Crew focuses on teaching upperclassmen to support freshmen and new students’ success with the philosophical intent of “students helping students find academic and social success.”
    • Leadership The Leadership Class is comprised of 60 students (roughly 15 from each grade level) and meets zero period to plan, discuss, and execute events on the student activities calendar. Some of these students hold class officer positions, others serve as representatives on Redwood's Site Council, and about half the class is selected through an application process.  Students plan everything from school dances to class fundraisers to campus wide awareness campaigns.  The Associated Student Body balances a budget of over $100,000.00, regulates clubs on campus, and grants $6,000.00 of scholarship money for those students on campus in need of financial assistance.
    • Financial Assistance For those who need financial assistance for a variety of high school expenses that come up throughout the years (exam fee waivers, social activity costs, yearbook, etc.)
    • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
    • Free Bus Pass


    Activities and Getting Involved

    • Clubs - Encourage your student to sign up and attend the meetings. Check the website for the meeting time and location.
    • Sports Sports at Redwood are competitive most require tryouts.  Track, Cross Country and Swimming take all students who want to participate. Students and families should note that participating in a sport may take up a significant amount of the student’s after school schedule.
      • Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate in sports. Grades are calculated at each grading period.
    • Band
    • Drama
    • Internships (ages 16 & above; see Greg Davison in Room 111)
    • Elective Community Service Options Community Service and Job opportunities are also posted in the College and Career Center room 111

    Academic Advising Information


    • Report Card grades are calculated three times per each semester, which are referred to R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6. Grades calculated at R1, R2, R4, R5 grades are accessible online through Home Access (eSchool) with an email notification sent to parents.  Copies will be mailed to families if a student has earned a D or F at any grading period.  The Report Card grades are a progress report for your child.  These grades are not input to the student’s official transcript, but as a way for you to see how your child is progressing throughout the semester.
    • Final semester grades are calculated at the end of each semester, at S1 and S2. Report cards for semester grades will be mailed to all families.  Final grades are input into the student’s official transcript and will be a part of their academic record.


    General Scheduling Information

    Students meet individually with their counselors in the beginning of the spring semester to choose their courses for the following academic year.  In May the student will be able to access the courses they have chosen to review them for accuracy.  If there are errors in the course information listed, the student requests to correct this error.

    For students and parents who would like to do long term academic planning a sample 4-year plan is available. 

    PTSA will hold an evening event in January to share information regarding course selection for the following year, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors level courses. To review information on all courses, please see the Instructional Guide. Student informational meetings regarding AP and Honors level courses will be held in January and February, meeting dates will be shared with students in early January. 

    • Requesting a course change - This can be done within the first 5 days of the current semester. Fall Semester deadline is Wednesday, August 29, 2018. After the first 5 days, students are permitted to add in the following courses: Teacher’s Assistant, Peer Tutor, Academic Workshop, Lab Tech, Studio Art Tech. 
    • Dropping a course - Each semester there is a drop deadline, (Fall Semester Drop Deadline is October 12, 2018) meaning that the student must drop the course prior to the deadline if they do not want the course to show up on their official transcript.  After the drop deadline the student will need to withdraw from the course.  Withdrawing from a course will show up as a Withdraw F on their official transcript and be a part of their permanent record.
    • Taking a Course outside of Redwood (Alternate Credit)
      • Students are permitted to take courses outside of Redwood. If the student wants a course added to their Redwood transcript they must have the course approved prior to enrolling.   There is a maximum of 20 credits that can be added to the Redwood transcript.
      • Students can enroll and take courses at College of Marin. They must meet with their counselor prior to enrolling to have the “College Credit Program (CCP) form signed.
    • TUHSD does not offer summer school - Courses that need to be repeated or remediated can be taken during the school year or can to be taken through approved accredited school outside of our district. While we cannot recommend specific programs we have listed programs (click here) that we are aware of in Marin County or online.