There has been a ton of ideas, work, favors, and emotion thrown into this graduation ceremony AND we are thrilled to share our plans with you all. We provided you with a Virtual Pirate Ship On Friday May 1st and we wanted to give you a detailed email with all the information and your To-Dos for the end of the year. If you have any questions, please email the administrator in charge of the event for help. Let’s get into it…





    Senior Celebration: (Liz Seabury and Jolie Jacobs - leads)  Our senior awards celebration is being made into a movie by teachers, classified and the administrative team. Here’s the info:

    • Video link will be sent out by email on May 28th at 6:00 p.m. 
    • Our hope is that EVERYONE watches it together at 6:30!
    • Send your friends Congrats messages!


    Paint the Community Green: (Liz Seabury - lead) We are inviting our entire community to show love for our seniors by decorating their houses in Pirate-Style. We will have Drake flags available on June 1st across the community. What decorations flow from this flag across the yards, windows and garages of the Pirate Community is yet to be seen.  We believe it is going to be amazing show of support and Pirate love! This starts on June 1st and grows progressively more GREEN as we approach June 12th - graduation!!


    Senior Pick-up: (Nate Severin -  lead) On June 1st, you will be given a time to come to school in a car. As the date gets closer, much more information will be given to you about your time. When you come to campus you will complete the following:

    • Drop-Off:
      • Textbooks: All text books must be dropped off and/or accounted for or your diploma will not be issued. Bring in any and all texts from the past four years. Write your name on a sticky notes on the inside cover. Please find your textbooks!
      • Sport Uniforms: Return all sports uniforms with you name on blue tape on the uniform.
      • Calculators: We need all calculators returned. Otherwise we will bill you and withhold diplomas - just like a text book!  Bring your calculator!!


    • Pick-Up:
      • Cap and Gowns: We have these ordered by your height. You can decorate your cap if you choose.
      • Awards: Any awards you received on May 28th will be given to you.
      • Graduation items and car decorations will also be provided.


    Graduation: (Liz Seabury and Chad Stuart - leads) We have planned a fairly complex but special event for you all. Again, we will not have specifics on time until it is much closer but here is the general plan:

    1. Pomp and Circumstance: Video link is emailed out of all seniors in a slide deck set to Pomp and Circumstance 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.
      • To Do: We would like to get a Slide from each student, created by either the student or parent, to put in our slide deck. Please follow this criteria in creating your slide:
    • All pictures and writing will be reviewed – they must be school appropriate. 
    • Please email your final slide by June 5th to Mary Chapman at mchapman@tamdistrict.org.


    1. Ceremony: The entire ceremony will be live streamed. More information coming out closer to June 12th

    Students and their immediate family (no more than 4) will have a specific time to be in the parking lot. You can only come at your time and you must BE ON TIME!! We will begin the ceremony with a welcome and a student speaker. Then students will drive up to the stage, get out, wait for their name to be called, walk across the stage, receive their diploma and exit in their car with the family. More information:

        • Students are encouraged to decorate their cars! Decorations will be given on June 1st at the Pick-Up.
        • No one may exit their vehicle while waiting for their turn.
        • Students must have their parent or guardian drive so they can walk across the stage while the car keeps moving.
        • Students and all car participants must wear a mask during the stage ceremony time.
        • Students need to have the name sign (given at the pick up on June 1st) in their passenger side windshield
        • Students need to have their names on an index card with a phonetic spelling of how the name should be read.
        • Students need to be in their caps and gowns for graduation.
    1. Tassel turning and student farewell address: At the end of the ceremony, we will have a farewell address and the turning of the tassel done together with all the graduates at home via live stream.
    2. Community Cheer: We are inviting the entire Drake community to come outside at 6:00 p.m. to CHEER on our GRADUATES!!
    3. Senior Send-Off: A tradition at the end of the Last Chapter dinner is a senior slideshow tribute to their years together. This will be sent out via video link to the seniors at 6:01 for them to watch and remember their times at Drake.


    Okay- there will be more organizational emails for each event as the dates get closer. Please email us any questions. THANK YOU for all the e-mail ideas, words of encouragement and for being an amazing and unforgettable graduation class.  Never before and never again….Class of 2020.


    Liz Seabury, Nate Severin, Chad Stuart, Jolie Jacobs and Mary Chapman