Student Registration Form (online)

    Current 9th-12th Grade Transfer Students and Pre-registration for current 8th graders only
    Read this important Registration Information before you start completing the Student Registration Form (online).
    Use the Step by Step Instructions to Guide you through the Student Registration Form

    Prior to making an enrollment appointment please complete the online enrollment form for each incoming student. 

    Click HERE for the (online) Student Registration Form

    Once the online registration form is complete please contact Ann Jackson, Registrar, ajackson@tamdistict.org for an enrollment appointment. 


    Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will open in mid-December.

     Applications for the 2020-2021 school year submitted before that time will be deleted.

    Please read the Open Enrollment information on the District website if you would like to attend a school other than your school of residence.  Open Enrollment applies to students who live within the Tamalpais Union High School District only.  Please note that the policy has changed this year to allow incoming 9th grade students to enroll at their school of choice.

    Required documents to provide at the enrollment appointment:

    Three proofs of residency as indicated in the District Residency Requirements
    - Student's Immunization records (translated into English if necessary).
    - Student’s transcript from last school attended.
    - Student MUST be present for enrollment appointment.
    For questions contact Registrar/Counseling Secretary Ann Jackson at ajackson@tamdistrict.org or call 415-945-3626.

    Open Enrollment - Transfer between TUHSD High Schools
    Dates for 2019-2020  (change to previous policy)

    Students who reside in the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) boundaries have the option to select their school of attendance.  The TUHSD Open Enrollment transfer policy applies to those families who may choose to attend a school other than their school of residence.

    This memo does NOT apply to students who will attend their school of residence.  For instance, if you live in Mill Valley and will attend Tam High School, please follow the instructions to register on your school website.   If you aren’t sure of your school of residence, please click here for a list of cities.

    The tamdistrict.org website contains information about Open Enrollment for those students who would like to transfer within the district to a school other than their school of residence.  For instance, this transfer information applies to you if you live in Mill Valley but would like to enroll for 9th grade at Redwood High School.  Please continue reading if you would like to apply for this type of transfer – to attend a school other than the one in your area of residence.

    To streamline the registration process, incoming freshmen may apply now for an Open Enrollment transfer.  Please see the application on the district website.   The initial deadline has been moved up to January 18.  After January 18, students will be contacted individually to confirm their transfer.  Once approved, students will be able to register directly with your school of choice, and NOT have to register at your home school.

    Please read the policy on the District website, and then fill out the attached Open Enrollment application.  This early transfer request is an option for entering ninth grade students only.  The change in the transfer request deadlines are meant to align the process with the registration dates, and to make it a more efficient procedure for families and school staff.

    All other Open Enrollment transfer requests will be accepted through June 29, or until a maximum of 50 transfers are approved.   All of the registration instructions remain the same.  The only difference is that students can register directly at their school of choice once their open enrollment request is approved.

    If you have read the information posted on the website and still have questions about Open Enrollment, please email moleary@tamdistrict.org