• Bridge to Advanced Algebra
    Why should I do these problems? 
    Algebra, like any skill, is hard to remember if you don't practice. Your advanced algebra teacher will expect that you know how to do all the problems in the review packet.
    What if I can't do some of the problems? 
    Get help. If you can't do the problems then you have already forgotten some key concepts from algebra. Sources for help may include hints on other websites, a nice friend, a tutor (make sure they don't help too much) or any other help you can find. You need to do the problems completely and correctly by yourself.
    Do I have to show my steps even if I can do the problems in my head?
    Absolutely. The answers are provided so it is not appropriate to just write the answer. Find some way on each problem to show how you know the answer is correct. This might include labeling on a graph or writing out super easy steps.
    Do I have to check my answers? 
    You need to use the answers provided for each page of the packet to make sure you have done the problems correctly.
    Can I use a calculator? 
    No. You need to be able to do each problem without a calculator.


    What do I get for doing these assignments? 
    A great start in advanced algebra.