World History

World History 2018-2019

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    We will spend the year exploring some of the themes and events in the last 300 years of world history.  Obviously the history of the world is long and involved, and we will only just scratch the surface, but my goal is for you to develop an appreciation of the relevance of the past in our present and see the connection among events around the world and across time.


    Using this site:

    To find out what happened in on the calendar and the day that you missed.

    To get another copy of a handout from class or a long-term assignment, click on "World History Handouts".

    Use the "Link Library" to access websites and links I have referenced in class.

    Go here to see an example of the most recent checkpoint.

    Click here for a model essay about political revolutions.

    Click here to see the feedback from the fall final exam.  Use this to help you improve your historical essay writing.


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