Tam High Music Events

    2021 - 2022 

    Happy to Announce Live shows are Back! 

    Wed. October 27th at 6:30 p.m. - Live! from the Student Center. Free concert outside the student center. All welcome to hear live performances from Tam High guitar and percussion classes 

    Wed. Dec. 1st - Winter Concert, 7 pm in the Cascade Room, Mill Valley Community Center. Jazz band, concert band, orchestra and choral performances. All welcome. $5 suggested donation per person

    Sun. Dec. 5th 2pm-2:30pm  - Tam High participates in downtown Mill Valley's Winterfest 

    Wed.. February 9th - Solo and Ensembles Concert Night 1, Caldwell Theater, 7pm 

    Wed., February 16th - Solo and Ensembles Concert Night 2, Caldwell Theater, 7pm

    Thurs. April 21st - Guitar and percussion concert, Live! from the Tam High Student Center , 7pm

    Thurs. April 28th - Chorus Broadway Review, Throckmorton Theater 7pm

    Sun. May 1st - guitar/percussion bands at Tam Diversity Day, Tam High 1 - 4pm

    Sat. May 7th - guitar/percussion bands at Friends Field South, Mill Valley Music Festival 1 - 4pm

    Thurs. May 19th - an evening with Jazz Band at Cascade Room, Mill Valley Community Center, 7pm

    Thurs. May 26th - Spring concert. Meade Theater Tam High. Jazz band, concert band, orchestra, and choral presentations. Scholarships, medals and letters awarded, 6:30pm


    We are so lucky to have parent and photographer, Stephen Delapp taking photos for us at concerts this year. Here is the link to the Winterfest photo files. 











    Other Events will be added throughout the year and dates and times will be posted as soon as possible.

    In the event of a date and/or venue change, notice will be given as early as possible