• Advanced Algebra Syllabus 


    Remote Learning Update:

    We will be using the website for our book during this time. The class code is 5827-KZPG-DNM7

    Go to (or search up) BigIdeasMath.com, then click on "New to Big Ideas Math?" and use the code above.

    You can access a digital copy of the book here, and there are many resources like worked examples, links to text, and videos.

    I will also be assigning book homework digitally, and of course you may still do HW by hand and it will be due when I see you again.


    Materials from the class will be available in Google Drive folders. Keys, if available, will be added to the appropriate chapter folder.


    Google Drive Folders:

    - Chapter 8 Sequences and Series (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams8) Remote Learning Chapter

    A list of numbers is called a sequence, and a series is when you add them up, or the sum of a sequence

    - Chapter 7 Rational Functions (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams7)

    Rational means fraction

    - Chapter 6 Exponential and Log Functions (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams6)

    A logarithm is a way to unpack an exponential expression




    (Old Fall Folders)

    Chapter 1 & 2  Linear and Quadratic Functions (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams1)

    - Chapter 3 Quadratic Modeling and Complex Numbers (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams3)

    Chapter 4 Polynomials (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams4)

    Chapter 5 Exponents and Roots (tinyurl.com/aa2020adams5)

    - Fall Final (tinyurl.com/aa2020fallfinal)