• Community Agreements

    Mission Statement

    We are a class of engaged learners that make the most of class time.

    We work hard.

    We work collaboratively and form personal connections with our peers.

    We practice a “Growth Mindset” and have a positive attitude.

    We are a class that respects the ideas and opinions of others.

    We create a safe learning environment both physically and mentally.


    Class Norms

    • Establish a productive and supportive environment
    • Be respectful, responsible and engaged
    • Speak your truth
    • Practice integrity
    • Respect materials and class space
    • Raise your hand when you want to speak


    Protocol for Checking Peers

    • Communicate concerns and frustrations respectfully and effectively
    • Problem solve together
    • Encourage communication
    • Be willing to compromise
    • Take criticisms constructively to help each other succeed
    • Reinforce teammates work and offer constructive criticism
    • Check yourself before checking others
    • Be respectful of each other