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    Welcome and Overview
    In the College & Career Center, students can find current material on hundreds of colleges, gap year programs, and summer opportunities.  Additionally, students can access computers to search for information on careers, colleges, scholarships, as well as find community service and job opportunity postings. Please visit early and often!
    In the fall, the Center is a flurry of activity with close to 100 college admission representatives visiting our campus. Seniors are encouraged to attend college application workshops on campus (dates/times TBA) and research/apply for scholarships through Naviance.
    My hope is that students leave Drake well-prepared and excited to embark on their next journey, no matter where they land. It is also my hope that students embrace the process with confidence and curiosity and enjoy this time rather than succumbing to the pressures that often goes with the college application process. There are thousands of colleges and universities out there, as well as career options and gap year programs to consider.  Keep in mind - what might be good for your best friend may not be what's best for you so keep your interests and wishes alive and strong!
    Trust your instincts and take the initiative to ask questions so that you can learn about all of your options. I look forward to hearing about your plans and helping in any way I can.
    I have a long history with Drake, one that started years before I began working here. Feel free to learn more by reading my Bio.
    Lisa Neumaier, College & Career Specialist


    • Check out this blog as it offers a great perspective for seniors who may not get admitted to their top choice school.
    • If you missed Senior Night, click this page for the Power Point presentation.
    • Planned December 2019 test dates can be reported in the UC application.  After students receive their scores, they can go back into the application to self-report them.  Students need to request an official score report be sent to just one UC campus to which they are applying; UC will share the scores with all campuses to which they applied.
    • UC does not superscore. Only the highest composite score from a single sitting of the exam will be considered, and only from a sitting that included the Essay/Writing portion of the exam.
    • After the UC application is submitted, only changes to contact information, updating self-reported test scores, and completion of payment for application fees can be made.  Minor changes to activities, awards, volunteer work or employment are unlikely to have an impact on the admission decision.
    • In December, a random sampling of applicants are selected to verify information in their UC application. Applicants are asked to provide documentation to verify one item from academic history, honors and awards, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and community service, special program participation, employment, or information contained in the personal insight responses.
    • Within the emailed instructions for verification, applicants are provided a list of appropriate documentation. Appropriate documentaion could include official transcripts, a letter from a counselor or coach on letterhead, or a copy of a certificate or award. The deadline to respond is January 31, 2020. Failure to respond to the request by the deadline will result in withdrawal of the application.
    • The Common Application opened on August 1st and each college has its own application deadline.
    • To access the presentations from this year's Financial Aid Night, click here and scroll down the page until you see the heading for that event. 
    • For Families - Ethical Parenting in the College Admissions Process 

    Click Here for Upcoming College & Career Center Events, including College Admission Representative Visits, Parent Nights, Practice Tests and more . . .

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    College & Career Center:
    Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm
    Phone: 415-458-3481
    Room: 211 (next door to Counseling)
    Drake's School Code for Testing (aka CEEB code): 052770
    For information regarding internships, please see Greg Davison.  He is at Drake on Wednesdays and can be reached any day at gdavison@tamdistrict.org.
    More than 100 College Reps visit Drake each fall to talk to students about their schools so please attend as many as you can. The information and advice reps provide is priceless!!
    Although most visits occur before school, during Tutorial or at lunch, some take place during class time. Regardless of when the visit occurs, students must sign up on Naviance. The email students receive from their counselor after they sign-up is to be used as their pass.
    Click here to log in to Naviance. Once logged in, click on the colleges tab then click on research colleges, then college visits.
    As of January 27, 2020, all parents and students will be required to reset their Naviance passwords the next time they log in. Here are the new password requirements.
     $$$ Scholarships$$$
    A list of active scholarships is  available on Naviance and updated regularly.  The majority of scholarships are for seniors and deadlines vary, but there are also some for younger students.
    If you missed Sophomore/Junior Night earlier this month, click here to find all of the presentations.
    If you missed The New World of College Admission Testing: Insights for the Classes of 2021 & 2022, click here for the presentation slides.