In the Event of An Emergency

  • Students: 

    1) The Crisis Text Line is available for students to text at any time on any topic:  Text “Start” to 741741 for support to begin.


    2) Call Marin Suicide Crisis and Prevention Line at 415-499-1100 if you are worried about yourself or someone else.  Open 24/7.


    Parents/Caregivers:  If you are worried that your child may be at risk of hurting themselves or someone else, support is available!

    1) Call Marin Mobile Crisis at 415-473-6392.  From 1pm-9pm daily, staff are available to walk you through how to keep your child safe, either over the phone or by coming to your home to evaluate your child.  This is a free service. 


    2) Call 911 or take your child to the nearest hospital.  Hospital staff will evaluate if they are able to keep themselves safe.