• atom       Chemistry - Agenda for
    November 2018 
    Atoms, Molecules, and Elements Part II

    Atomic Structure Packet Ch. 4 & 5

    Vodcasts are NOT homework (watch only if you were absent, do not do questions)
    Vodcast 1 for Chapter 4 – Early Theories of Matter
    Google doc questions for Theories of Matter (do not do these questions)
    Vodcast #2 Atomic Structure Finding Subatomic Particles Radiation
    Google Doc with Questions
    Vodcast #3 Atomic Structure Subatomic Particles – Thomson
    Vodcast #4 Atomic Structure Subatomic Particles – Milikan and Rutherford
    Vodcast #5 Subatomic Particles and the Nuclear Atom
    Week  11  10/29-11/2
    Monday 10/29
    Hydrate power pt
    Hydrate Lab 
    WS: "Worksheet Molarity (Acids and Bases)"
    WS: Molarity

    Quiz on Molarity & Hydrates Tuesday/Wednesday 

    Quiz on Molarity & Hydrates Tuesday/Wednesday 
    Tuesday & Wednesday 10/30 & 10/31
    Quiz on Molarity & Hydrates 
    Review Fractional Distillation, labs returned
    Either First 22 minutes of Video "Making Stuff Smaller" NOVA 
    Video Questions OR
    Halloween Fun - punch, dry ice, exploding pumpkins, extra credit puzzles
    None, make costumes and have a safe Halloween
    Thursday & Friday 11/1 & 11/2
    More Pumpkings and extra credit puzzles if you didn't have chem on Halloween
    OR First 22 minutes of Video "Making Stuff Smaller" NOVA  
    Video Questions (last page of packet)
    Start Atomic Structure - Google Classroom Evolution of the Atom

    Front side of Worksheet "Protons, Electrons, & Neutrons."
    Week  12  11/5-11/9
    Monday 11/5
    Finish NOVA : Making Stuff Smaller
    Correct Frontside of Worksheet "Atomic Structure: Protons, Electrons, & Neutrons"
    Answer Key  for Atomic Structure worksheet
    Work on backside of worksheet "Ions & Isotopes" 

    Need Help? Watch Vodcast #5 Subatomic Particles and the Nuclear Atom
    Backside of Worksheet "Protons, Electrons, & Neutrons" Ions & Isotopes
    Tuesday & Wednesday 11/6 & 11/7
    Turn in homework (both sides on Atomic Structure, Proton, Electrons, & Neutrons/Ions & Isotopes)
    Finish Atomic Structure - Evolution of the Atom Activity
    Jigsaw and share out your Evolution of the Atom presentation

    Prelab for Isotopic Penny Lab
    Thursday & Friday 11/8 & 11/9
    Stamp and review Isotopic Penny Prelab
    Finish Atomic Structure presentations if needed

    Isotopic Penny Lab
    Week  13  11/12-11/16
    Monday 11/12
    Veterans Day No School

    Tuesday 11/13 & Wednesday 11/14
    Turn in Lab Isotopic Pennies and get WS Calculating Average Atomic Mass stamped
    Finish Presentations from Atomic Structures
    Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, Ions & Isotopes
    Lab Flame Test
    Review for Quiz on Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, Ions & Isotopes
    Finish Flame Test Lab
    Thursday 11/15 & Friday 11/16
    Turn in Flame Test Lab
    Finish Atomic Structure Walkaround
    Atomic Structure Kahoot
    Quiz: Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, Ions & Isotopes
    Atomic Structure Part 2  Atomic Structure(notes in packet above) Ch.5 powerpt.
    Unit Exam Thursday/Friday after Thanksgiving on Atomic Structure Chapter 4 & 5
    Atomic Structure Walkaround (even classes only) 
    Week  14  11/26-11/30
    Monday 11/26
    Atomic Structure Part 2  Atomic Structure (notes in packet above)  Ch.5 powerpt.
    WS: Orbital Diagrams (both sides) 
    Prelab questions for Spectra Lab
    Tuesday 11/27 & Wednesday 11/28
    Spectra Lab
    (notes in packet above)  Ch.5 powerpt.

    Electron Configuration Battleship
    WS: Electron Configurations 
    Exam Chapter 4 & 5 
    Bring device for after exam
    Thursday 11/29 & Friday 11/30
    WS: Summarizing Electron Configurations - stamped in class
    WS: electron configurations and ions
    Exam Chapter 4 & 5
    Quiz Elements #1-20
    Prelab Questions Bonding Lab 
    Log into Carolina Science Online register as a student & set up an account
    Class code: FR4YROQK

    After log in you will see two files
    1) pdf of entire bonding lab
    2) part of the lab you can type into and answer questions
    Fill out the pre-lab question pages 1-4 (due next Tuesday/Wednesday)
    Make sure you can type into the lab and save it will your answers. 
    From previous year...... 

    Monday January 29th

    Review Bond Character and Molecular Polarity
    Resonance Structures & Hybridization Notes Pwr Pt 
    WS: Resonance Structure

    WS: Resonance Structure
    Study for Ionic Nomenclature Exam

    Tuesday/Wednesday January 30th & 31st
    Ionic Nomenclature Exam
    WS: Hybridization & Shapes
    Pennies to Gold
    Finish Ester Lab Write up 

    Ester Lab Quiz

    Thursday/Friday Feb. 1st & 2nd
    Ester Lab Quiz
    Finish WS Hybridization & Shapes (if needed) 
    Chapter 9 Part II Exam next Tuesday/Wednesday 2/6 & 2/7 (Naming Acids, Resonance, Hybridation, Bond Character & Polarity 


    Activity "Electron Configurations into Families"
    WS: 6.1 Reading "Content Mastery" WS - Due on Monday
    Turn in Electron Configurations into Families
    WS: 6.1 Reading "Content Mastery" WS 
    Vodcast #1 Chapter 6 fill out notes (see periodic table website if you need notes)

    Vodcast #1 History of the Periodic Table


     (see periodic table web page)
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