• Maximizing use of the "Additional Comments" Sections

    Applicants can use the first additional comments box, following the "Academic History" section, to explain their course selection decisions, a circumstance that prevented the student from taking more rigorous courses, gaps in education, differences in terms or grading systems, or a situation that affected their grades. 
    The second comment area immediately follows the "personal insight questions" section. Applicants may choose to provide information about a learning difference, circumstances or opportunities that had a significant impact on their educational journey, or uncommon events that provide context for what they've accomplished or was unable to accomplish.
    The two additional comments boxes in the application are optional and should not be used as a continuation of a student's personal insight question responses. Instead, students should use this section to explain anything that has not been discussed in other parts of the application or might benefit from further clarification.
    While admissions staff will read whatever the student writes, it is not helpful to readers if the student does not add information of value. The specific instructions are:
    Following Academic History:
    Additional Comments (optional) - max. 550 characters
    Tell us anything else you want us to know about your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in this section.
    In addition to anything else a student feels they should explain here, it is recommended that students put the following blurb in the Additional Comments section following the Academic History portion of the application: 

    The Tamalpais Union High School District requires every student to enroll and pass Integrated Science 1-2 and Integrated Science 3-4.  It is a mandatory two-year program for all entering freshmen and the completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Integrated Science 3-4 is a prerequisite to all other science courses offered.

    The reason we are recommending this is to help the UC application readers understand why some students are only showing three years of science and not four on the application since Integrated Science has only been approved as an elective for the UC/CSU system.

    Following Personal Insight Questions:
    Additional Comments (optional)
    If you wish, you may use this space to tell us anything else you want us to know about you that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in the application.