• Italy 2020 Information


    To explore the history, culture, and most importantly the ART of Italy! We will explore historical sites and museums. We will have various art-making opportunities from sketchbook drawing, photo walks, ceramics workshop, and figure drawing. The trip will include some research-based written work and a  required reflective art project on returning to school; details will be determined and graded by your visual arts teacher.


    We will be traveling to Italy, specifically the cities of  Assisi, Florence, Naples, Rome, and Siena.


    We will leave a week before spring break 2020. Leaving from SFO airport on Saturday, March 28th and returning Thursday, April 9th (during spring break). You will miss one week of classes.


    Applications are not being accepted at this time as we have both a full trip and substantial waiting list.

    The trip is open to all juniors and seniors enrolled in a visual arts class (including AP Art History) during the  2019-2020 school year. Students who were enrolled in (and passed) AP Art History during the 18-19 school year are also eligible. We will only be accepting 25 students for the trip. There will be a waiting list created for students beyond 25. 


    The cost of the trip has run between $3500-$4000 per student. The cost covers all travel (plane, bus, etc.), hotels for all nights, some meals (all breakfasts, some dinners, and lunches), entrance to all museums and historical sites, and any art workshops or classes. We will have payment plans so the cost can be spread over time. We are also currently looking for scholarship funding and opportunities for students.


    If you think all this sounds like it is for you then please do the following:

    STEP 1.)

    Attend the February 12th Parent/Student meeting @ 6:30 in the Drawing and painting room to get more detailed instructions on how to apply.

    STEP 2.)

    Get an application. Applications will be available by e-mailing a request to your visual arts teacher or going to Mr.Gilmours Tam High School website and looking under Italy 2020. Applications will be available starting February 12th

    STEP 3.)

    Create a work of art or a small series of artworks that you feel expresses why going on this trip will be transformative for you. Include a short artist statement to help express your reasoning. Art History students may opt to write a 500-700 word personal essay.

    STEP 4.)

    STEP 5.)

    Be accepted to the trip and pay the first deposit of $500.00 due in May 2019.


    • Info Meetings - Lunch Tuesday, February 5th and Tutorial Friday, February 8th
    • Parent Info Meeting - Tuesday, February 12th @ 6:30 in the Drawing and painting room
    • Applications Available - Tuesday, February 12th e-mail request or online
    • Application & Project Due - March 15th Application
    • Selection & Accepted email goes out - Apri 5, 2019
    • 1st Meeting of Accepted students - April 2019
    • First Deposit Due - May 2019 ($500.00)
    • Second Payment Due - September 2019
    • Third Payment Due and All Paperwork - November 2019
    • Final Payments by January 2020
    • Tee-shirt making and Potluck Lunch TBD
    • 1-2 meetings fall 2019, dates TBD
    • 1-2 meetings spring 2020, dates TBD
    • Family potluck before leaving in the Student Center dates TBD
    • Leave for Trip Saturday, March 28th, 2020

    The  Details

    Acceptance and Waitlist

    After looking at all applications we will make our decision by April 5th as to which 25 students will go on the trip. Students not selected will be put on our waitlist. If a student drops from the trip we will randomly select from this waitlist. In the past, we have usually had one or two people drop the trip, and then had someone from the waitlist step in. Sometimes this can happen even at the last minute.


    The cost of the trip will be $3950. this time. More details will be coming in an e-mail soon 


    Refunds will be available as follows,

    • Details coming soon 

    Costs Not included

    • Lunches
    • Some Dinners
    • Snacks
    • Spending Money for souvenirs/gifts
    • International Cell Phone Plan

    Travel Insurance

    There is no full group travel insurance provided as part of the trip. Individual travel insurance is offered and set up by our travel agency. Package info is available around November. Last year coverage ran $100-$150 +/-.

    Financial Aid & Scholarships

    We very much want to support students and families who may not be able to pay for a trip like this one. However, we have no dedicated scholarship funds this year, so we can not guarantee financial aid. For our last trip, we were able to help 8 students with $800.00 each towards the trip. This funding was pulled together from a variety of sources (PATH, THF experiential learning fund, and individual donations). Please specify your need in the application, and we will work with you to do everything we can to help.


    As stated above, we are in search of funding to help build a scholarship fund for those students who will need support. If you know of any local group, business or individual that might be able and interested in supporting students go on this amazing trip, we would be very appreciative of the assistance.  If you have any leads, please contact zgilmour@tamdistrict.org


    We will need a copy of your valid passport. To be valid for the trip a passport needs to be valid for 6 months after the dates of travel. That means passports need to be valid through October 2020. We would like to be able to have copies of all passports by September 6th with your first payment. We would suggest you start the process early because it can take some time.

    Health Concerns

    If you have any health conditions or medications you regularly take please talk to us early. That way we can work together to plan how best to support you.

    Other things

    • Keep in good academic standing. The administration has the right to pull a student from a trip due to school behavior issues. This could result in not being allowed on the trip, and not receiving a refund.
    • Have a working debit card that will work internationally.
    • Have an International phone plan. You do not need a lot of minutes but having a working cell phone becomes very important for communicating with each other. Being able to text is the most important and useful for us to stay connected and safe.
    • We will need a photocopy of a credit card in a sealed envelope. This envelope will stay here at school and will only be opened in the case of an emergency. Envelopes will be shredded after we return.
    • We will need a photocopy of your medical card in the case of an emergency.
    • Luggage that is easy to carry. You will have to carry everything you bring. In some cases, you may have to walk a fair distance with your bags on cobblestone streets, so make them easy to carry or roll.
    • You need good walking shoes. We walk a lot!
    • You need to be able to wake up and be ready on time each morning ON YOUR OWN!


        We want both parents and students to be well informed about what is expected of them. Our trip to Italy is under the auspices of the Global Studies Program at Tam. As you know, this is a school field trip and all school rules are to be followed. If you are unclear about school rules, a copy may be picked up in the main office. There are, however, two potential problems that are not covered: curfew and inappropriate sexual behavior. For the safety of students and the successful continuation of this program, all students must behave responsibly. The evening curfew will be determined each day by the teacher chaperones according to the activities planned for that day and the next, generally no later than 10:00 or 10:30 pm each night. When students are exploring the cities of Italy on their own, they must be in groups of four or more. They must get teacher/chaperone approval of their proposed itinerary before embarking.

        Students who break school rules (including those pertaining to drugs and alcohol), fail to be in by curfew, or engage in inappropriate behavior are subject to at least a one-day suspension upon returning to Tam. Additionally, students will lose the privilege of exploring on their own and will spend the entirety of the following day or days with a chaperone. In the case of a serious infraction, the student will be sent home at their parents’ expense.


    Gray Douglas - E-mail gdouglas@tamdistrict.org

    Zach Gilmour - E-mail  zgilmour@tamdistrict.org

    Gabrielle Gamboa - E-mail  ggamboa@tamdistrict.org

    Mary Krawczyk - E-mail mkrawczyk@tamdistrict.org



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