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    Below you will find brief descriptions and links to materials for what happens in class.  Use this page to stay up-to-date when you miss class and to review materials after class or before a test.


    Please begin online coursework here....

    Friday, March 13th--A Divided World and a Policy of Containment

    Today we will look at two aspects of US foreign policy during the Cold War

       #1--Origins of Cold War friction

    Complete this sheet with the linked documents.  Save a copy of this in your folder for my class.  This will be your written assignment for next week although you will be doing other writing as practice.

       #2-- US global Cold War policy from Truman to Kennedy

    Here is the slideshow.  There is no accompanying lecture for this one, although there are notes beneath the slides.  Let me know if you have questions or things you are confused about.

    HW: Read Ch. 25, Sect. 2


    Week of 3/16 Chapter 26 (Triumph of the Middle Class:  1945-1963); 3 sections

    Monday, March 16th-- The Second Red Scare

    Consider this prompt: Was McCarthyism and the Cold War the result of an irrational threat?

    Examine these documents with this prompt in mind.

        How would you organize an argument in response to this question?

        Which document(s) would go with which claims?

        Make a list of "outside evidence" from your reading that is also relevant to this question.

    [All notes for today's lesson should be in your folder for my class. Title the document with today's date and "Red Scare docs".]

    Read THIS sample of incorporating documentary evidence.  

    Hw: Read Ch. 26, Sect. 1


    Tuesday, March 17th-- Postwar Prosperity

    The 1950s in America will remind you of some of the trends of the 1920s, (synthesis) but there are also distinct differences (note context).

    Watch this episode of The Century America's Time (44 min)

    Use this notesheet with questions.

    HW: Read Ch. 26, Sect. 2


    Wednesday, March 18th--Gender, Sex, and Family in the Age of Containment

    Today we will use this slideshow to get a sense of the culture shifts that characterized family and middle class life in the late 1940s and 1950s.  Note that this era is also associated with President Eisenhower.

    [Have your textbook out as you go through the slides and visuals.  These activities should take about 60 minutes and should prepare you for the test on Friday.  Most of this material is from Ch. 26, Sect. 3.]

    I have sent you all a link for a Google Meet that is an optional Q & A session during the last 30 minutes of your "normal" class period.  Here are the links for optional office hours today.



    HW: Read CH. 26, Sect. 3; Review Ch. 24, 25 & 26 for a MC test on Friday


    Friday, March 20th-- MC 24-26

    Log into College Board and take the test during your classtime (4th period, 10:55-11:45 OR 7th period 2:15-3:03).

    MC Ch. 24-26 

    HW: Read Ch. 27, Sect. 1

    Note College Board Update:  


    Week of 3/23

    Monday 3/23--A Closer Look-WWII & Cold War Origins

    Slideshow for today's class HERE.

    Use this notesheet as you go through the slides.  Save it in your folder for my class.

    HW: Review what we looked at today and be prepared to discuss this question on Tuesday: Which event in the 1930s and 1940s likely most contributed to the onset of the Cold War?

    **Please fill in your mailing address in this spreadsheet so I can send you your DBQs and rubrics. 

     *** LUNCH--If you missed the quiz on Friday, go to College Board at 11:45 to take the quiz on Ch. 24-26


    Tuesday 3/24--The Second Red Scare

    Last Week you considered (while looking at documents) the extent to which the communist fear was a legitimate threat.  We will spend some more time on this today.

    Lecture with this slideshow


    HW: -None (Yes, you read that right...we are not reading any more of the text for now.  You should have read up through Ch. 26).


    Wednesday 3/25-- Begin Review for AP Exam

    HERE is the plan for our AP Exam review

    We will then look back to the colonial era and examine some of the origins of founding values.

    This first review involves a series of SAQ style questions. Plan to brainstorm responses to all of them then choose 1 to submit for a score.  Today's class will mostly involve material from the first four chapters.

    HW: Make a plan for review.  


    Friday 3/27-- Colonial Rebellion

    Into: Would the Revolutionary War have happened even without the French and Indian War?

    We will do some review today as a class discussion then you will be assigned a question to prepare for Monday.  Please log on at one of these two times:


    Slideshow for today.

    HW: Prepare the response to your question that was assigned today for class on Monday.


    Week of 3/30-- 1950s Culture and Economy

    Monday 3/30--How did the postwar economy create a sharp contrast with the Communist ideal?

    Use this slideshow to develop an understanding of some of the features of the American economy in the postwar era.

    HW: Remember, your Cold War freewrite is due in Google Classroom tomorrow.


    Tuesday 3/31-- Advertising and Cultural Trends

    Save this sheet to your class folder.

    Go to the Duke Univ. Repository and using the limits on the left, look at ads from the late 1940s to 1960.  Fill out the notesheet.

    HW:  Questions for class discussion Wednesday. [Prepare your assigned question; assigned by table on sheet.]


    Block 4/1-- Share and discussion of 1950s Culture

    Today we will have a discussion in 2 parts.  First, we will look at some of what you learned in your examination of 1950s advertisements on Tuesday.

    We will then consider the role and impact of gender roles with the questions you explored for homework last night.

    Join our online discussion: (4th period at 8:30am/7th period at 2pm)

    HW: None


    Friday 4/3-- Who were some of the discontents of an era that seemed so idyllic?

    View this slideshow including the video clips to understand some of the reasons for rebellion and non-conformity.

    Use these documents with the slideshow. (Save a copy to your APUS folder)

    HW: -None

    -Spring Break!!  Try to relax....take a break while keeping a safe distance.


    Week of 4/13-The Civil Rights Movement (Jim Crow-1968)

    Tuesday/Wednesday 4/14 OR 4/15

    How did the momentum of the Civil Rights Movement pick up speed after Brown v. Board of Education (1954)?

    We will watch this video (38min) today.  Please take notes then read pp. 850-856 for the next class/discussion.

    HW: Read text pp. 850-856: What are the origins of the Civil Rights Movement that provide context to the Supreme Court decision in 1954?


    Thursday/Friday 4/16 OR 4/17

    Who were the principal actors and what were their strategies?

    Today we will discuss what you read and learned last class then you will view THIS slideshow.

    HW: Respond to the prompt in Google Classroom (due by midnight Thurs. for 4th period/midnight Friday for 7th period)


    HERE is a slideshow with some further thoughts on the new format of the AP exam and how you/we can prepare for it.  Please review this sometime this weekend and send me questions or "see" me either Monday or during Office Hours on Wednesday or Friday.


    Week of 4/20-Era of Social Action for Change

    Tuesday/Wednesday 4/21 OR 4/22--Myths of the Civil Rights Movements

    Note: We are not having a Zoom meeting this week as I have heard that several of you are overwhelmed with the sheer number of meetings for all of your classes.  So both class meetings this week, you will work independently.  After you complete the slideshow today, please respond to these 2 questions in THIS Google form.

    Use THIS slideshow with the linked documents to consider some of the myths of the Civil Rights Movement and to learn more about the strategies and groups.

    HW: Document analysis due in Classroom 


    I will have an office hours session on the DBQ Exam on Wednesday at 2pm.  This is entirely optional, but I want to be available to answer questions about anything you have heard from College Board and/or the details I laid out in THIS slideshow.
    Log in anytime between 2 and 2:30 on Wednesday, April 22nd to ask me questions.


    Thursday/Friday 4/23 OR 4/24--Other Movements

    For class today, you will look at the broader context of the 1960s and other movements that were happening simultaneously to the Civil Rights Movement.

    As you watch the program, answer the questions. (Save to your APUS folder). Your understanding of the context of the 1960s will help with document practice next week.

    HW: Read pp. 877-880, 888-890, 895-898 in your text, about some of the other movements that characterized the tumultuous 1960s. We will discuss these in a class Zoom on Tuesday 4/28 or Wednesday 4/29.


    Week of 4/27-- Vietnam, Political and Social Upheaval

    Tuesday 4/28 or Wednesday 4/29--1960s Movements: More than Civil Rights

    For class today, we will discuss what you have read and the video you watched on Thursday or Friday. When you "come" to class, you will need your textbook and/or notes from the weekend readings.

    HERE is the slideshow with the questions we will discuss.  (We will use Zoom this week, links below)


    HW: 45 Minute DBQ on Civil Rights--The assignment is in Google Classroom. You will not be able to begin the DBQ until after class has concluded.  You will have until 8am the morning following the class.


    Thursday 4/30 or Friday 5/1--Civil Rights Clashes with Foreign Policy

    For class today, we will get a sense of the timultuousnous of the 1960s through music.  We will do this together in a Zoom session.

    HERE are the songs we will discuss together. (The links below are Zoom so we can have breakout groups.)

    We will use THIS slideshow.


    HW: To begin our review with a connection to US involvement in Vietnam, we will look back at US foreign policy in prior eras.  Please review these readings for class on Tuesday 5/5  Or Wednesday 5/6: Pp. 786-794(beginning of Cold War); 754-766 (WWII); 668-671(WWI), 654-659(Spanish American War); 223-230 (War of 1812)


    Friday 5/1--Office Hours

    From 1:30 until 2:15 I will go over the AP Exam, how to make sure you're ready to do the exam and the processes for logging in, etc.  I will do another run at this next Wednesday, May 6th during Office Hours (1:30-2:15) as well.  Here is the Zoom Link.

    One pager for preparing to and taking the exam. 


    Week of 5/4 --AP Exam Review

    Tuesday 5/5 or Wednesday 5/6--Review US Foreign Policy

    Class will be a review of several eras of Foreign Policy (Theme: America in the World)

    We will be working on the skill of organizing information/documents into subtopics (paragraphs) for your DBQ.


    Review HW: Review these pages for an optional Office Hours review on Friday (1:30-2:15): pp. 189-199 (Constitution); pp.211-212 and 230-233 (tests of the new Constitution); pp. 415-417 (Constitutional Crisis);pp.464-469 (Civil War amendments)

    HW: For class on Thursday/Friday do the 2nd 5 doc DBQ practice in Google Classroom.


    Wednesday 5/6--Office Hours

    From 1:30 until 2:15 I will go over the AP Exam, how to make sure you're ready to do the exam and the processes for logging in, etc.    Here is the Zoom Link.

    One pager for preparing to and taking the exam. 


    Thursday 5/7 or Friday 5/8-- Review of Constitutional Developments

    We will talk briefly about reviewing the material assigned for Friday's optional Office Hours Review.


    You will then be in Breakout Groups to share your second 5-doc DBQ practice (from Google Classroom).

    HW: Review cultural and demographic trends over time: Look at these eras and list the groups of people and aspects of culture that defined the era:  Early Republic (1783-1820) Market Revolution (1820-1860) Antebellum South (1820-1860) Jim Crow South (1865-1920) Gilded Age (1870-1900) Progressive Era (1900-1920) World War I (1914-1920) Roaring Twenties (1920-1929) Great Depression (1929-1940)


    Friday 5/8--Office Hours--Optional Review of Constitutional Principles

    We will consider the evolution of American principles that led to the ratifying of the Constitution then trace the adoption of amendments as they reflect the eras in which they were adopted. (Theme 1: American Identity; Theme 5: Politics and Power) Review Slideshow

    Join our Zoom Meeting at 1:30pm.


    Week of 5/11--Exam Review then Exam: Friday May 15th

    Your class sessions this week are optional as I recognize that everyone has different styles of review.  If you attend the review session, be prepared to engage in discussion of prompts using historical information that you have reviewed on the topic of the day.

    Tuesday 5/12 or Wednesday 5/13-- Culture and Demographic Shifts

    Optional Review Session During Class Time


    Review of Cultural Trends and Demographic shifts; Slideshow HERE.

    HW: Review for exam


    Wednesday 5/13--OH Political Review (same as Thursday)

    Office Hours 1:30-2:15


    Thursday 5/14 --Political Eras and Trends

    Optional Review Session During Class

    Slideshow for Political Era and Trends

    12:45 Zoom

    Review for exam--Good Luck!


    Friday, May 15th: AP US Exam Online

    Log in at 10:30 am.  Exam will begin at 11am

    Good Luck!!


    Week of 5/18--Begin Research Project

    Tuesday 5/19 or Wednesday 5/20-- What intrigues you?

    We will begin the research project that will be the focus of the last four weeks of school.  We will use this slideshow today during our Zoom meeting (so I can answer questions and you can brainstorm with classmates).  It would be helpful if you read the project guidelines before class so you can ask me questions.

    4th Period Zoom, Tuesday 12:45pm

    7th Period Zoom, Wednesday 11:45am [if you are taking the AP Comp exam, please review the guidelines.]

    HW: Choose your artifact for the next class; Enter choice in Google Form


    Wednesday Office Hours

    AP US History 1:30-2:15


    Thursday 5/21 or Friday 5/22--How do you judge source credibility?

    There will be no Zoom meeting today. Review the criteria and methods for evaluating source credibility for the two types of sources you will be using for this project. HERE is the slideshow for source credibility. (This is a recorded narration and slideshow)

    HW: Due Monday 8pm, Annotated Bibliography in Google Classroom


    Friday Office Hours

    AP US History 1:30-2:15


    Week of May 25th

    Tuesday May 26th/Wednesday May 27th--Work Period

    Manage your time by dedicating the 45 minutes of class time to researching your artifact and finding a corroborating source.  See my comments in the spreadsheet posted in Google Classroom.  One note: If you end up changing sources from those you included in your annotated bibliography, just add the citations to your bibliography.  No need to submit additional annotations.

    HW: Work on project


    Wednesday AP US Office Hours



    Thursday May 28th/Friday May 29th--Local Artifacts and Check In

    We will have class via Zoom today.  First I will go over a local artifact and the history that is revealed then you each will share out your progress with the class.  These are the questions you should be prepared to answer during our Zoom session:

           1) What is something you learned about your artifact that surprised you?

           2) What is one question you had about your artifact that you have been able to answer?  How?

    12:45 Thursday: 4th Period

    11:45 Friday: 7th Period

    HW: Work on Project

    Friday May 29th Office Hours



    Week of June 1st

    Tuesday June 2nd/Wednesday June 3rd--This moment in history

    We will have class today to discuss the events currently occurring across this country.  How do we use history to make sense of what is happening and what our place is?

    4th Period: Tues. 12:45pm

    7th Period: Wed. 11:45am

    Be sure to post a response to one of the questions from class and comment on another student's response HERE4th.

    and HERE7th

    HW: Work on project..you should be doing your transcription.


    Wednesday June 3rd AP US Office Hours




    Thursday June 4th/Friday June 5th--Footnoting then Work Period

    Today we will go over how to footnote with THIS slideshow.

    I will also meet with anyone who is needing help after the instruction on footnoting.   You can have the rest of the time to work.

    4th Period: Thursday 12:45pm

    7th Period: Friday 11:45am

    HW: Work on project--Due in Google Classroom Tuesday, June 9th/Wednesday June 10th


    Friday June 5th Office Hours



    Week of June 8th

    Tuesday June 9th/Wednesday June 10th--Present your artifact

    This is just a brief share about your artifact.  It would be great that if it is a photograph you have it up to share, but no need for more visuals.  I look forward to seeing all of you.

    4th Period 12:45 Tuesday

    7th Period 11:45 Wednesday

    HW: Reflect on your semester, year.  Please prepare to share either something of value you are taking away from this year or something you are looking forward to this summer.


    Thursday June 11th/Friday June 12th--Celebration and Send-off!

    4th Period 12:45 Thursday

    7th Period 11:45 Friday


    Here is the survey I linked in Google Classroom.  It will really help me for next year.  Thank you for taking the time.


    **Looking for a book to read this summer?  HERE is a list of some of my favorites.  Check it out!

    Have a great summer!!  Please stay in touch and seek me out next year.



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