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    HW: For Break...Read Ch. 16 and complete this packet.

    ---Due 1/8 --Packet for Ch 16--- Terms

    Have a restful break!

    Spring 2020

    Opening Week Check-in: Please complete this survey..it will help me plan this semester.

    SPRING 2020 Reading Schedule (plus guidelines for revisions) 


    Week of 1/6 Chapter 16 & Chapter 17 (The Busy Hive: Industrial America at Work, 1877-1911); 3 sections

    Wednesday 1/8 New Semester..Post-Civil War Expansion

    In what ways were 19th Century Republicans federalists?

    We will review some of what you read in Ch. 16 with this slideshow.

    HW: Here are the documents for homework.  Read your assigned document.


    Thursday 1/9--Perspectives on Life in the West

    [First, I will collect the Ch. 16 packet from the winter break.]

    We will debrief the documents from your homework with this sheet.

    What questions do you have about the Native American experience? (Recall the last section of Ch. 16 for Friday)

    HW: Read Ch. 17, Section 1


    Friday 1/10-- Native Americans

    We will use this slideshow to discuss the Native American experience.

    In closing, consider this: How might Americans have better handled conflicts with Native Americans.


    HW: Read Ch. 17, Section 2


    Week of 1/13 Chapter 18 (The Victorians Meet the Modern:  1880-1917); 3 sections

    Monday 1/13--Railroads to Big Business

    Today we will begin our look at Ch. 17 and the Gilded Age in urban America

    Check for Understanding: Integrating the National Economy (from Ch. 16)

    Begin group examination of Ch. 17 

    HW: Read Ch. 17, Section 3


    Tuesday 1/14--The Gilded Age

    Present responses to questions and terms (6 groups/5 min ea.)

    Free-write: respond to a question that was not your own

    HW: Read Ch. 18, Section 1


    Block 1/15--Social Effects of the Expanding Economy

    QOD: How is immigration both a social and an economic concern?

     We will consider the experiences of various groups of people during the Gilded Age

                  women, young adults, men, immigrants, African-Americans (Slides)

    We will use these sources and you will be submitting a freewrite in class with a response to the questions on the last slide from above.

    HW: Read Ch. 18, Section 2; Study for Test on Ch. 16, 17 and 18.1/18.2

     *****Optional Notes due in spreadsheet each Friday.  Be sure to enter the correct link for each set of notes.  Use the sheet tabs at the bottom.


    Friday 1/17--Reading test MC + SAQ

    HW: Read Ch. 18, Sect. 3


    Week of 1/20* Chapter 19 (The Rise & Reform of Industrial Cities: 1880-1917); 3 sections

    Tuesday 1/21--Urbanization and the exposure of the dark side of economic boom

    We will watch some video clips then do a gallery walk of photographs by immigrant Jacob Riis who documented life in an American city.

    This slideshow has the materials for today.

    HW: Read Ch. 19, Section 2


    Block 1/22-- Political Machines: What are they and how do they work?

    First, we will consider the claim made by THIS cartoon

    Then, using this slideshow, we will learn how political machines work

    HW: Read Ch. 19, Sect. 3


    Friday 1/24--Reform: What makes this time different?

    Cities were a hotbed of reform..particularly by women.  Why?

    How do muckrakers fit into this?  We will use this slideshow (video links incl.)

    HW:Read Ch. 20, Section 1 ; Read Muckraking handout (assigned article)


    Week of 1/27 Chapter 20 (Politics, Populists & Progressives:  1880-1917); 3 sections

    Monday 1/27- The Settlement House Movement

    Partners: Summarize your article/excerpt and explain the problems that were exposed.

    We will finish the last three slides of the slideshow from Friday.

    We will discuss the homework then look at documents on Settlement Houses.

    HW: Read Ch. 20, Section 2


    Tuesday 1/28-Reforms and Progressives

    Settlement Houses were just one reform movement

    What reforms were needed after The Jungle and Triangle Shirtwaist Fire?

    What were others?

    Political Reforms: Who were the Progressives?

    HW: Read Ch. 20 Section 3


    Wednesday 1/29-- How did the politics of the 1880s and 1890s bring in the era of reform?

    Who were the populists? 

    We will look at the political developments that resulted from the technological, social, economic and political excesses of the Gilded Age with this slideshow

    If time....discuss SAQs with secondary sources.

    HW: Review for test, Ch. 19 & 20 as well as 17-20 for LEQ


    Block [Thurs. 4-7]

    MC: CH. 19 & 20 (25 questions)


    HW: Read Ch. 21, Sect. 1


    Unit 6 – The Early 20th Century

    Week of 2/3 Chapter 21 (An Emerging World Power:  1877-1918); 4 sections

    Monday 2/3--US as an emerging Global Power

    What was the Spanish American War and how did Americans respond?

    We will use this slideshow and this graphic organizer for homework.

    HW: Read Ch. 21, Sect. 2; Analyze the 2 cartoons you were given in class


    Tuesday 2/4-- Imperialism, Captialism and Democracy

    Cartoons as insight into American opinion: Share out cartoons

    Election of 1900--Bryan loses to McKinley again

    Synthesis: Manifest Destiny of 1840s and Expansion at turn of the century?

    HW: Read Ch. 21, Sect. 3 (WWI)


    Thursday 2/6-- World War I-Road to War and Effects

    We will briefly review your understanding of the causes of WWI then look at the road to war for the US in particular

    We will use this document packet which you will save to your folder and reflect on in a free write.

    In preparation for tomorrow (Friday) you will be asked to review the impacts of the war on one of these groups: (women, immigrants, African Americans, big business, domestic workers)

    HW: How did the course of the war influence your assigned group? [Perspective Packet]

            Finish Ch. 21, Notes due


    Friday 2/7--


    Week of 2/10 Chapter 22 (Wrestling with Modernity:  1918-1929); 4 sections


    Monday 2/10--The War at Home

    Close-up: African Americans: How much changed and how much stayed the same?

    You will debrief your document

    We will then work off this slideshow to re-cap what life and the economy were like at home.

    HW: Read Ch. 21, Sect. 4; using the last slide of the slideshow, design an article to address the causes of WWI


    Tuesday 2/11--Wilson's Vision; Versailles Reality

    Consider the arbitrator role the US took in the Russo-Japanese War..

    We will look at the main players at Versailles as well as the outcome both internationally and domestically

    We will use this slideshow

    HW:Read Ch. 22, Sect. 1


    Wednesday 2/12--The Aftermath: The Great Migration and Race Riots

    Remember this fact about the American homefront: over 600,000 people migrated to wartime jobs 

    This many people moving had profound consequences.  We will look at these today.

    First we will look at the Great Migration, then the resulting Chicago Race Riots of 1919. [Slideshow]  Finally, we will examine another continuation of wartime trends which further exacerbates tensions in American society: the Palmer Raids.  [This handout should be in your folder for my class.]

    HW: Read Ch. 22, Sect. 2


    Friday, 2/14--Postwar Politics & 1920s America

    Re-cap from Wednesday: How did the Race Riots and Palmer Raids show that wartime mobilization and government action had long term effects on society?

    We will be watching a re-made video by Smithsonian on the 1920s, you will be familiar with many of the details you you hear about; listen for new details that deepen your understanding of the significance of the era.

    Question sheet is HERE for the film.


    HW: Read Ch. 22, Sect. 3


    February Break (2/17 – 2/21)

    There will be a multiple choice test on Ch. 21 & 22 on Tuesday, Feb. 25th


    Week of 2/24--Ch. 22-23 Boom & Bust Ch. 23 Terms 

    Monday, Feb 2/24--Roaring Twenties

    We will study life in the 1920s- Recall some of what you saw in the film before break.

    Through these topics we will consider historical significance as well as possible syntheses:

         KKK Politics & Violence

         Republican foreign policy

         Black artists and black pride

         Music, Integration and Segregation

         Disillusionment and the arts

         Postwar Business: Stengths and Weaknesses

         1920s Consumerism: Continuity or Change?

         Hollywood: A cultural threat?

         International causes of the coming Depression

         Domestic casues of the coming Depression

    HW: Review Ch. 21 & 22 for MC test


    Tuesday, Feb. 25--Test WWI & 1920s Aftermath

    MC Test (30 Quest.)

    Begin Great Depression & Hoover

    HW: Read Ch. 23, Sect. 1


    Wednesday, Feb 26-- Hoover's Policy & Legacy

    We will use this slideshow to look at Hoover's rhetoric and actions.

    As you and your partner consider some of Hoover's solutions, fill in this NOTESHEET.

    This will set us up to compare the early years to FDR's response.

    HW: Read Ch. 23, Sect. 2 & 3


    Friday, Feb. 28--First & Second New Deals

    Who were some of the hardest hit by the Depression?

    We will use this slideshow (through slide 10)

    HW: Read Ch. 23, Sect. 4 (Notes due by Sat. 6pm)

           Documents read and annotated



    Week of 3/2 Chapter 24 (The World at War:  1937-1945); 4 sections

    Monday, March 2--DBQ, Ch. 21-23

    HW: Read Ch. 24, Sect. 1


    Week of 3/9 Chapter 25 (Cold War America:  1945-1963); 3 sections

    Week of 3/16 Chapter 26 (Triumph of the Middle Class:  1945-1963); 3 sections

    MC Ch. 24-26 SAQ

    Week of 3/23 Chapter 27 (The Civil Rights Movement:  1841-1973); 3 sections

    MC Ch. 27



    Unit 8 – The Late 20th Century

    Week of 3/30 Chapter 28 (Liberal Crisis & Conservative Rebirth:  1964-1972); 4 sections


    Spring Break (4/6 - 4/10)


    Week of 4/13 Chapter 29 (Search for Order in an Era of Limits:  1973-1980); 3 sections

    MC Ch. 28-29

    Week of 4/20 Chapter 30 (Conservative America Ascendant:  1973-1991); 3 sections

    LEQ Ch. 28-30

    Week of 4/27 Chapter 31 (National Dilemmas in a Global Society: 1989-2011); 3 sections and 

    MC Ch. 30-31


    Week of 5/4 Review & AP Exam (8 am on Friday, May 8th)


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