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    Below you will find brief descriptions and links to materials for what happens in class.  All assignments that are to be submitted also appear in Google Classroom.

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    August 19th--The First Day!


    August 20th--Introductions

    (6th period at 10:40/ 7th period at 11:20)

    Welcome Slideshow

    HW: Please complete this form; it will enable me to best support you.


    NOTE: Summer Assignment should be submitted in Google Classroom by Monday, August 24th.


    August 21st--History, This Course & You

    (6th period at 10:40/7th period at 11:20)

    Historical Thinking and the Stono Rebellion (Slides 6-12)

    HW: Complete this form (it is different from yesterday's)

           Read THIS excerpt from Howard Zinn's book A People's History

                         What is Zinn saying about perspective?


     Week 2: Settling North America and Colonial Life

           Weekly Plan 8/24-8/28 

           Monday Slideshow

    HW for Wed 8/26: Read your assigned reading and answer the question.


    Wed. 8/26 Highlights of Ch. 1 & 2

    6th Slideshow

    7th Slideshow

    HW for Friday 8/28: Review for MC SAQ on Ch. 3 and topics covered in class on 1 & 2.


    Friday 8/28: Test Ch. 1-3; Begin Ch. 4

    Test 20 minutes (Be on time to class, please!)

    Ch. 4 Opening: Colonial Life

    HW: Read Ch. 4, Sect. 1 for Monday.  Take notes in response to the questions.

           Term sheet is in your packet


    Week 3: Ch. 4 Growth & Crisis in Colonial Society 1720-1765

            Weekly Plan

            Southern Colonies (slideshow)

    HW: For 9/2, Read Ch. 4, Sect. 2


    Wednesday 9/2 : The First Great Awakening

    QOD: What developments in the first part of the 18th century likely contributed to the increase in secularity?

    Instruction: The First Great Awakening

    DBQ Explanation

    Pairs: Work on doc analysis

    HW: Read Ch. 4, Sect. 3 &4


    Friday 9/4: French and Indian War

    QOD: Was the French and Indian War inevitable?


    Document analysis for understanding the French & Indian War

    HW: Complete and Submit the analysis of one document from this week, your choice

           Read Ch. 5, Sect 1 & 2 for Wed. 9/8

    Week 4: Toward Revolution Ch. 5

    Monday 9/7: Labor Day..No School

        [**Labor Day was established by the labor unions in the 1880s to celebrate working Americans.]


    Wednesday 9/9: Toward Revolution and Independence

    QOD: If the revolution came about as a result of taxation, how universal do you think the cause was?

      Review: Why did taxation become such an issue? What was done about it?

      Lecture: Toward Independence

     Declaration of Independence

      Short Answer Practice

    HW: Read Ch. 5, Section 3; Review 4 & 5 for Short Answer Response on Friday


    Friday 9/11: In support of the Cause?

    QOD:Was Benjamin Franklin a moderate?

     Understanding political positions: Document responses

     SAQ: You will have a choice of questions and 12 minutes to complete your responses.

    HW: Review for MC Test on Ch. 4 & 5


    Week 5: Revolution!!

    Monday 9/14:

    Multiple Choice (20 minutes)

    Weekly Overview

    Takeaway: The experience of divergent interests will influence construction of the Constitution

    HW: Read Ch. 6, Sect. 1 & 2


    Wednesday 9/16:Fighting a war to create a revolution

    QOD: What was the debate between militias and Continental Army?


    Video (:33-32min)

    Doc. Analysis-Perspectives

    HW: Read Ch. 6, Sect. 3&4; Prepare doc analysis and perspective for Tavern Talk [All of this is in Google Classroom as well.]


    Friday 9/18: Debate over the Cause

    QOD:What aspects of the Constitution were probably of the most interest to all members of colonial society?

    Flashback to Influential Developments in Revolutionary War: Tavern Talks

    HW: Begin Ch. 7


    Week 6: Building a Republic

    Monday 9/21: The Need for a National Government

    QOD: Compare and Contrast views and needs of South v. North on govt

    Lecture: The Constitution and Feds/Anti-Feds

    HW: Read Ch. 7, Sect. 1 & 2


    Wednesday 9/23: Federalism v. Agrarian Vision

    QOD: Why were “elites” the only ones involved in the debate over the Constitution?

    Lecture: Obstacles of the New Republic

    Practice with Introduction (Context & Thesis)

    HW: Finish Ch. 7, Review for MC


    Friday 9/25: War of 1812

    QOD: How did the War of 1812 test the new nation?

    Context & Thesis follow-up (see examples)

    Doing the DBQ: War of 1812

    Practice inferences

    Ch. 6 and 7 MC (2o minutes)

    HW: Review Ch. 4-7 for DBQ




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