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  • Water Safety Reflection


    Group Nutrition Skit


    10/23-10/24  Block days


    Titanic Float Day

    You are doing your titanic float assessment on our next block day (10/23 and 10/24). You will be jumping into the pool with a piece of clothing that you will have to turn into a flotation device.

    1. Make sure you read this whole document and follow the links

    2. Bring a piece of clothing to wear over your bathing suit when you get in the water

    3. It would probably be a good idea to bring a secondary piece of clothing in case you struggle with the first one.


    · Pants- Thick jeans, hiking pants, cargo pants, etc. typically work the best and are the easiest. The first link below shows how to use your pants and talks about the 3 ways you can blow them up. Make sure the pants do not have any holes.

    Other types of clothing work too, but can sometimes be harder to use.

    · Jacket- Water-resistant, water repellant, or water-proof work best. Wind-breakers typically work well. Try to choose a jacket with little or no insulation or filling as it will get wet and only help to weigh you down.

    · Rash guard- These usually work really well as long as it has the right type of neck opening. You want a normal, round opening…not something like a v-neck

    · Anything else- Technically, you can make this work with most items of clothing as long as it doesn’t have holes in areas that need to hold air. T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweats can all be used in a pinch but they are very inefficient and will cause you to have to do a lot more work.