•  Honors Geometry  Spring Semester 2020 

    Check website each day when the class usually meets. 

    I will post details on what I will need you to do each day.  Have it done for the next day the class would

    normally meet.  I will have you submit  work to me along the way via Google Classroom.  

    IMPORTANT:  for each assignment Have a Label

    L67 (whichever lesson number it is) CW or HW Pages and Problems or a Description;  Your Name and Period


    L67 HW  p.  341  CE  1-13; WE  2-12 Even; 13-21 odds;  P. 326  1-10  Chloe Krashnoff 1st

    If I ask you to submit an assignment, please have the title, take photos, (attach to a google doc if needed)

    and submit it through Google Classroom.  

    Thank you.


    Ch 9 Textbook  Ch 9 Circles Textbook Solutions  Check here for hints and grading your work.

     Monday  Tuesday  Thursday

    L65 3/9  Circles 9-1

    Basic Terms

    Read Lesson P. 329-330, CW Handout

    Assn P. 330  CE  All,  WE  1-3, 6-15  Draw diagrams you might use a coin to draw a circle.

    L66 3/10  Ch 9-2  Tangents in Circles

    Lesson and then Assn

    P. 335  CE 1-5, WE  1-11, 14, 16, 23

    PS  We will revisit #23- a good problem that many people struggled with solving.


    L67 3/12  L67  CH 9-3 Central Angles and Arcs

    Lesson Absent?  Read P. 339-340 and take notes to include definitions, notation, diagrams, thms and the arctic circle problem.  Show this to me to get credit otherwise you have a zero.

    Everyone- be prepared if we need to do school remotely.  Be able to get online and check out this website.  Check your email daily...

    Assn 67:  p.  341  CE  1-13

    Draw Diagram  WE  2-12 Even; 13-21 odds

    Draw diagram and show work for these:  P. 326  1-10

    L68 3/16 CH 9-4 Arcs and CHords

    1)  Please turn in the HW assn 67 to Google Classroom.  Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.  Read the top of the website about a title. Thank you.

    2)  Read the Textbook Lesson P. 344 - 345 and take notes in your composition notebook.  If you do not understand the material you can watch this video and take notes.

    3)  Do P. 346 CE 1-6; WE 1-14 and P. 349 Self Test 1  Opening the link  Ch 9 Circles Textbook Solutions and correcting work and getting hints as needed.  

    4)  Please show evidence of having graded your paper. 

    Congratulations - Good WOrk!

     L69  3/17  CH 9-5  Inscribed Angles

    1)  Please turn in pics of your work from L68 including your notes and book work to Google Classroom.   Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.  Be sure to hit the submit button.

    2)  Open this link.  It contains the video lesson, the packet link (with the notes template and the practice problems) , a link to the Practice Solutions.

    3)  Watch video and take notes either on the notes template that you print out at home or in your composition notebook.

    4)  Do the Packet all problems  Feel free to do the problems in your composition notebook since some of us do not have printers at home or just prefer it that way.

    5)  Correct your work as you go along to be sure you are doing the work right.


     L70  3/19  CH 9-5  Inscribed Angles Textbook Theorems and Corollaries

    Your Right Triangle Test Percentages have been added to Home Access Grades.  It was a challenging exam. Congrats to Maggie, Evan, Cole L., and Sam who earned over 100% (there was an extra credit problem).

    1)  Good morning Honors Geometry Students.  Please submit L69 pics of your notes and pics of the problems you did from the packet.  Make sure your pic is clear before turning it into Google Classroom.  Thank you.

    2)  Title your paper L70 Textbook CH 9-5 Inscribed Angles

    3)  Read the lesson starting on the bottom of P. 349.  Record definitions, theorems, corollaries with words and pictures both. (some are the same as the video lesson.

    4)  Do these problems.  Draw the diagram for each problem.  I suggest you write in arc measures and angle measures on the diagram- so make them large enough.  P.  353  CE  4-9,  14 draw a figure;  WE  1-9, 10, 12, 13, 19-23;  P. 357  Mixed Review 1-6

    5)  Correct your work.  Mark a star or a C if correct.  If wrong, study the solution and try it again.  Still lost? reach out to your classmates.  Still lost let me know which problem(s) you want to see explained.

    3/23/20  L71  9-6 Circles Other Angles  (Pay close attention to where the vertex of the angle is compared to the circle).

    1)  Please turn in your work from L70 last Thursday's Lesson to Google Classroom.  Email me if you are struggling with turning in work...

    2)  Title your paper in your composition notebook.  Open this pdf.  Read through the theorems and examples of how the theorem is applied.  Work the problems 1- 18 on the handout following the directions.  Correct your work as you go along (last pages of the pdf).

    3)  Now more practice P. 358 You can skip copying the diagram but write a simple eq. and answer.  CE  1-9;  WE  11-24.  Check your work with the link at the top of this unit calendar.  scroll to the correct section and pages of the text solutions.

    4)  Send me an email if you would like a more detailed solution on how to solve any of these problems.  I can set something up for the class... A student request at 1pm:   L71 P. 360 #23 A solution

    Please have this work ready to turn in by 1pm tomorrow.


     3/24/20  L72  CH 9-7  Circles and Segments  (Pay Close attention to where the segments intersect)  

    1)  Please turn in your work from L71 Monday's Lesson to Google Classroom.  Email me if you are struggling with turning in work...

    2)  Title your paper in your composition notebook. Open this pdf you can print it out if you would like to put it in your comp. notebook.  Read through the theorems and examples of how the theorem is applied and work the problems along the way 1- 12.  Show work just like the solutions.    Correct your work as you go along.

    3)  Textbook Problems Do P. 363  CE  1-7;  WE  1-9

    4)  Find the example in the middle of P. 365 and study it and then copy it to your paper.

    5)  Do P. 365  13-20.   Check your work with the link at the top of this unit calendar.  scroll to the correct section and pages of the text solutions. Try to have this finished before going to bed Wednesday evening.    

    3/26/20   L73 Equation of Circles in Standard Form and Graphing Circles in the Coordinate Plane. 

    1)  click here to start this class

    2)  Please turn in your work from L72 Tuesday's Lesson to Google Classroom.  Email me if you are struggling with turning in work...

    3)  Title your graph paper.  Record this quote:  What science can there be more noble, more excellent, more useful for people, more admirably high and demonstrative, than this of mathematics?  -Benjamin Franklin

    4)  Watch the videos and take notes.

    Video  Given the equation of a circle graph it by identifying the center and the radius.

    Video  Given the circle's graph, write the equation in standard form.

    5)  Open this handout Notes Blank (print out if you have a printer) and complete as much as you can.  Check your work here Key to Notes or get hints.

    6) DO this Desmos Activity

    7) DO  Handout  Check work Answers

    8)  Great Job!

    3/30 L73 Review on Circles

    Possible Circle Test Thursday

    (More on this later)

    1)  Please turn in your work to Google Classroom, Thank you!

    2)  P. 368 Read Ch Summary and use the formulas on P. 369 #9 as you work problems.  The blue has to do with angles the red is segment lengths.  You may want to print this out and have handy.  Circle Formula Sheet

    3)  Do P. 369 Ch Review 1-24

    Draw diagram, show work for 6-24. You will need to repeat the same diagram.  




    3/30  L74 Review on Circles


    1)  Please turn in your work from the last class to Google Classroom, Thank you!

    2)  Please open book to P. 369 Formulas.  or have this Circle Formula Sheet printed out and ready to use or open a window on your lap top or open book to P. 369 Formulas.

    2) Please do these problems:  Practice CH 9 Circles Test 2020

    3)  Please find the answers scrambeld a bit (sorry) here and check your work.   Hints for the proof #23

    4)  Practice with Equations and Graphs of Circles open and complete even problems and check your work. 

    5)  Optional ZOOM help session

    3:30 - 4:30  I will send you the ZOOM info via google classroom.  Check the Stream.

     4/2/20  Test on Circles

    More Info to come soon


    Current Unit:  CH 8 RIght Triangles  trig table sin cos tangent

     Monday  Tuesday  Thursday

    Ch 8.2  The Pythagorean Theorem

    Opener:  Application Problems with Similar Triangles

    Prove the Pythagorean Theorem

    Solve problems involving the Pythagorean theorem

    HW  Complete the Performance Task - it is due tomorrow at the end of the school day or earlier.

    2/10/20  CH 8-2  L56  The Pythagorean Theorem

    Two Problems Together P. 294 37 & 38 Both involve systems of Equations and also Pythagorean Theorem.

    Assn:  P. 291  CE  2-18,  WE  13-28

     2/11/20 L57 CH 8-4 Special Right Triangles

    Notes Template and two problems together

    Assn  P. 302  1-28  

    2/13/20  L58  CH 8-5  The Tangent Ratio in a Right Triangle


    Assn: P. 306  CE  1-11; WE 1-20 [write out the trig equation]

    HW:  FInish up any of the CW not finished also

    Spread this out over the whole week.

    P. 280  Algebra Review 1-29

    P. 281-283  Cumulative Review All

    I suggest do 1 proof per day

    2/24/20  L59  Ch 8-6  The Sine and the Cosine Ratios in Right Triangles


    Assn  P. 313  CE  1-11; WE  1-15 odds [be sure to draw the triangles and also write trig equations]


    2/25/20 L60  Textbook  8-7  Word Problems with Right Triangle Trig- Angle of Elevation and Angle of Depression

    Opener- Special Right Triangles and Pythagorean Theorem and HW Check

    watch this video and take notes on the definitions

    watch this video and solve the problems along with the instructor

    watch this video and solve the problems along with the instructor

    HW Assn:  P. 318  WE  1-3, 5, 8-11, 13, 14, Self Test 2 Check work here


    2/27  L61 Pythagorean Inequalities CH 8-3

    Hexagon Problem, Opener, Team Problems P.  317  CE  1-5,and WE 4, 6, 7,


    Assn:  P. 296  CE  1-10; WE  15-17

    3/2/2020 L62 More Practice with Right Triangle Problems

     CW Problems for Monday and Tuesday

    HW  Read P. 322 Chapter Summary.  DO . p 323-324 Chapter Review  check work here

    3/3/2020 L63 More Practice with Right Triangle Problems

    CW Problems for Monday and Tuesday  Solutions to some probs

    Hw  Finish up CW Packet and this handout all

     solutions numbering is different

    3/5/2020  Unit Test

    L64 Performance Task Acute Angle Measurement 2020


    Unit:  Indirect Proof, Triangle Inequalities, Similarity  CH 6 and 7

     Monday  Tuesday  Thursday


    1/8  Wednesday

    Algebra Review- Factoring Quadratics

    Hints, Solutions…Word Problems:  

    Area of a rhombus

    Picture frame

    Fencing two equal rectangular plots


    1/9 Lesson 44 CH 6.3  Indirect Proof  (Proof by Contradiction)

    Notes and Sample Problems  Indirect proofs

    Partner Problems 

    Compliments on Social Media Project 

    HW P. 215  CE 1-10; WE  1-5, 7, 9, 10

    1/13  L45  Triangle Inequalities

    Lesson:  Sketchpad Conjecture and THms


    p. 221  CE  1-17, 20;  p. 218  #10

    1/14  L46  Lessons 7-1 and 7-2 Ratio and Proportion 

    Read the textbook lessons P. 241-242

    Do Problems as a whole class

    P. 244  32, 29, 36P. 248 #38


    Team Problems P. 248  37, 39;

    P. 244  24, 27; indirect proof


    HW:  P. 244   25,26, 28, 30, 31, 33 21-23; p. 247 15-22, 33-37, 40, 43


    1/16 L47 7-3 Similar Polygons

    Power Point Notes and Practice then

    Polygons Partners: P. 250 CE 1-10  If the polygons are not please draw a counter example or describe.

    P. 250 WE 1-14  A-S-N:  If sometimes draw a case when it is and a case when it is not.  If never show an example.

    P. 248  #40  

    HW p. 236  7-10, 15;  P. 251  WE  15-22, 24-29; 248 #31

    Quiz at next class Lessons 43-45

    1/20  School Holiday


    1/21 L48  Ch 7-4  A Postulate for Similar Triangles

    Three Proofs, Explain why the triangles are similar, Use "corresponding sides in similar triangles are in proportion"

    Quiz [Material from L43-45]

    HW:  P. 256-258  CE 9, 11; WE  Explain why the triangles are similar- draw the diagrams too 1-4, 6-8;14-17, Write 2 column proofs:  21-24




    1/23  L49  CH 7-5 Theorems for Similar Triangles

    SAS Similarity Thm 

    SSS Similarity THm

    Explain why the 2 triangles are similar 

    Explain why the triangles are not similar 

    Proof together

    Start on the assignment

    Assn L49

    a]  Explain in writing clearly why the 2 triangles are similar (paragraph proof) P. 266  1-6

    b)  11, 13, 15 (you will share your solution with a tablemate), 22 (one group will present their solution)

    Partner Quiz L46-48

    1/27  L5Lesson 7-6  Proportional Lengths P. 269-273

    Lesson:  Definitions, Theorems, Corollary (Apply to problems) and 

    P. 271  CE 1-6; WE 1-11, 20-23; P. 274 Self Test 2

    1/28 L51 Review: Team Problems


    HW:  Read P. 277 CH Summary Do P. 277-279  CH Review 

    Please check some work below.

    check work here

    1/31 L52 CH 8-1  Similarity in Right Triangles

    Unit Test (next week instead)

    Calculate the Geometric Mean 

    Simplest Radical Form

    THeorems and Corollaries related to Geometric Means

    Notes Template, P. 287-288 CE 1-17 all and Handout:

    a)  Write a proportion

    b)  State the theorem, postulate, or corollary that justifies the proportion

    c)  solve

    2/3/20 Monday L53 Handout

    answers: 1) 16/3  2)20/3  

    4a)  AC=16/3 and BC= 4

    4b)  HJ=91/4

    4c)  ON=1.5 and MN = 0.9

    4d)  RS= 79/9

    5)  Yes (explain why using SAS similarity)

    L53 Performance Task (Due no later than Friday at end of school day)

    2/4/20 Tuesday Ch Test Similarity, Ratio and Proportion

    HW  Performance Task (Due no later than Friday at end of school day)

    Ch 8.2  The Pythagorean Theorem

    Opener:  Application Problems with Similar Triangles

    Prove the Pythagorean Theorem

    Solve problems involving the Pythagorean theorem

    HW  Complete the Performance Task - it is due tomorrow at the end of the school day or earlier.


    Fall 2019 Semester

    Opening Unit:  CH 1 Points, Lines, Planes and Angles;  CH 13 The Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points, Equations of Lines,

    Slope with Segments, Formulas: Slopes, Distance, Midpoints   






    8/22  L1:  Textbook CH 1-2  Point, Line, Plane

    On a Beam of Light A Story of Albert Einstein

    Imagine, visualization to understand the 3 undefined terms which are the building blocks in geometry:  a point, a line, a plane 

    Notes:  watch Podcast and notes

    Oral Questions given Diagram answer with correct notation

    Assn #1 Read Lesson CH 1-2 P. 5-6

    Do P. 7  Written Exercises WE  1-36 

    L1 Check work here

    C= correct

    /= I think it is wrong

    Purchase supplies and read over 

    Honors Geometry Grading Policies and Expectations  


    8/26  L2:  Slope of a Segment(s) or line(s):  positive, negative, parallel, perpendicular; Slope Formula;

    L2 Partner Assignment Handout

    L2 Notes Textbook 13-2  Slope of a Line

    L2 HW:  CH 13-2 Slope of a Line  P. 531  Class exercises CE  1-3, 6; Written Exercises WE  1, 2, 4 use slope formula, 10 use slope formula, 16-21, 23, 24

    Check work here




    8/27 L3:  Ch 1-3  Segments, Rays, Distance, midpoint, bisector

    Algebra:  Equation of a line in Point-Slope Form and also in Slope Intercept Form

    L3 Opener Focus on Eq of Lines check opener  Check work here

    L3 Notes:  P. 11 and 13  take notes of the bold terms in this format:  

    Word (vocabulary)/  notation/  picture/ definition

    CH 13-5  The Midpoint Formula Olesen work with students do P. 544 Ex 1 and ex 2 

    L3 Assn: Textbook Link CH 1 

    Textbook Link ch 13

    Ch 1-3  P. 15  1-39 odds; parallel and perpendicular slopes P.  536  CE 1-9, WE  1, 2, 9; p. 545 WE 5, 13 only first method

    Check Work Here

    5th period finish up the last problem you were working on in class.


    8/29  L4: Distance Formula & Ch 1-4  Angles

    L4  Opener team problems related to lesson 1-3 in textbook  Key (changed this) 

    L4 Notes:  Distance Formula and apply it to a Team Problem

    Podcast and Notes   related to angles

    L4  Assn  p.20 CE 1-38;   length, slope and midpoint: p. 546  7-9, 18

    check work here



    Labor Day


    9/3  L5  CH 1-5  Postulates and Theorems Relating Points, Lines, and Planes

    Team Oral Opener Angles take turns reading the question and answering it others agree or comment…  P.21  WE  1-17 odds, 26, 27, 28,  then do write it 19-22, 23-25   (protractor needed) 

    Lesson and Notes: Models: maybe /maybe not beans, pasta, file folders or index cards…

    Notes on Postulates and Theorems related to points, lines, and planes 

    L5 HW: P. 25  WE  3-11, 13-20;

    P. 29  Self Test 2  1-12;   P. 22  29—35

    check work here     textbook L5

    9/5 TH  L6  Compass and Straightedge Constructions; Measuring Angles with a Protractor

    L6 Opener rays lines point slope

    Constructions Handout

    Circles (equidistant), Congruent Circles, Perpendicular Bisector, Midpoint, Angle Bisector, Measuring Angles Handout Measuring with a protractor for accuracy.

    L6  Assn  P. 30  Ch Review 1-20; P. 551  13-18; Read P. 554 Example 2 and then do p. 555  13, 25, 27, 17 

    Check work here  Check out next week.



     9/9  L7  Review and More Thinking About The Chapter Concepts

    L7  CW with table partner Always, Sometimes, Never and True False Problems with diagonal table Partner (Mathematical Reasoning)  key

    L7 HW  P. 31 “Chapter Test”  3-24  key;

    p. 24  Postulates and Theorems CE 1, 2, 5-12  key



    9/10-11  L8  Team Quiz and Review

    L8  HW  Open and Complete in your booklet or print out and complete on the handout.  check work here

    L8 HW Show that ZDTK is a square


    9/12-13  L9  Test

    L9 Performance Task:  Inscribed Quadrilaterals



     CH 2 Deductive Reasoning Textbook     Postulates and Theorems Textbook     Glossary  




    9/16 L10  Course Expectations, Policies  

    Assn Go to P. 33 Chapter 2-1  If-THen Statements; Converses. Read the lesson and then do P. 34 CE  1-16

    Textbook Ch 2 link above

    Check Work Here

    9/17 L11  Justify using algebra properties and postulates

    Lesson  Introduce algebra Properties P. 37

    Do 3 examples together

    Assn:  Write on handout provided

    DO P. 40  CE all;  P. 41 WE  1-10 and work on your performance Task 

    check work here (posted soon)

    9/19  L12  Proving Theorems

    Prove the Midpoint Theorem and Angle Bisector Theorem and then do P. 45  1-9 copy diagram copy problem and then record the statement.   L12 CW Template

    Assn #12 P. 46  1-18; P. 42 #12 




    9/23  M L13  Angle Pairs (CH 2-4)

    Definitions, Related Theorems and Their Proofs, Problems WOrked out

    HW  P. 53 24-33, 19-23 in this order

    check work here 


    9/24 TU L14 Perpendicular Lines (2-5)

    L14  P. 49 Self Test 1; P. 51 CE 1-21

    Notes 3 Theorems and 1 problem together

    L14 Assn:  P. 58  WE  1-28  KEY

    Be prepared to share your solution to the pink board problem and the proofs with your study team and maybe the class.


    9/26  L15  CH 2-6 Proving Theorems about Supplements and Complements

    opener P. 63 1-14 skip #12, notes, convince your table partner (oral Proofs)

    L15 HW:  P. 62  CE  1-6; P. 63  WE  16-18, P. 65 Self Test #2 

    check work here


    End of R1 Grading Period - I will work on calculating grades soon.

    9/30  L16 CH 2 Review Day

    P. 68-69 CH Test 1-12;

    P. 69 Algebra Review  Read the examples and then for each problem below copy the system, solve showing algebra steps  #3, 4, 2 , 14, 18;

    P. 71  1-18

    Check Some work Here


    10/1  L17 Review

    Partner QUiz

    and then Review Problems (if absent skip the first 2 pages and do the rest)

     Review Problems skip first two pages

    check work here you will need to find the matching problems


    10/3  L18 Test

    No HW 


    CH 3 Parallel Lines and Planes  Textbook     Postulates and Theorems Textbook     Glossary  




    10/7  L19 Definitions Parallel Lines, Skew Lines, Parallel Planes...

    L19 Opener:  P. 70 1-8

    L19 Read ch 3.1 textbook lesson and take notes do P. 75 CE all

    L19 HW assn  P. 76  WE  1-17, 21-29;

    P. 68 15-20

    check work   Ch Review Answers


    10/8  No Class



    10/10 L20  Ch 3-2 Postulates and Theorems relating 2 parallel lines cut by a transversal and the angles pairs formed.

    Absent make-up CW: Opener P. 76  18-20, p. 77 30-35 and then Read p. 78-79, Do p. 80 CE  1-13

    L20  HW Assn P. 80  WE  1-20

    Check odd answers in back of book- will try to post more answers tomorrow (power outage and could not post)

     Learn More with This Video

    10/14  L21  CH 3-3 If ______ then 2 parallel lines

    New Theorems, Problems Together

    L21 HW  P. 86  CE  1-11, 14-16, 18, 19;

    P. 87  WE  1-19

    check work  


    10/15  L22 CH 3-4  Angles of a Triangle. Classify Triangles;  Triangle Sum THeorem and related corollaries, Exterior Angle Thm.

    Lesson, Notes, 5th period CW Handout all

    (will post soon check back later)

    L22 HW assn:  P. 96  CE  1-4, 9-11; P. 97  WE  1-20  check work here


    10/17  L23  CH 3-5  Angles of a Polygon

    3rd period Team Quiz( Material from Yesterday's Lesson)


    Lesson, Explorations, start assn:

    L23 assn:

    P. 103 CE  1-6, 8, 9;  p. 82 # 21, 23

    P. 104  WE  1-6, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23

    check work here





    10/21 L24  More Problems on Polygons Interior and Exterior Angles 

    L24  10 Problems Together  key

    L24 Handout 



    10/22 L25  Review and Assess Ch 3 polygons, Parallel Lines and Angles

    Opener  check work here

    Half Test on Polygons

    Assn  Key




    10/24  L26  Review and Assess Ch 3 polygons, Parallel Lines and Angles


    Review  key

    Half Test 

    HW  Project Part I

    You will need compass, internet, plain white paper.



    CH 4 Congruent Triangles  CH 4 Textbook   Postulates and Theorems Textbook     Glossary  




    10/28 No School

    10/29   No school 


    10/31  L27  CH 4-1  Congruent Triangles - Congruence Statements

    SSS, SAS, ASA Triangle Congruence Postulates

    L27 Opener  (angle puzzle) Tape into booklet

    notes handout Congruent Triangles  

    L27 Notes Template SSS SAS ASA

    L27 key notes SSS SAS ASA

    Put notes in your booklet

    L27 ASSN

    P. 123 CE 1-9; P. 124 WE 1-16

    P. 120  WE  1-11; 20, 21

    check work here 4-2

    4-1 Solutions 


    11/4 M  L28  CH 4-3  Using Congruent Triangles to Complete Proofs

    [Corres. parts of Congruent Triangles are Congurent]

    Lesson and a Proof Together

    Oral Partner Proofs P. 129  CE 1-5

    L28 Assn  4 Proofs 

    P. 130  WE  1, 3, 4, 7


    11/5  TU L29  CH 4-4  The Isosceles Triangle Theorems

    Opener:  Partner Quiz  Complete two Proofs


    CW L29 Problems,  CW

    Assn:  P. 132  Self Test #1  1-8

    P. 137-138  1-10, 14-18

    Check Work Here


    11/7  TH  L30  CH 4-5  Other Methods of Proving Triangles Congruent:  AAS THM,  HL THm (for right triangles only)

    Opener:  Different Partner -Quiz  Complete Two Proofs

    CW Handout - Notes Problems Together and two oral proofs - convince your table partner.  L30 CW Key to Some AAS and HL


    HW P. 142  CE  1-9;  WE  1-2

    P. 138  WE  19-23  4-5 Solutions

    4-4 Solutions

    End of R2 Grading Period

    11/11  Veteran’s Day No School


    11/12 TU L31  CH 4-6  Using More than One Pair of Congruent Triangles to Complete a Proof 

    Partner Quiz Proof

    Lesson, CW P. 148 CE 1-4 Partners Oral Proofs but record down the KEY Steps 

    L31 HW P. 148  WE  1-4 Key Steps only, 7& 8 Key Steps and 2 column proof, 11& 12 (2 column proof)

    Check Work form CH 4-6 Here




    11/14 TH  Individual Test  CH 4  Congruent Triangles 4-1 to 4-6  (Focus is on Proofs)

    L32     P. 164    Preparing for College Entrance Exams  1-7, 9 SHow work

    P. 165 Cumulative Review  1-17

    Geometric Construction Project - Poster is due Monday after Thanksgiving Break 12/2

    If you will be out of town you should start your project now. Your assigned design number:  

    3rd period:  Your cell phone parking spot number

    5th period:  Your cell phone parking spot number +30= your design.

    Geometric Constructions Project

    Useful Website for COnstructions scroll to bottom for constructing hexagon or pentagon also you can see step by step steps typed up.  There are proofs of constructions as well.




    CH 5 Quadrilaterals  to Include  Coordinate Geometry Problems  CH 5 Quadrilaterals   Postulates and Theorems Textbook  Glossary  




    11/18 L33 Mon CH 5.1 Properties of Parallelograms

    Read Lesson and Discuss P. 167

    CW  P. 168 CE All (check answers after each section)

    HW P. 169  WE  1-12, 17-28

    Check work here

    11/19 L34  CH 5-2  Ways to Prove that a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram

    Opener: Find the slopes of the sides of the Quad using the slope formula.  Explain why Quad J(-3,1)  O(3,3)  H(5,7) N (-1, 5) is a parallelogram.

    P. 172 Read LEsson and Draw visuals of the thms.  Use the Thms to do P. 173 CE  1-11, WE  1-8

    Teams Prove 1 of the THms and then complete the Coordinate Geometry Proofs- see the QUAD ABCD problems in the power point. 


    HW P. 175  19-22; P. 174 #10; P. 170 29, 30 and the Coordinate Geometry Problem Below:

    Prove that quadrilateral LEAP with the vertices L(-3,1), E(2,6), A(9,5) and P(4,0) is a parallelogram by each of these methods: (see link above for ideas)

    THM 5-4 then THm 5-5, then THM 5-7, then by definition of a parallelogram

     5_2 Text Solutions  5_1 Text Solutions

    11/21 L35  CH 5-4 Special Parallelograms:  Rectangle, Rhombus, Square

    Definitions of a rectangle, rhombus, square

    CW Discovery Activity with Partner chrome books

     CW  Partner Assn P. 187 11-16, 28, 30, 31 

    HW  Project and finish up CW above.

     Useful Website for COnstructions scroll to bottom for constructing hexagon or pentagon also you can see step by step steps typed up.  There are proofs of constructions as well.


    11/25 No School

    Thanksgiving Break

    11/26 No School

    11/28 No School

    12/2  Geometric Construction Design Project Due

    L36 Revised 5-4 and Coordinate Geometry Methods

    12/3 L37  CH 5-3  Theorems Involving Parallel Lines.  Midsegments of a Triangle

    Lesson and then Assn P. 180 1-19

    5-3 Textbook Solutions

    ( Some class time Teaching your construction and learning a construction from the project)

    12/5 L38 CH 5-5  TRapezoids and Kites


    Team Assn, Check in with Olesen

    HW  Complete the Assn:

     P. 192  CE  1-11;  WE  1-9 odd;  10, 11, 21-25, 12-18, 33, 34  5_5 Solutions

    12/9  Coordinate Geometry Trapezoid Problems and Quadrilateral Review

    HW  P. 197  Read and understand the Chapter Summary.

    Do P. 197  1-22  [odd answers in back of book)  Check work here

    12/10  CH 5 Quadrilateral Review  Hints and ANswers  Also the proofs use a lot of congruent triangles and CPCTC (Review of CH 4)

    Finals Schedule Fall 2019


    12/12  Test CH 5 Quadrilaterals

    HW p. 200  CH 1-5 Cumulative Review 1-31  [odd answers in back of book, other answers posted soon.]Check Work Here

     Finals Schedule Fall 2019

     Review for Final Exam     Finals Schedule Fall 2019






    12/16     Finals Schedule Fall 2019

    2-4-6 and Tutorials

    Optional Tutorial Only No Class


    Introduce Social Media Project to be done over the break.  20 points

    Team Final Exam (1/4 of a test)


    HW:Final Exam Cum Review Ch 1 2 3  

    Check work here KEY  CH 1-3 

    Final Exam- Worth the same as a test grade

    2 parts:  multiple choice& open ended problems

    TH 12/19  3rd Period Final Exam 

    F  12/20  5th Period Final Exam

    HW  Work on Social Media Project  Due 1/8 Wed.


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