Honors Advanced Algebra       Check website each day when the class usually meets. 

    I will post details on what I will need you to do each day.  Have it done for the next day the class would

    normally meet.  I will have you submit work to me along the way via Google Classroom.  



    Online Textbook Green Discovering Advanced Algebra       Calculator Note Handbook     Formula Sheet

     Big Ideas Textbook CH 8 Sequences and Series            Solutions to Big Ideas CHapter 8  

    Spring 2020 Unit:  Sequences and Series

    Please use a Graphing Calculator, you will need it on the test!  


       Previous Unit test

    3/12-13  L67 Recursive Formulas for a Sequence

    Read the info above at the top of the website, thanks.

    6th period

    Please turn in your HW Due by Submiting via Google Classroom

    L65 Honors Prep for Rationals Test

    L66 Concept Test Select one


    watch the video  Sierpinski Triangle as a Fractal (a couple of minutes only)

    6th period  L67 CW  Green Discovering Advanced Algebra Textbook  Chapter 1.  Read Lesson 1.1 P. 30-35 skipping the investigation and take notes and do each of the example problems. Record in your comp booklet and submit to google classroom (see note above)  Also please read  calculator notes 1B, 1D, 1E to learn how to do this stuff quickly on the graphing calc - handbook link is above ( a real time saver)


    Both 1st period and 6th period HW Assn:

    L67  HW:  P. 36 1-18 all check work here and get ideas on how to solve a problem 

    3/16/20 L68  Explicit Formulas for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

    Please turn in L67 HW to Google Classroom.  Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.

    Go to this website

    Watch video and take notes

    do the practice problems 1-27, correct your work.

    email me if you are having a problem


     3/17-18  L69  Sequences More Problems


    1)  Please turn in L68 Notes on Explicit Formulas for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences (8pts) via Google Classroom.  Be sure to hit the submit button.  Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.

    2)  Please turn in L68 PRactice Problems 1-27 (8pts) via Google Classroom.

    3)  Do  A69

    apply recursive formulas.  Green Book  Do P. 73  1-5 get hints and check work here.

    ASSN Big Ideas Textbook Focus on Explicit Formulas  Look at the graphs and the summation symbol.  For the problem set if it refers to an example in the textbook, look quickly over the example (or study) before doing the problems.  

    ***Click on the page # to open the pdf of that section of the Big Ideas Textbook.

    P.  422  3-12, 13-37 odds   check work here mark each problem correct or wrong

    P. 430  5-13,  15-39 odds     check work here mark each problem correct or wrong.

    4) Hang in there!  Thank you for turning in L67 HW.  

    email me if you are having a problem




     3/19-20  L70  Series  CH 9 in Green Discovering Advanced Algebra Textbook.  Today's Lesson Focus is on Arithmetic Series

    1)  Hello, Good news in general as a class you are learning about explicit and recursive formulas for sequences.

    2)  Please submit your work now from the last lesson to Google Classroom.  Be sure your pics are visible and attached if you make a doc.

    3)  L 70  Title your paper and then Read CH 9 Series P. 515, P. 518 (pay attn to Definition and sigma notation) and most important P. 521.  Record info in the two yellow boxes.

    4)  Next Open up this and look over the additional examples.  Record the second formula derived for a partial sum of an arithmetic series.  Optional:  Print this out and put in your comp booklet or record any info that maybe helpful.

    5)  Begin the problems.  After completing each problem check your answer and work with the solutions.  IF it is correct mark it correct (star or C) and then move on.  If it is wrong see if you can figure out your mistake.  If you can't get help from a peer or email me which problem(s) you struggled with.

    Ch 9-1  Do p. 521  1-14   check your work

    Problem 12 is trying to derive second on your own.  #s  13 and 14 use the second formula (quadratic) we derived for the partial sum.  When you know the sum and want to find n the second formula may be best.

    We will do more with the sigma notation on Monday. Good Luck!

    A sample check in:  Ariana, Ty, Franchesca, Daniel, Eric: please email me and let me know if you feel you are learning the math in this unit and any suggestions to improve the process.

    3/23/20  L71  Sigma Notation 

    1)  Take photos of your work from L70 Arithmetic Series and turn in to Google Classroom.

    2)  Watch the video about Sigma Notation which is used when adding up the terms of a sequence (a series).

    3)  You also need to write a series in Sigma Notation   watch how to do this 

    4)  Complete the odd problems in the worksheet.  Checking your answers as you go along on last page(s) of worksheet.

    5) handout of problems DO #'s  2, 6, 9, 12, 18, 19   Grade and correct your paper.  Mark a C or star for correct. Revise the problems that you missed.    key 

    6)  We will have our first Google Meet this week. (More details to come)

    1st period Thursday 9:30- 10:00am

    6th period Friday 1:00-1:30pm


    3/24-25  L72  Finite Geometric Series

    1)  Take photos of your work from L71 Sigma Notation and turn in to Google Classroom.  email me if you are having difficulties.

    2)  Title your paper.  Consider, What is a geometric series?  What is a formula to find the partial sum? Where does it come from?  Watch this video (click on it) record formulas and take notes.  

    3)  Open the Big Ideas Link at the top of this unit calendar. Read briefly P. 428 middle of page through example 5. 

    4)  As you use your calc be careful you will need (   )  to group num. and den.  or work num and press = then /

    (1-r)= then *a=

    5)  Do Big Ideas P. 430  47-54, 59, 60, 65 correct work as you go along (link at top of this calendar)

    6)  Do Discovering Advanced Algebra Lesson 9.3  P. 535  2-8, 9a, 10-12 correct work with C or *.

    7)  Let me know which problem(s) you would like worked out.  If you are confused let me know (email).

    8)  I am canceling our first Google Meet this week.

    3/26-27  L73  Infinite Geometric Series

    1)  Our first Google Meet has been canceled.  I will just have to go another weekend without seeing your beautiful faces.  Luckily I still have my seating charts!

    2)  Please take photos of your work from  L72  Finite Geometric Series and turn in to Google Classroom.  email me if you are having difficulties with submitting work or want a tutorial.

    3)   Title your paper. Consider:  What is an infinite geometric series?  How can we tell when an infinite geometric series converges or diverges?  How do we find the sum if it exists?

    Watch this video (click on it) and take notes.  Don't worry about the "slide" that has limits but just watch that slide you will do limits next year.

    4)  Go to Big Ideas Textbook Lesson 8.4 P. 436 Find and read example 2 (link at top of the calendar)  Do P. 439  7-14 check your work with the link above.

    5)  Do Discovering Advanced Algebra ch 9.2  P. 529  #s 7a,b,d (skip graphs), 4-6, 8, 9 check your work.


    L74  3/30/21  Recursive Formulas for Sequences and Series and using the Table Feature in the Graphing Calculator.

    1)  Turn in your work from the last lesson and please make sure you have clicked all buttons so it is turned in.

    2)  Watch this video link there is a surprise and follow along with your TI graphing calculator.  You can speed it up too.

    3)  Use the ideas from the video to solve this famous problem.

     Formula Sheet

    L75  3/31  Sequences and Series Unit Review

    1)  Turn in your work from the last lesson and please make sure you have clicked all buttons so it is turned in.

    2)  Have your formula sheet ready to use.  

    3)  Print out these unit review problems or copy and solve them in your composition notebook.  This was last year's test.  Check your work along the way to be sure you are doing all necessary work and getting the answers right as Grace did. 

    4)  Optional Help Session on these problems via ZOOM on Wednesday at 2:00pm.  I will email you the info via Google CLassroom.  Check the Stream.

     L76  4/2  Test on Sequences and Series

    You have a test

    More info to follow

    Have your formula sheet ready, graphing calculator, pencil, plain paper preferred,


    2020 Spring Semester Unit:  Rationals       [Related Textbook Big Ideas Text and Solutions]


     Tuesday/ Wednesday



    Add and Subtract Rational Expressions getting a Common Denominator

    CW:  We went over the examples and did the practice sets following each example set.

    L55 Add and Subtract with Rational Expressions Examples and Problem Set

    Hw 1- 45 odds copy problem and show all work.

    L55 Handout of Problems and Answers

    2/10/20 L56  More Practice with Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions.

    L56 handout back side 47-69 odds; 74, 77, 78, 83-91   copy problem and show all work. L56 Handout of Problems and Answers

    2/11-12  L57 Excluded Values for x; Simplify Rational Expressions; Solve Rational Equations by getting a common denominator method.

    Notes and Practice

    CW Assn  P. 396  16-30 evens; P. 388 3-7 odd, 19-26 odd

    HW: Lesson 5.8 Logarithmic Functions

    P. 303  1-6  Problem #4 


    2/13-14  L58  Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions, Simplify Complex Fractions 

    Notes and Practice Big Ideas Ch 7-3  ex 3, 4, 5, 6,  P. 387 Exx 6 plus two more problems

    L58 CW Big Ideas Textbook see link above P. 380  15-20; 27-34; p. 389  39-44

    L58 HW  Finish CW assignment and also do Green Textbook CH 8.8  P. 508  1-5, 13  check work here

    2/24  L59 Assn CH 8.6  Understanding the graph of f(x)= 1/x and then  Transformation Graphing with the Parent Function y=1/x

    notes entire period  [absent?  watch this video first 8:10 minutes only and take notes and show me to make-up the 50 min lesson]

    P. 494  1-4, 7, 16-18

    Check Work Here CH 8.6

    2/25-25 L60  The Graphs of Rational Functions

    Opener 1-5

    Powerpoint, Dry Erase Boards

    Notes and  Assignment Handout

    Check work here


    2/27-28  L61  Word Problems and Math Models with Direct, Joint, Inverse and Combined Variation Functions.

    Opener, Lesson Absent?  Open website, read, watch videos, take notes... show me

    Handout Practice Problems all answers on last page  [Answer to #18 is wrong]

    3/2/2020  L62  The Graphs of Rationals More Practice sect 8.7

    P. 499 whole class investigation and work through Examples A, B, C on p. 500

    Assn: P. 502  1-5, 9-12, #6 no calc, #8 graphing calc

    Test a week from Tuesday/Wednesday (learn and know the material)

     3/3-4 L63  Solving Rational Inequalities Using a Graphing Approach.

    CW: Solve Rational Inequalities - A graphing method (no graphing calcs)  subject to change

    5 Problems and the solutions

    HW:  HW Solving Rational Inequalities Graphing Approach Note:  #5 does not have a horizontal asymptote so you can use your graphing calc to see the end behavior...


    3/5-6  L64 Inverse of a Rational Function, Hole or Asymptote and where is the Hole?, Word Problems

    Lesson and Problems Together

    HW  First Page of handout below

    and _____________________

    Honors Prep for Rationals Test

    Key Review for Rationals Test


    Test Next Tuesday/ Wednesday

    3/9  L65  Review and Extend

    No Graphing Calc allowed on the test.  Please bring a sci calc.

    Honors Prep for Rationals Test

    Key Review for Rationals Test


     3/10-11  L66 TEST  Rationals UNIT

    No Graphing Calc allowed on the test.  Please bring a sci calc.

    HW:  Select 1 of the Concept Test Problems of your choice.  Do a complete detailed solution on paper that will be turned in (not in your composition notebook.  Thank you. Due at the next class.

    PS  Bring your graphing calc for the entire next unit to class and yeh you get to use it on the test!!



    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


     Tuesday/ Wednesday


    Not yet assigned:  Lesson 5.1  P. 255 1, 5c, b, d, 6-10, 14-16  Check work here

    1/8/19  Wednesday all classes

    L 43 Solve one type of Exponential Equations- get common bases and apply Laws of exponents

    Three Examples together, CW handout,

    HW:  P. 262  Read Example B

    DO P. 262  1-6, 9a-f, 10     Solutions  

     1/9-10  L44 Exponential Growth and Decay Word Problems with Guess n Check or graph approx.

    Lesson:  video, notes

    Do this CW assn P. 2 &3  key

    HW Assn all  P.1 key

    1/13  L45 Exponential Form and Logarithmic Form

    mental math with logs, log base 10 with a calculator, Change of Base Formula for other problems

    You can now solve Growth and Decay Word Problems without Guess and Check

    Assn:  skip #4, #5, #8 on investments

    Growth and Decay Word Problems without Guess and Check    


    1/14-15 L46 Investments Compounding Quarterly, Monthly, Daily, Continuously, "e"



    Do HW handout 4, 5, 8, and add continuous compounding for each case.

    HW Lesson 5.6  P. 290  1-3, 5, 6, 7, 10


    1/16-17 Change in Plans...

    L47 Inverses

    Lesson and Notes

    Handout  Some Solutions




    1/20  School Holiday





     1/21-22 L48 Are exponential and logarithmic functions inverse functions?  How can we check?  Explore relevant features...

    notes and CW tables, graphs, equations, compositions, find the inverse of a complicated exponential or logarithmic equation.

    Hw.  Finish handout problems all


    L49  Log Properties, Condense to a Single Log, Solve Log Equations

    Other:  Given two data points write exp math model, find half life...

    notes,L49 CW solve log equations  key

    L49  HW:  Lesson 5.7  P. 296  1-5, 8-12

    Check work here


    1/27 L50  Transformation Graphing with Exponential and Logarithmic functions also including Inverses.

    CW :  Handout

    HW:  Finish Handout all



    1/28-29  L51  More Application Problems  

    e and the natural logarithm  4 applications


    notes  Continuous Compounding, Uninhabited Growth,  Radioactive Decay, Newton's Law of Cooling  key notes

    HW   Handout  1-6, 9-14, 16, Newton's Law of Cooling  31-33  solutions to the HW

     1/30-31  L52 Review  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions  

    CW  Team Problems  

    L52 HW Review Problems for Test

    Do 1-29 

    L52 HW Answers

     2/3  L53 CW review for Test

    L53 CW p1 key     L53 P2 key

    HW L53 Learning Check 6B & KEY 


    2/4-5  Test Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    HW Do on graph paper not in booklet.  Monte has Strep Throat




    Previous Unit  CH 3 Linear Models and Systems





    8/21  Whole School Theme Day

    8/22-23  Lesson 1 (L1) CH 3.2  Revisiting Slope and Linear Equations

    N1 Template  key

    Opener, Opening Class Routine, Textbooks, Notes, Practice


    Learning Intention:  Deepen my understanding of slope, independent and dependent variables, domain and range for Linear Equations

    Success Criteria: 

    I can find the slope of a line given data points using the slope formula and from a graph using rise and run.


    I can describe the real-world meaning of slope using the units of the situation.


    Given a linear equation, I can rearrange it to slope intercept form, name the slope, and name the y-intercept.


    I will define domain and range and I will state a reasonable domain and range for a situation.


    **I will use the solutions link below to check my work marking it right or wrong, revising if I can, and get hints on how to do problems that confuse me.

     Practice Set # 1 Read section 3.2 and do P. 134  1-17 skip 15b, 16.  Use the provided graphs for #7 and #12, but make your own graph labeling axes with units for #10.

    Required:  Check work here

    Mark off all success criteria that you understand.  What do you still need to learn?

    Other:  Purchase supplies, Open and Read Through the Course Syllabus on the Welcome Page.

    8/26  L2 Ch 3.3  Fitting a Line to Data


    Success Criteria:

    (1)  I can find a line of fit for data that are approximately linear.

    (2)  I can write the equation of a line in point-slope form.

    (3)  I can use interpolation and extrapolation.

    (4)  **I will use the solutions link below to check my work marking it right or wrong, revising if I can, and get hints on how to do problems that confuse me.


    L2 Notes includes Co2 in the atmosphere problem  Make a scatterplot, as a class select a trend line, find and interpret slope, get equation of line, use equation to predict CO2 in the atmosphere in 2018.

    Solutions to Textbook 3.3

    Practice Set #2  P. 141 1-8 do #8 first, use the solutions link to check your work marking it right or wrong, revising if you can and use it to get hints on how to do problems that confuse you.



    8/27-28  L3 CH 3.7  Solving Systems of Equations 3 Methods:  Substitution, Elimination, Graphing

    Success criteris:

    I can solve a system of equations using substitution and elimination methods.  I can verify my answers using a graphing method. 

    Opener Textbook P. 173  #14 and then #13 (I will do a HW check)

    L3 Notes (2 with substitution and 2 with Elimination) Problems WOrked Out Here

    Practice Set 3  Read P. 167 ex A and P. 168 Ex B;  Do P. 170  1, 2b, 2e, 3 a,b,d,e; 6, 8, 10, Desmos #11  Check your work Here Please Mark Your Paper

    PS  Look Ahead you have a quiz.



    8/29-30  L4 Solving 3X3 Systems of Equations


    QUIZ L1 and L2 Ch 3.2 and 3.3

    Success Criteria:

    I can solve a 3 by 3 system using elimination

    I can solve a 3 by 3 system using substitution

    I can classify a system as inconsistent, consistent, and dependent systems

    videos to see and understand types of solutions with a system of 3 equations video   

    L4 CW   Handout (Big Ideas P. 29 Explorations all)

    other video

    L4 Notes- one example of each:  one solution, infinite solutions, no solution

    Open and do Practice set 4  #’s 5, 12, 14, 17-19, 29-31, 33, 34, 37-40, 43  Check your work here (Required)






    CPrevious Unit  CH4 Functions and Transformations to Functions


    Labor Day

    9/3-4  L5  An Introduction to Functions; Ch 4.2 Function Notation

    Opener P. 196  16, 18, 19 (#19 Use set up on back board for your graph and equations)

    Lesson 4.2  Power Point and Investigation p. 192


    HW:  P. 193  1-13 skip #7 and Use Handout for #4

    Check your work here

    template for prob4  Quiz at next class


    9/5-6 L6  CH 4.3 Horizontal and Vertical Translations

    QUIZ L3 and L4  Key student key student 

    L6 CW  Partner DESMOS Exploration

    Think about will the equation move the parent graph left or right, up or down


    Assn L6 Read Box copy to notebook and study the vocabulary... P.  200  Translation of a Function and then do

    P. 201-204  #6,  1-5, 11, 13  

    Check Work Here 


    9/9  L7 4.4 Translations with the Quadratic Family

    Opener Read P. 206 Read P. 209 take notes of vertex form of a quadratic with emphasis on only translations (slides)

    Do investigation with group "huddle boards"


    Guided Practice Dry erase boards:  Graph a parabola quickly and precisely given vertex or given equation or given written description

    Com Books:  Solve two quadratic equations by graphing method and also algebraic method.  

    Assn: P. 209  10, 1-8, 13 (in this order)  Check work Here


    9/10-11 L8 4.5 Reflections and the Square Root Family; Intro to Piecewise Functions

    Investigation Link  Follow step 1-3 on the board.  If absent call a friend for the steps.

    Lesson including dry erase boards for the graphs of the square root family.

    L8 Assn  P. 216 exercises 1-12; 15 but skip #9.  Check work here


    9/12-13  L9 CH 4.6  Dilations and the Absolute Value Family


    Investigation stretch or compress vertical and horizontal

    visuals, then dry erase boards

    assn:  P. 226  1-5, 7-11  Graphs need to be precise and accurate.

    Check work here

    Look up your last quiz score on home access A+ grades.  If you have lower than a B you should consider a make-up quiz at the next tutorial.  I posted student keys on Lesson 6 so you can start studying now.  Thank you mystery students!

    9/16 L10  4.7 Transformations and the Circle Family

    Opner Transformation Graphing

    New Parent Relation:  The unit Circle

    Desmos Walk Through Teacher Led

    Assn P. 232  1-8  check work here

    9/17-18 L11 4.8  Compositions of Functions


    Lesson Examples

    HW  P. 240  1-6 & 10-13, 15, 16

    check work here

    9/19-20 L12 Review

    L12 Review Answers


    9/23 L13 Piecewise Functions

    absent? Watch video and take the notes

    piecewise worksheet and notes


    Practice Set key


    9/24-25 L14 Test CH 4


    Piecewise Functions Handout  P. 2 & 3

    Key P. 4 &5

    9/26-27 Go to next unit


    Current Unit CH7 Quadratic Functions








    9/26-27  L15  CH 7.2  Equivalent Quadratic Forms

    Notes and CW

    L15 assn:  P. 390 1-5, 7-9, 12-16

    check work here

    When it says check that the two are equivalent by graphing you can do that part on the graphing calc or on Desmos.


    9/30 L16   Ch 7.4 Quadratic Formula 

    Read P. 405 example B  Do P. 406 1, 2 (answers first in simple radical form and then as decimal approximations), 3-9, 15

    check work here


    10/1-2 L17 CH 7.3 Completing the Square

    Blue Book Big Ideas Lesson 3_3

    P. 116  11-29 odds, 35, 37, 38, 51-54, 60-65, 67-69

    Check work here



    10/3-4  L18 CH 7.5 Complex Numbers

    L18 CW:  opener, guided practice and practice

    L18  HW:  P. 412  1-4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16 (test in 1 week)  textbook 7_5 solutions

    MON or TUES 10/7-8 Blocks L19 

    Quadratic Inequalities *change in schedule

    L19 Handout note problem #1 is different then the problem on the answer key- unfortunate.

    L19 Sample Problems Worked Out




    WED 10/8  No School

    10/10-11  L20 Quadratic Modeling Projectile Motion and Review 

    L20 Hw Assn

    Big Ideas Textbook ch 3  P.  148 1-22

    solutions     &     p. 80  17-20, 22

    P. 80 solutions






     10/14  L21 Review for Quadratics Test 

    key P. 1-3 problems 

    key P. 5 lcomplete the square, vertex form, x-intercepts, graph 



    10/15 L22    Test Quadratics

    Polynomials Discovery Lesson and CH 7.1 Finite Differences




    CH 7 Polynomials of Higher Degree     Online Textbook






    10/17  L23 Ch 7.6 Write the polynomial function given the graph.  Find all x-intercepts and zeros given the equation using factoring and zpp.  

    opener, guided practice

    Assn P. 420  1-4, 6-9, 12, 13

    Solutions to Lesson 7.6 


    10/21 L24 Write the polynomial of least degree given a graph or zeros. Graph and Label Local min./max. and describe end behavior

    opener, Notes,   Assn 

    Probs 1-4:   7_7 solutions  

    Probs 5-9 key 


    10/22-23   L25 Ch 7.7  Higher Degree Polynomials:  Relate the graphs of polynomial equations to the number and types of roots

    opener key

    Team Investigation P. 427  #6

    Assn P. 427  7, 8, 10-13   7_7 solutions


    10/24-25  L26  More with Graphs of Polynomials and Polynomial Long Division

    Guided Lesson including powerpoint...

    HW  Finish all long Division Problems


    M 10/28 No School


    10/29 TU  Wed  No School


    No Quiz or Test

    10/31  L27  Factoring Difference of Cubes, Sums of Cubes, Factoring Completely when you know a zero, introducing synthetic division, finding all zeros real and complex of a polynomial.

    notes, lesson and examples

    assn P. 184 Big Ideas Textbook

    Factor Sum and Difference of CUbes (look for a gcf first): #'s 13-20

    #'s 45-50  SHow binomial is a factor using synthetic division, factor polynomial completely, find all zeros real and complex also (a must to earn full credit)

    some solutions not all of it




    M 11/4 L28  The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, the Rational Root Theorem

    1. Identify the number of solutions or zeros.
    2. List possible rational zeros using the p's and q's  list
    3. Use synthetic division to help factor down the polynomial until you get one quadratic factor.
    4. Factor the quadratic or solve it.
    5. Write the polynomial in factored form.
    6. List all zeros and classify them.

    L28 CW  Notes and examples

    L28 CW Notes and Problems Worked Out

    Video Example

    L28 HW  handout

    4.5 solutions     4.6 solutions 



    CW  L29 Team Problems Review Block Day

    L29 Student Key Team Problems

    HW  Learning Check Polynomials

    Check Work Here



    11/7  L30 Test Polynomial Unit

    End of R2 Grading Period

    L30  HW  Final Exam Review 1 Quadratics and key




    *Big Ideas Textbook CH5  Rational Exponents and Radical Functions

     https://www.bigideasmath.com/tutorial_list.php      This site allows you to watch videos on how to do problems in the Big Ideas textbook.  The "Example" videos and the "Monitoring Progress"  videos are excellent resources if you were absent or you need a reminder on how to do a type of problem.

     https://bim.easyaccessmaterials.com/index.php?location_user=cchs   This is a site that allows you to view the Big Ideas textbook online.  We use "common core high school" Algebra 2.

     http://www.bigideasmathsolutions.com/    (select "common core high school" from menu)  This is a site that shows step by step how to do each of the odds in the Big Ideas textbook.


    Solutions to CH 5 Big Ideas Student Edition pdf     CH 5 Big Ideas Student Text pdf





    Veteran’s Day No School


    11/12  L31 CH 5.1  nth Roots and Rational Exponents

    L31 Opener Board Work

    L31 CW Handout and Notes  

    L31 HW  Big Ideas Textbook see link above

    P. 241 11-18, 21-32, 35-44

    check work here


    11/15 L32 Ch 5.2  Properties of Rational Exponents and Radicals

    L32 Handout Opener and then Notes (posted soon)

    L32 Big Ideas Hw Assn: 

    Ch 5.2 P. 248  13-32, 49, 50, 57, 58 

    P. 228 Open Ch 4 Read 4.5 Example a &b do 23-27

    Textbook 5.2      solutions

    11/18 L33 CH 5.3  Graphing Radical Functions Focus on Square Root and Cube Root and Transformation Graphing Skills

    Notes and Problems Together

    If you need more instruction watch this video.

    L33 Assn Big Ideas Ch 5-3 

    P. 256 1-8, 9-15 odd, 19-24, 41-50, 57, 58  check work here

    11/19 L34  CH 5.4  Solving Radical Equations  

    L34 Notes  (copy scanned soon)

    HW:  Big Ideas see link above

    p. 266  4-12 evens, 13, 14-36 evens;

    57, 58, 62 &  47-52 solve the system in 2 ways:  algebraically and also graphically- show graph in your booklet, label points of intersection and make sure they match with your algebraic solution.

    11/21 L35  CH 5.4  Solving Radical Inequalities and Systems

    L35 Notes  Follow These Steps

    L35 Assn 

    L35 radical inequality HW First three worked out


    Thanksgiving Break

    11/26  Thanksgiving Break

    11/28  Thanksgiving Break


    12/2 L36 Properties of Rational Exponents and Radicals.  Simplest Form

    Video Notes and Links to Solutions and Handouts

    notes and hw both

    some solutions


    12/3-4  L37 Practice Test  Radicals and Rational Exponents and additional Review Problems

    Student Solutions


    12/5-6  L38 Test on current unit

    Radicals and Rational Exponents

    Bring a Scientific non Graphing Calculator

    HW:  L38 HW Poly Review Notes Assn


    Review and Extend Concepts to Prepare for the Final Exam Finals Schedule Fall 2019




    12/9 L39 Review and Extend Solve Polynomial Inequalites 

    CW Handout

    KEY NOTES Solve Poly Inequalities


    HW:  Final Exam Review Packet Go to Review #3 related to Polynomials and Complete it.

    Exam Review #3 Key


    12/10-11 L40  Applications/ Word Problems Polynomial FUnctions

    CW Box Problems (absent see me)

    HW  Final Exam Review Packet #2

     Final Exam Review Packet

    Exam Review 2 Key

    Finals Schedule Fall 2019

    12/12-13 L41 Team Final (1/4 th of a test)

    HW: Final Exam Packet Review #1

     Final Exam Review Packet

    Fall final exam review 1 key

    Finals Schedule Fall 2019

    12/16  Finals Schedule Fall 2019

    L42    2-4-6 and Tutorials

    CW Team Problems

    HW Final Exam Review 4

     Final Exam Review Packet

    Key Review 3 and 4

    12/17  6 Final Exam (1 Test) and

    1- 3- 5-7 

    1st period:  L42 CW Team Problems; HW Final Exam Review 4  Key Review 3 and 4


     12/19 TH 1st period Final Exam


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