• 2nd and 4th Period Advanced Algebra 

    Check website each day when the class usually meets. 

    I will post details on what I will need you to do each day.  Have it done for the next day the class would

    normally meet.  I will have you submit your work to me along the way via Google Classroom.  

    IMPORTANT:  for each assignment Have a Label

    L67 (whichever lesson number it is) CW or HW Pages and Problems or a Description;  Your Name and Period


    L67 CW Notes   Formulas for a Sequence  Chloe Krashanoff 1st

    If I ask you to submit an assignment, please have the title, take a photo, (attach to a google doc if needed)

    and submit it through Google Classroom.  If you are having trouble submitting work email me.  jolesen@tamdistrict.org


    Advanced Algebra Spring Semester 2020 Current Unit on top

    New Unit  CH 8 Sequences and Series  Big Ideas Textbook CH 8 Sequences and Series  Solutions to this CHapter





    3/13/20  L67  Sequences

    Go to this website

    Watch video and take notes

    Turn in what you did to Google Classroom.  see description above

    Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.

    email me if you are having a problem


    What about our unit test on Rationals?  I am not sure yet.

     3/16/20  L68 Sequences 

    Please turn in L67 video notes from Friday to Google Classroom.   Be sure to hit the submit button.


    After watching the video and taking notes (see Friday) complete the assignment handout 1-27 starting where it says practice.  Packet link You may do the work on the handout (if you can print out) or in your composition notebook.  Check the solutions for hints or to be sure you did the problems correctly.  correct your work.

    This assn will be due on Wednesday.

    3/18/20  L69 A Closer Look at Arithmetic Sequences and Geometric Sequences.

    1)  Please turn in L68 packet 1-27 to Google Classroom.  Be sure to hit the submit button.  Thank you.  Video Link to help with submitting  photos of your work.

    2)  You will do problems in the textbook.  If the directions refer to an example problem look over that example quickly or if needed study it and then do the problems related to that example.  Move on from there.  Check your work as you go along.

    P.  422  3-12, 13-37 odds   check work here mark each problem correct or wrong

    P. 430  5-13,  15-39 odds     check work here mark each problem correct or wrong.


    3/20/20 L70 Arithmetic Series

    1) Good Morning Advanced Algebra Students.  Thank you for attending today's lesson.   Please turn in your work from L69 to Google Classroom by 1pm.

    2)  Next title your paper and then Watch this video and take notes.  Record the formulas in a box.  

    3)  Open up this handout of problems and complete them in your composition notebook.  Show as much work as is done in the video lesson.  If you are struggling you can get hints in the key.  Another option is to watch more video instruction on Khan Academy.

    4)  Grade and correct your paper.  Mark a C or star for correct.  Revise the problems that you missed.    key  

    3/23/20  L71  Sigma Notation 

    1)  Take photos of your work from L70 Arithmetic Series and turn in to Google Classroom.

    2)  Watch the video about Sigma Notation which is used when adding up the terms of a sequence (a series).

    3)  You also need to write a series in Sigma Notation   watch how to do this 

    4)  Complete the odd problems in the worksheet.  Checking your answers as you go along on last page(s) of worksheet.


    3/25  L72  Finite Geometric Series

    1)  Take photos of your work from L71 Sigma Notation or put them into a google doc or scan them and make a pdf and turn in to Google Classroom.

    2)  Put a title on your paper for this lesson (composition notebook is fine).

    3)  What is a geometric series?  What is a formula to find the partial sum? Where does it come from?  Watch this video (click on it) record formulas and take notes.  

    4)  Go to your textbook (You can also open the Big Ideas Link at the top of this unit calendar) and read  P. 428 middle of page through example 5. 

    As you use your calc be careful you will need (   )  to group num. and den.

    or work num and press = then /

    (1-r)= then *a=

    5)  Do Big Ideas P. 430  47-54, 59, 60, 65 checking your work along the way with the link at the top of this unit lesson calendar.

    6)  Next, do problems related to arithmetic series using your formulas from L70 (also P. 420).  Do P. 423  47-55 odds checking your work along the way with the link at the top of this unit lesson calendar.  Try to have this work done by Thursday before you go to sleep.

    3/27  L73  Infinite Geometric Series

    1)  Please take photos of your work from  L72  Finite Geometric Series and turn in to Google Classroom.  email me if you are having difficulties with submitting work or want a tutorial.

    2)   Title your paper.

    3) What is an infinite geometric series? 

    How can we tell when an infinite geometric series converges or diverges?  How do we find the sum if it exists?

    Watch this video (click on it) and take notes.  Don't worry about the "slide" that has limits but just watch that slide you will do limits next year.

    4)  Go to Big Ideas Textbook Lesson 8.4 P. 436 and find and read example 2 (link at top of the calendar). 

    5)  Do P. 439  7-14; P. 414 1-27 odds, 31, 35, 36, 38  check your work with the link above.


    3/30  L74  CH 8.5  Recursive Rules for Sequences


    1)  Turn in your video notes and your textbook work from the previous lesson to Google Classroom by 1pm today.

    2) Please title your paper and then watch this video lesson (surprise) and take notes.

    3)  Do P. 447  1-4, 7, 11-19odd, 20, 29, 31, 33, 34, 38, 41, 43, 49, 50

    4)  Please email me if you need help with the math.  I am here to help.


     4/1 L75  Review and Preparing for Unit Test

    1)  Good news most of you figured out how to sign up in Khan Academy.  I gave you 4 assignments.  If you did not yet "join the class" then

    Check your tam district email the one that has .student in it and accept the invitation to sign up for our class in Khan Academy. 

    example:  This type of email


    You will do your review here and you will also take your test here so you must do this.

    P2 Adv Alg  2020  or P4 Adv Alg  2020

    2)  Print out or have open or copy into your notebook this formula page

    3)  Go to your Khan Academy class with the student email (this type)


    and the review is to complete the quiz 1, quiz 2, quiz 3, and quiz 4.   You do not have to do any other practice problems or watch the videos, but you are welcome to do what you need.  Please use the

    Please email me if you have trouble getting into the quizzes. ...



     4/3  L76  Test on Sequences and Series

    1)  Before starting your test Be sure to turn in Monday's assn to Google Classroom if you did not already.

    2)  Print out or have open  this formula page

    3)  If you have not done so already please see Wed class.

    4)  I will assign the test at 8:00 am Friday.  Your Test is the Unit Test Assignment in Khan Academy - Sequences and Series.

    Please email me if you have trouble getting into the test...


    Please take your test today, but if that is not possible you can take it over the spring break, but please no later than that.



    CH 7 Rational Functions  Online Big Ideas Textbook CH 7  All Solutions to ch 7 Big Ideas Textbook




    2/24/20  L59 Lesson CH 7.2  Understanding the graph of f(x)= 1/x and then transformation graphing with the Parent Function y=1/x

    notes entire period  [absent?  watch this video first 8:10 minutes only and take notes and show me to make-up the 50 min lesson]

    P. 370  3, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 20-24, 43, 52  (see textbook link and solution link above)




    2/26/20   L60 Simplify, Multiply/Divide Rational Expressions (sect. 7.3)

    Opener, Key Notes and then

    Assn Pg 380  5-10, 13-20 all, 27-33 odd

    absent? read the textbook Lesson and Take Notes - show them to me.


    2/28/20  L61  Adding/Subtracting Rational Expressions  (sect. 7.4)

    Opener, Notes and then Assn

    L61 Opener and notes key

     Pg 388 3-8, 19-26, Pg 381 28-34 even

    End of R4 GRading Period

    3/2/2020  L62   Simplifying Complex Fractions  (sect.7.4)

    Opener and Notes

    Assn Pg 388 #39-44 all; P. 401  14-20 


    3/4/2020 L63 Solving Rational Equations (sect. 7.5) Getting a Common Denominator Method

    Opener and Notes

    Assn Pg 396 19-28, p. 400  11, 12; P. 403  4-6  Be sure you know the material from last week and this week.  Your test is a week from Friday.


    3/6/2020 L64  Graphing Rational Functions without Transformations (sect.7.2) Last main topic- your test is in one week - know the material already covered.

    Power Point, Dry Erase Boards, Notes Template 

    L64 HW Handout  How might you check your answers?  Hint

    3/9/2020 L65  Graphing Rational Functions (sect 7-2) [Test this Friday]

    CW  More Graphs of Rational L65 Graph the 4 Rational FUnctions

    a)  eq of HA

    b) eq of VA

    c) intercepts

    d)  Graph by hand no calc

    e)  CHeck your work on DESMOS  Graph the 4 Rationals.jpg

    HW  Learning Check Ch 7

     Learning Check & KEY

    3/11/2020 L66    Review CH 7 Rationals Test on Friday

    No Graphing Calc allowed on the test.  Please bring a sci calc.  The test will start at the beginning of the period.

    L66  CW  Evens Rationals Review 2  L66  HW  same handout Odds


    3/13/2020 Go to the NEW UNIT



    https://www.bigideasmath.com/tutorial_list.php      This site allows you to watch videos on how to do problems in our textbook.  The "Example" videos and the "Monitoring Progress"  videos are excellent resources if you were absent or you need a reminder on how to do a type of problem.

     https://bim.easyaccessmaterials.com/index.php?location_user=cchs   This is a site that allows you to view the textbook online.  We use "common core high school".

     http://www.bigideasmathsolutions.com/    (select "common core high school" from menu)  This is a site that shows step by step how to do each of the odds in your textbook.


    CH 6 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions





    1/8/20  L43  CH 6-1 Exponential Growth and Decay Functions

    CW:  Video and then Notes P. 296-298

    HW P. 300  9-17 odds, 19-24, 45, 46 (Read Lesson P.  and Examples as Needed)

    Textbook Solutions

    1/10  L44 Exponential Growth and Decay Word Problems with Guess n Check or graph approx.

    Lesson and  notes

    Do this CW assn P. 2 &3  key

    HW Assn all  P.1 key


    1/13  L45  Exponential Form and Logarithmic Form

    1)  mental math with logs, log base 10 with calculator, Change of Base Formula for other  cases,

    2)  You can now solve Growth and Decay Word Problems without Guess and Check

    3)  Solving Exponential Equations with these concepts  Handout   answers onlast page.

    First Page worked out

    HW  Finish handout 1-12 and then do P. 314  5-25, 27-32


    1/15 L46  Investments Compounding Quarterly, Monthly, Daily...

    Notes  Examples and Team Problems

    Team Problems

    HW 1-9 on this handout  Growth and Decay Word Problems without Guess and Check    



    1/16  L47 Compositions of Functions, Inverse functions


    Inverse video notes

    Assn  Handout Do P. 1-3 on P. 2 You may use DESMOS to help sketch the graph

    Check work here

     Martin Luther King Junior School Holiday

    1/22/20  L48 Wednesday  Exponential Functions and Logarithmic Functions are inverses of each other.

    L48 notes and CW Inverses with exp and logs

    L48 HW with Key  Quiz at Next Class

    1/24/20  L49  Transformation Graphing with  Exponential & Log Functions 

    L49 Transformations Notes

    Practice Quiz and then start assn

    L49 Assn Transformation Graphing with Exp and Logs

    1/27/20 L50 Properties of Logs (sect 6.5)

    6-8 Notes Properties of Logs

    Assn: Pg 331 #9-32 all

    copy original problem show property

    1/29/20 L51   Properties of Logs (sect 6.5)

    HW 6-9: Handout Properties of Logs

    Quiz - see practice quiz from Friday

    1/31/20 L52  Solving Exponential & Log Equations (sect 6.6) 

    6-10 Notes Solving Exponential & Log Equations

    Assn  Pg 338 #5-15 odd, 21-31 odd, 34, 37, 38   Textbook  Solutions

    February 3, 2020  L53  Solving Exponential & Log Equations (sect 6.6)

    HW 6-11:  Handout on Solving Equations & Mixed Practice


    February 5th  L54 Modeling with Exponential & Log Functions (sect 6.7) 

    L54 CW Notes Key

    6-13 Opener

    6-13 Notes Applications of Logs & Exponentials

    HW L54 Applications of Logs & Exponentials 

    L54 HW Key


    February 7th  L55 Modeling with Exponential & Log Functions (sect 6.7)

     Opener Properties of Logs

    L55 Word Problems  Complete the left hand side column all problems.

    Please note that the answers to the problems are on the bottom of each column.


    2/9/20 Monday L 56 [Test Friday if you plan on being absent take test Wed Tutorial]

    L56 CW Review with Graphing Exponential and Log functions

    HW 6-14:  Learning Check 6A


    2/11 Wednesday L57   (Subject to change)

    Summary of Ch 6 Assignments and Success Criteria

    HW 6-15: Learning Check 6B & KEY 

     2/12  L58 2/14/20  Chapter 6 Test Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    HW:  L58  P. 350- 352 1-36

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