• 1. Materials Needed:

    • Single-subject, college-ruled, spiral notebook 8 1/2" x 11", due Monday, 8/26.

    • Blue or black ink pen, due Monday, 8/26.

    • Folder for handouts, due Monday 8/26.

    • Moleskine Classic Notebook, Large (5" x 8.25") Ruled/Lined due Friday, 8/30. I recommend ordering it from Amazon: MOLESKINE LINK If you need assistance getting a MOLESKINE let me know. Due Friday, 8/30.


    3.  For Wednesday, August 28, read selections 2-9, Joan Didion - Virginia Woolf: Joan Didion-Virginia Woolf . After reading the selections, answer the following response questions using SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from the readings to support your ideas:

    • 1. What is the value of keeping a notebook, diary, journal, or written record of personal experiences?

    • 2. What different approaches do different authors use when recording personal experiences? Why do they approach journals, notebooks, and diaries in different ways? What are the potential benefits of different approaches?

    • 3. Of the selections, whose writing style: word choice, sentence patterns, selection of detail, appeals to you the most? Why do you find his or her writing especially effective?

    4. For Friday, 8/30, in The Writer's Presence, read E.B. White's "Once More to the Lake," p. 256-262, and answer questions 1 and 2, p. 262. Submit work to turnitin.

    5. Moleskines are Friday, 8/30. Bring them to class on Friday.

    6. MOLESKINE ENTRY #1, Images of My Childhood Directions: In your Moleskine, respond to the prompt with at least three pages of writing (a page is one side). Write neatly and carefully. Bring your Moleskine to class on Wednesday, 9/3, to share with your group. PROMPT: Look at pictures from your childhood. What memories, feelings, ideas, and experiences come to mind when you look at them. How do the pictures make you feel? Which picture triggers your memory the most? What does it prompt you to recall? What details do you remember? Why does the picture have such a strong effect on your memory? How can pictures help writers compose?

    7. For Monday, 9/9, in The Writer's Presence, read Patti Smith's "Sticky Fingers," p. 214-217, and Alice Walker's "Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self," p. 232-238. There will be a short quiz at the beginning of the period on the two readings.

    8. For Wednesday, 9/11, in The Writer's Presence, read "Tough Love: Parents and Children," p. 514-516, and answer #2, p. 516. Submit your answer to turnitin.

    9. For Friday, 9/13, in The Writer's Presence, read "If You Are What You Eat Than What Am I?" p. 142-150, and "My Two Lives," p. 151-153. There will be a short quiz at the beginning of the period on the two readings.

    10. The First Draft of your Childhood Experience Narrative Major Paper is due Friday, 9/20. It must be a three to five-page draft to receive credit. Have a hard copy of the essay printed and ready at the beginning of class. If you need to print, come to class early. Here is a copy of the assignment: Childhood Paper

    11. The Revised Draft of your Childhood Experience Narrative Major Paper is due Tuesday, 9/24. Bring in a hard copy to class with the changes you have made highlighted or noted in the margin. Only highlight significant changes.

    12. Submit the final draft of your Childhood Experience Major Paper to turnitin by the beginning of class on 9/27. Bring the first draft, the revised draft, and the two revision worksheets to class to turn in by hand.

    13. In The Language of Composition, read Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring," p. 888-894,  and answer#2, p. 895, "Questions on Rhetoric and Style." Submit your answer to turnitin. Due 10/2.

    14 For Monday, 10/7, read the following essays. There will be a content quiz on the essays checking for reading completion and comprehension. In the Writer's Presence: "The Change Within," p. 433-436; "The Santa Ana," p. 353-356; and "A Moral Atmosphere," p. 553-557. Read this copy of Jared Diamond's "The Ends of the World as We Know Them": The Ends of the World

    15. For Friday, 10/11, read Michael Lewis's "The Mansion: A Sub-Prime Parable." There will be a quiz. Linked here: The Mansion: A Sub-Prime Parable

    16. For Monday, 10/14, read Manil Suri's "Keys to the Kingdom" and Dinaw Mengestu's "Home at Last." Expect a short quiz. Here are the essays: Kingdom and Home.

    17. For Wednesday, 10/16, read Charles Bowden's "Our Wall," p. 317-323  of The Writer's Presence, and answer number 1, p. 323. Submit your answer to turnitin.

    18. For Friday, 10 /18, read Nathaniel Hawthorne's "My Visit to Niagara." There will be a quiz on the reading. My Visit to Niagara

    19. Some of you will have English on Wednesday and some of you will have English on Friday this week. Ms. Scharf has given you the schedule based on Urban Plan presentations. For class this week, in The Language of Composition, read Henry David Thoreau's "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For," p. 296-302, and study for the terms test. Know all the definitions of the words in the first column of the terms sheet to the point you can easily recognize definitions on a matching test. Here are two powerpoints with definitions you may not have recorded in your notebook:Coherence and Transition and A Grammatical Look at Syntax. Other defintions can be found in your notes and in the terms packet: Terms Packet We will apply terms we are more familiar with to prose passages (like diction and easy syntax) and we will perform sentence identification by type (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex) and function (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory). We will practice this before the test. The examples will be basic. Finally, Moleskines will be collected on 10/28.

    20. Pilrimage Prompts: Pilgrimage Prompts

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