• Spring Semester 2020

    Wednesday January 8th

    Welcome Back and Semester Overview

    • Unit 3: Data Journalism--We will look at the goals for the next few weeks as we read excerpts from Fast Food Nation and work on opinion articles.
    • Final Exam return & Feedback--As you get your exams back, you will review your progress and fill out the survey HERE.
    • What happened in the news..and how was it covered?

    HW: Finish reading the article we began in class

    Thursday, January 9th

    News v. Opinion

    Shields and Brooks  then Late Night commentary Trevor Noah 

    • How do these commentaries on the news affect your understanding of the stories?
    • What role do columnists play in newsrooms?
    • What is the purpose of a paper running both?

    HW: Data Worksheet  [Save this to your folder for Nonfiction.]


    Friday, January 10th

    What is data journalism?

    We will look at how data can become stories with THIS sheet.

    What other evidence is there besides data?

    HW: Read the Introduction to Fast Food Nation


    Monday, January 13th

    Eric Schlosser and Fast Food Nation

    Debrief introduction

    Schlosser's tactics and strategies

    HW: Post 1-2 Opinion article ideas HERE


    Tuesday, January 14th

    We will learn about the types of evidence to use with your opinion pieces


    HW: Read "Walt & Ray" in Fast Food Nation


    Thursday, January 16th

    First we will confirm opinion piece topics

    Then we will identify the type of evidence in "Walt & Ray"

    We will use this sheet.

    HW: Solidify topic for opinion article


    Friday January 17th

    Today you will be working on your article by brainstorming evidence for your argument.


     HW: Read "Kid Kustomers" (pp. 42-46) and work on opinion article


    Monday--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--Holiday!


    Tuesday January 21st--

    Discuss "Kid Kustomers"

    We will do a short-answer response to a question related to our reading in Fast Food Nation thus far.

    HW: Draft of Opinion piece is due in this folder


    Thursday January 23rd--Predictions

    Can we make arguments based on predictions?

    Nate Silver & Predictions:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4zhI9uLs4U (15 min)

    How do we use a counter- argument? We will use this sheet.

             HW: Read CH. 3, Behind the Counter and peruse cartoons by Tom Fishburne at Marketoonist


    Friday January 24th--Guest Speaker: Tom Fishburne

    Tom Fishburne, a business cartoonist will talk to us about his work and choice to draw cartoons professionally.



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