• Spring Semester 2020

    Wednesday January 8th

    Welcome Back and Semester Overview

    • Unit 3: Data Journalism--We will look at the goals for the next few weeks as we read excerpts from Fast Food Nation and work on opinion articles.
    • Final Exam return & Feedback--As you get your exams back, you will review your progress and fill out the survey HERE.
    • What happened in the news..and how was it covered?

    HW: Finish reading the article we began in class

    Thursday, January 9th

    News v. Opinion

    Shields and Brooks  then Late Night commentary Trevor Noah 

    • How do these commentaries on the news affect your understanding of the stories?
    • What role do columnists play in newsrooms?
    • What is the purpose of a paper running both?

    HW: Data Worksheet  [Save this to your folder for Nonfiction.]


    Friday, January 10th

    What is data journalism?

    We will look at how data can become stories with THIS sheet.

    What other evidence is there besides data?

    HW: Read the Introduction to Fast Food Nation


    Monday, January 13th

    Eric Schlosser and Fast Food Nation

    Debrief introduction

    Schlosser's tactics and strategies

    HW: Post 1-2 Opinion article ideas HERE


    Tuesday, January 14th

    We will learn about the types of evidence to use with your opinion pieces


    HW: Read "Walt & Ray" in Fast Food Nation


    Thursday, January 16th

    First we will confirm opinion piece topics

    Then we will identify the type of evidence in "Walt & Ray"

    We will use this sheet.

    HW: Solidify topic for opinion article


    Friday January 17th

    Today you will be working on your article by brainstorming evidence for your argument.


     HW: Read "Kid Kustomers" (pp. 42-46) and work on opinion article


    Monday--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--Holiday!


    Tuesday January 21st--Work Day

    You will have time in class to work on your opinion articles and get help from a peer.


    HW: Draft of Opinion piece is due in this folder


    Thursday January 23rd--Cartoons

    Discuss "Kid Kustomers"

    Using this sheet, we will examine claims and evidence then begin to recognize ironies which can be depicted in political cartoons.

    We will do a cartoon sketch related to our reading in Fast Food Nation thus far.


    HW: Read CH. 3, Behind the Counter and peruse cartoons by Tom Fishburne at Marketoonist


    Friday January 24th--Guest Speaker: Tom Fishburne

    Tom Fishburne, a business cartoonist will talk to us about his work and choice to draw cartoons professionally.

    HW: Make revisions to draft opinion article.


    Monday January 27th--Pain Points

    Into: Is Schlosser critical of the influence McDonald's has on American culture?

    We will use this sheet to consider some of the "pain points" in the reading "Behind the Counter"

    HW: Contact an artist for your cartoon


    Tuesday January 28th--Predictions

    Can we make arguments based on predictions?

    Nate Silver & Predictions:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4zhI9uLs4U (15 min)

    Task: Go to Fivethirtyeight.com and click on "politics" or "sports" or "culture", etc. to find arguments based on predictions.  Read one and be prepared to identify the supporting claims.

    HW: Read excerpt from Nickel & Dimed


    Wednesday January 29th [7 period day]-- Other ways of researching

    Experiential Research: Nickel and Dimed, Supersize Me

    We will discuss the reading you did last night then look at other examples.

    What is your opinion of experiential journalism?

    HW: Polish your opinion article--due Friday


    Friday January 31st [Block Day]

    How to scan your cartoon: HERE

    Final draft with cartoon sent to Barkie.

    We will then continue to discuss and consider experiential journalism projects with this slideshow from Wednesday.

    HW: None (There will be reading in FFN for Tuesday)


    Monday February 3rd--Cub Bark Positions

    We will spend class discussing the process of putting together the whole newspaper (Cub Edition).

    HERE is the info sheet with commitment dates and deadlines.

    Task I: Review a recent issue of the Bark; Review article matrix

    Task II: Editorial Decisionmaking

    Task III: Roles

    Fill out this form to apply for an editorial position

    HW: Read FFN pp. 111-131 "Why the Fries Taste Good"

    Final Draft Deadline is TOMORROW.  This means your folder in the Bark Drive must be complete with article[all edits resolved] and cartoon.


    Tuesday February 4th--Discuss Fast Food Nation

    First, we will discuss and find out who is interested in being an EIC

    Today we will consider the many debates surrounding fast food-both Schlosser's investigation and more recent.

    What did you learn about obscure industries related to fast food? What is Schlosser's point?

    What other consumer issues could be examined through Schlosser's method?

    HW: None--


    Wednesday February 5th (Minimum Day-1,2,3 Block)--Learning In-Design

    We will work to put your opinion piece and cartoon into In-Design

    Here is the tutorial we will use.  Save a copy of this to your Redwoodbark drive.

    HW: Final InDesign layout with article and cartoon due in hardcopy Friday; Complete Google form for leadership positions for Cub Bark.


    Friday February 7th--Cultural impacts and New Info for FFN

    [Submit hardcopy of InDesign layout]

    We will continue our work from Tuesday and you and your group will share out your findings.


    HW: Read FFN 193-207 "What's in the Meat"?


    Monday February 10th-- FFN

    If you did not finish your InDesign layout, you will have 15 min. to wrap it up.

    If you are done, you will make sure your group's poster for FFN claims is complete...add material from "What's in the Meat".

    We will debrief the claims from FFN

    What aspects of the study of Fast Food in America are consistent with a feature story?

    HW:Read An Empire of Fat (239-243) McLibel (243-249)


    Tuesday February 11th--Survey Questions

    Conducting a survey and framing questions are difficult tasks to do objectively

    Here is a video of tips to designing questions from Pew Research (5:27)

    We will look at some flawed surveys then discuss how to better-conduct surveys

    Activity: How would you design a survey to gauge American tastes for meat?

    HW: Work on FFN packet..review of evidence

     **Section editors and other positions will be posted today.  HERE!

    Thursday February 13th-- Bark Scavenger Hunt 

    Make a copy of this sheet in your folder.  Complete it to learn about the layout of the paper in addition to articles that we have not written yet.

    We will discuss what you found afterwards.

    HW: FFN packet due Friday.


    Friday February 14th-- Elections and Polls

    [Submit hard copy of packet]

    To what extent does a free press compromise American elections?

    We will look at elections and the role polls and media coverage play in our democracy with this sheet.


    HW: None


    BREAK--February 15th-23rd--Enjoy!


    Monday February 24th--What was in the news...

    And how was it covered?

    The Week sample: HERE

    Scan media sources

    You will get the rubric for your opinion pieces back.  **Review feedback on Nonfiction Homepage

    HW: None


    Tuesday February 25th-- Intro True Crime

    Today we will begin our last book of the year: In Cold Blood [Overview HERE]

    As you well know, often coverage of crimes and court cases in the media tends to sway public opinion towards criticism of the courts and justice system when outcomes seem to differ from what the media portrays.

    How is crime reporting similar to and different from other journalism?

    We will use this sheet.

    HW: Bring in statistics and data in an area of interest to you.


    Thursday February 27th-- Graphics

    First, we will lay out the facilitation schedule for In Cold Blood

         The schedule is here...save it to your drive once we have filled it out today.

    In class, we will work with some graphics platforms to design graphics to represent data and tell a story. HERE are the instructions to create graphics.

    HW: Read 3-24 in In Cold Blood


    Friday February 28th--First impressions of Capote's style

    We will discuss the narrative style of Capote.

    Are there similarities to journalism in his style and apparent method?

    HW: Read pp. 24-46 of ICB


    Monday March 2nd-- Background on Capote's Method

    Book Facilitation #1

    • What do we know about the personalities of the main characters? 
    • How does the author connect the reader to them early?
    • What seems to be the significance of the setting?

     Storyplanning 101: Do your research.. Consider THESE tips.

    Here is the Bark storyplanning for the current issue.  Check it out before contributing your own ideas.  There is a separate tab with final assignments for stories.

    HW: 5 Story ideas due by 7pm

           Enter stories in spreadsheet HERE.

           Section Editors review submissions before class tomorrow


    Tuesday March 3rd-- Storyplanning 

    We will discuss the story options for the Cub Issue.  Our goal is to assign everyone at least one story by the end of today.

    HW: Read In Cold Blood, pp. 38-74; Examine the story ideas in the spreadsheet and come in with a few you would be interested in commiting to.


    Thursday March 5th--

    Book Facilitation #2 

    • Describe the relationship with Willie-Jay and analyze it through a psychological lens. 
    • What values does the Clutter family embrace? How is this a slice of Americana? 
    • How does a 3rd person omniscient narrator affect the reader? 
    • Your other idea/ comment: 
    • How do you think the reactions of each character represent the social norms of Garden City?

    Story Selection

    For the last 35 minutes of class, Section editors will be available to take story requests based on the storyplanning from Tuesday.

    HW: Reach out to sources; if you need ideas for sources, bring them up on Friday


    Friday March 6th-- Editorial Decision and Work Day

    We will vote on the editorial for Cub Bark

    Then you will have time to work on background for your articles.

    EICs and Art Consultants: Look for themes in selection of articles for cover ideas. 

    HW: Submit survey questions to survey editors


    Monday March 9th--Survey Questions Due, Work Session

    You should be writing, crowd-sourcing, determining background information

    Plan out your photographs/images as well.

    HW: Work on articles.


    Tuesday March 10th--Cover Ideas, Legacy of True Crime

    We will first propose cover ideas.

    We will then discuss the legacy of true crime articles and books by looking at the Charles Manson murders then the media coverage of the OJ Simpson trial.

    You will read this article and answer the questions.

    HW: Do some background research and compare the Manson murders and the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.  Use this sheet for your comparison and put it in your Nonfiction folder.


    Thursday March 12th--Art ...& Crime

    Art consultants will conduct the vote for the cover idea.

    We will then continue our discussion of true crime, first debreifing your comparison of the OJ Simpson Trial and Manson Murders.

    We will then watch this video and use this notesheet to hear journalists discuss the influence of the media on criminal justice.

    HW: Work on your article draft(s).


    Friday March 13th--Trying cases in the media


    School is Closed until March 30th.

    Please begin online coursework here....


    Monday March 16th-- Justice and the Media

    You will use the chart from class last Thursday.  If you were not here, please first watch the linked video (25 min).

    Examine this slideshow then plan both sides of a debate on the topic.  Your responses to questions and the debate points need to be on a document for today in your nonfiction folder.

    HW: Read In Cold Blood, pp. 77-123.


    Tuesday March 17th--Book Discussion, Round 3

    Log into our discussion by following THESE instructions.

    2nd period: 9:00-9:40 Use these links: 

    Paste into your browser: meet.google.com/ski-owzn-vhh
    ‪+1 769-208-5447‬ PIN: ‪397 496 660‬#

    3rd Period: 10:00-10:40

    ‪+1 484-202-4043‬ PIN: ‪963 457 183‬#

    HW: Rough Draft due to copy editor and section editor** HERE is the link to the folder in the Bark drive.

    Note about working and submitting articles: If you have done the necessary interviews for your story or if your story does not require interviews, then you should be submitting a draft by Thursday afternoon.


    Thursday March 19th--Crime Reporting

    To continue our look at crime reporting, today you will consider two events.

    Fill in THIS Sheet as you consider the information you would need to gather to accurately explain the events.




    Friday March 20th-- Preparing for Publishing

    [We will do the activity I had originally planned next week...]

     Sorry, Nonfiction Students.  I am still waiting for approval by the Bark EICs for the new plan.  Please check back here over the weekend.  Also I will be sending out the guidelines mentioned below as soon as they are approved in an email outlining next steps.  I sincerely appologize for unnecessary stress.

    Today, you will map out a plan for getting published and confirm with me your article assignment.

    HERE is a revised set of guidelines and instructions for getting published this cycle.

    Fill out this sheet and save it in your folder.  Be sure to title it: "Cub Issue 2.0"

    HW:Read up through pg. 163 in In Cold Blood for Monday discussion.


    Monday March 23rd--Book Discussion

    2nd Period 9am--log-in links below

    ‪+1 608-909-0381‬ PIN: ‪784 905 021‬#
    3rd Period, 10am--log in links below
    ‪+1 502-509-5822‬ PIN: ‪337 228 478‬#
    HW: Work on article.  Contact EICs for help or article assignments. 
    Tuesday March 24th--Work Day
    Guidelines and Deadlines for Cub articles (handout that was sent Friday 3/20)
    Plan to spend about 45 minutes working on your article.  Either revising based on feedback or writing your first draft.  Section editors, check in with reporters writing articles for your section.  Copy editors, set up a group chat to split up articles as they come in.  I suggest you all take a range of names from the alphabet.  I have put a column in the spreadsheet for you to sign-up/assign each article.
    Editors-contact EICs with questions. (Reporters, please email me with questions after you contact your section editors.)
    HW: Read article assigned by presenter for Friday (These will be linked HERE by Tuesday afternoon.)  You should have read up through page 163.  Your next reading for In Cold Blood is not due until Thursday 4/2.
    Link for Julian's discussion on the media and Rodney King verdict, 2nd period.
    Article for Kate's Discussion, 3rd Period
    Thursday March 26th--Capote's Tactics
    Today, we will look at the people who Capote must have interviewed.
    Do the following on a document dated 3/26 and titled "Capote's tactics"
    1) Consider these "characters": Susan Kidwell, Jolene Katz, Bobby Rupp, Bob Johnson, Dick Hickcock, Sheriff Dewey, and Floyd Wells.  
         a) Choose two of these people.  
         b) Review the details we have learned about each of the two characters you have chosen.  Identify the details that must have been gained from interviews with each subject.  
         c) Design the sequence of questions that Capote might have asked in his research.  Be sure to sequence the questions as you would in a real interview. List 7-9 questions.  These should not be yes/no questions.
    2) Capote knows a lot more about Perry than almost any other person that was still living as he conducted his investigation.  Choose one of the passages about Perry (1-2 pages) and explain how, with what questions, Capote must have learned the details that he includes.  List 3-4 questions.
    (This assignment is Due in your folder by 8pm tonight.)
    HW: Reading posted from Tuesday's homework to prepare for discussion on Friday.
    Link for Julian's discussion on the media and Rodney King verdict, 2nd period.
    Article for Kate's Discussion, 3rd Period
    Beginning Friday, March 27th, all assignments to be submitted (except articles), will be done through Google Classroom.  You should have received an email about this on 3/25.
    Here are the class codes:
    2nd: yf3255p
    3rd: ffuzjhn
    Friday March 27th--ICB Discussion then freewrite
    We will have two questions discussed, both on the topic of crime and media.
    2nd Period Discussion (9am-9:25am)
    3rd Period Discussion (10am-10:25am)
    You will then do a freewrite that will be linked in Google Classroom Friday morning.
    HW: Work on articles.
    Monday March 30th--Article Genres and Covid19
    Today we will look at the way that Covid19 is influencing all aspects of life through the media coverage in different genres of articles. Use THIS slideshow to analyze some of the media coverage.  Use the instructions on the 2nd slide to take notes you will use later.
    HW: Work on article.
    Tuesday March 31st--Cub Issue Workday
    Use this day to polish drafts of articles and correspond with Copy Editors and Section Editors in your class.
    Some of you have published your article. You may want to begin to work on your portfolio if you are applying to Advanced Journalism for the 2020-2021 school year.
    HERE are the guidelines to create your portfolio.
    HW: Work on article or begin portfolio.
    Thursday April 2nd--Media Responsibility and Covid19
    Today's class will be in two parts.  First, spend 20 minutes reviewing this slideshow.
    Then you will log-on to Google Meet (2nd Period-11:10/3rd Period 1:20) and we will discuss what you have seen and read about media coverage.
    HW: Read In Cold Blood up through page 203.
    Friday April 3rd--Discussion
    2nd Period Discussion (9am-9:25am)
    3rd Period Discussion (10am-10:25am)

    HW: Work on article (if necessary) and/or portfolio.

    -Spring Break: Stay safe, yet, try to relax and take some time for yourself.-

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