• Wednesday, August 21st 

    Day 1: Introductions

    Getting to know eachother

    The importance of journalism

    HW: The Balance Trap


    Thursday, August 22nd

    Day 1.5: The Course

    Debrief article from last night [Format, Voice, Language, Sources, Type of article]

    Discuss “The Balance Trap”

    Bark Archives

    Course Expectations: Learn to write articles, format a newspaper and interview sources in addition to ethics of journalism

    Biggest Challenges of this class

    HW: Do scavenger hunt 


    Friday, August 23rd

    Day 2: Introduce Investigative Reporting & Journalism role in democracy

    Our objectives today are to develop a context to our study of All the President's Men and our first unit.  

    We will briefly discuss the value of investigative journalism and how it differs from the journalism you will be learning to do.

    We will then begin to frame our study of the role of the Washington Post in unveiling the Watergate Affair.

                   We will develop an understanding of the national, cultural and political context to the whole Watergate Affair.

                  We will use this handout to guide the research into the context.

    HW: Your assignment tonight is to read Ch. 1.  Bring in questions and observations regarding the background of Woodward and Bernstein and how their inexperience might influence their reporting. Read Ch. 1 of ATPM


    Monday August 26th

    Day 3: How the Post established a foundation for investigative reporting

    [2nd--submit scavenger hunt]

    Finish 1972 Election Context: Freewrite--What was the national mood at the time of the Watergate Break-in?

    Check for Understanding, Ch. 1

    The story is the Cover-up

    Complexities of Political Reporting: Why is reporting on the government so challenging

    HW:Finish this packet for class on Tuesday

          Read Ch. 2 for Block


    Tuesday August 27th 

    Day 4: Investigative reporting and Types of Articles

    Sample Watergate articles

    1st Day article: HERE

    Investigative in Magazines & Newspapers

    HW: Read Ch. 2


    Thursday, August 28th

    Day 5: [Block] Context and Begin film

    Ch. 2: Motive Behind Break-in; Sources from Ch. 2

    Begin Film*** (45 min out of 140 minutes)

    Film does not follow book or timeline of events.

    HW: Read article from 1972--How do W & B connect the dots without professing assumptions?


    Friday, August 29th

    Day 6: Discuss Film So far

    Continue film; What are the challenges and threats the Washington Post faced? What are W and B's leads?


    HW: Film/Book Questions; Read Ch. 3 for Tuesday

     LABOR DAY---

    Tuesday, September 3rd

    Day 7:  Free-write: Investigative Reporting

    Introduce news and sports reporting

    The interview--recall Ch. 2: What do you notice about Bernstein’s style?

    Interview practice

    HW: Read Ch. 4 (for Friday)


    Thursday, September 5th

    Day 8: [Block] News Stories From Interviews & Finish Film

                 Story Lead from Tues. Interview

                 Finish Film..86min.--Track revelations

                 Debrief-- To what extent was Deep Throat helpful?

                                What is the significance of the closing scene?

                                Who should have been held accountable for the crimes? Why?

    Alignment with book..what else happens between Jan. 1973 and August 1974.

    HW: Finish Ch. 4; Finish news lead from assigned Watergate Revelation


    Friday, September 6th

    Day 9: Politicians’ accusations (2019 and then 1972)

                Share SNL from Watergate revelations

                CH. 4 Debrief (Questions)

                Was the Washington Post just after Nixon?  2 sides...

                 Trump, Feb 2017 (Video) What is the story the press wanted to tell? What story did Trump want to tell?

                 What were Nixon's specific issues with the Press (via his press secretary)?

                Compare 1970s and now--President's relationship with the press

    Hw: Read Ch. 5 All the President’s Men


    Monday Sept. 9th

    Day 10: News Story review..what is news?

    Short Answer feedback (9/3) + Grading Standards

    Jigsaw with news stories--note:Why was Woodward's meeting with Mrs. Mitchell "style" and not "news"?

                              How are these news?

                              Is there an agenda beyond informing the public?

    Relationship between President + Press

    HW: Look at Marin IJ: Which news stories would be of interest to RHS students/community?


    Tuesday Sept. 10th

    Day 11: Format of a news story

    Re-cap Marin IJ

    Listen: Morning Edition

    -How does the journalist frame the story

                 SNL explanation/ slideshow (slides 1-6 only)

    • Look at news items from Ch. 5..SNLs of Woodward and Bernstein from WaPo. 

    HW: Finish list of news items..sources/questions on sheet from last week


    Wednesday Sept. 11th (7-period day)

    Day 12: What is news?

    • Watergate Revelations, Ch. 5--worksheet from last week
    • Ethics and Interviewing: We will review the handbook pp. 19-25.  It is also accessible in the "Handouts" section of the website.
    • Check for understanding: What are restrictions for interviewing sources? Simulated interview...

    HW: Read Ch. 9 from ATPM


    Friday September 13th  [Min. Day]

    Day 13: Bark Issue I

                               [Hand out article 1 calendar

    • Article dissection
    • Compare Feature to Investigative Stories--What have you learned so far?

    HW: Story Ideas in spreadsheet by Tuesday 8am

             Ch. 10 read by Tues.

    Monday, September 16th

    Day 14: Introduce Investigation 2: Theranos

    HW: 2 story ideas in spreadsheet w/source suggestions

           Finish Ch. 10, ATPM


    Tues., September 17th

    Day 15: Choosing stories (sports schedule; news sources) RHS connection

    • Proof story selection: Criteria--timeliness, relevance to community, RHS connection
    • Storyplanning; crowd sourcing

    HW: Decide on a story and/or contact Barkie


    Thursday, September 19th

    Day 16: [Block] Class Story Selection (need 36 per class)

    • Review timeline for your article
    •          Steps: Contact sources, draft questions, do background research, take pictures, conduct interviews, do background research--> Once most/all material is gathered, then write story.
    • Read and Debrief 2013 New York Times article
    • How did Carreyrou use this as a source?
    • News?
    • SNL
    • Draft Questions/Contact sources.

    HW: Contact 3 sources

              Finish Ch. 11


    Friday, September 20th

    Day 17 

    • Draft Interview Questions 
    • Constructing an article from Source material: model (Ch.11)
    • Recall: How did the interview with Holmes tip off journalists?

    HW:  Read Ch. 19 “The Tip” for Monday

    Interviews lined up


    Monday, September 23rd

    Day 18  Discuss “The Tip”

    Class Discussion

    • Why is finding a story difficult?
    • What were the initial challenges?
    • What kept Carreyrou pursuing the story?

    Economic Power v. Political Power: Is there a difference for reporters?

    • What were the tips in ATPM?

    HW: Read Ch. 12--All the President’s Men


    Tuesday, September 24th

    Day 19--From Source to Story

    HW: Read Ch. 14 All The President's Men


    Thursday, September 26th

    Day 20 [Block]--Taking Photos

    Composing Photos: Samples

    Using cameras...PPT here

    Camera Handbook HERE

    HW: Finish CH. 14 ATPM


    Friday, September 25th

    Day 21 --From Source to Story

    • Bring in notes from sources and background information
    • Peer Feedback: What questions still need to be answered?
    • News: What is the latest?
    • Have you contacted your Barkee about your progress?

    HW: Read pg. 16 ATPM

    Mon. Sept. 30th

    What is the difference between a whistleblower, a snitch and a leaker?

    News: Ukraine Whistleblower

    Journalists and Whistleblowers: Deepthroat

    HW: Finish ATPM,  Deepthroat as Whistleblower article


    Tues. Oct. 1--Does Watergate still matter?

    End of ATPM: Significance today--Article + Worksheet


    HW: Finish article and worksheet with evidence


    Wed. Oct. 2 (Min Day)-What is sifting and verifying?

    Discuss evidence from book

    Read excerpt (Ch. 16) from Bad Blood on Tyler Shultz

    Discuss the similarities and differences with Deep Throat

    HW: Finalize article draft: you need everything but photos and captions.  Submit to this folder.


    Fri. Oct. 4--Draft due, in Bark Folder

    You will have the chance to get editing from a classmate

    Editing instructions: Using the "comments" tool for Google Docs, comment on the following:

          1) Does the writer follow all guidelines? [Comment on the ones that are missing]

          2) How effective are the components of the story? [Comment on the strength of the SNL, news peg and RHS connection.]

          3) How accurately and appropriately are sources used? [Comment on the way the writer integrates quotes and parphrasing.  Is context established the first time the source is mentioned?  How do the quotes add to the story?]

    Make edits

    Send text to your Barkie that the draft is for review in the folder.

    HW: NONE


    Week 8: Wrapping Up Investigative Journalism

    Mon. Oct. 7 Begin Spotlight--Notes

    • Review of institutions investigated (private business, U.S. government)
    • What might be the challenges of investigating the Catholic Church?
    • We will watch the first part of Spotlight

    HW: Read this article on more recent scandals involving the Church.


    Thurs. Oct. 10 (block) Finish Spotlight

    • Finish film

    HW: Complete notesheet


    Fri. Oct 11 Debrief Spotlight

    • What are the similarities among the challenges of the Globe and WP investigative teams?
    • What made the Boston story more challenging?

    HW:  Final draft of article due to Barkie.

    Instructions for finalizing article are HERE.


    Mon. October 14th--Debriefing Spotlight

    We will first read the Globe article that began the coverage, 1/6/2002

    Discussion: Why do the reporters choose to begin with the Geoghan story?

    Essay assignment

    HW: Begin work on final essay for investigative journalism unit


    Tues. October 15th-- Work session

    What do you need to know to construct an analytical essay?

    Brainstorm: What is the importance of a free press?

    Work time

    HW: Continue work on essay-Outline with topics and evidence for Thursday's class


    Thurs. October 17th

    Check outlines

    Instruction on Wordpress [Handout HERE]

    • Set up profiles

    Final Article Folder in Bark Drive

    • Photos in folders
    • Transcript from Audiofiles

    Rubric for Essay on the freedom of the press

    HW: Continue work on essay--due Monday


    Friday October 18th--Introduce Zeitoun and Lifestyles Genre (Unit 2)

    What makes a "human interest" story?

    •  Think back to the Globe story on the Church scandal (1/6/2002)

    What are recent natural disasters?  How do we make them a human interest story?

    Thus begins our second unit..here is the reading schedule.

    HW: Investigative essay due Tuesday; article final draft + photos due by 8am Tuesday morning


    Monday, October 21st--How does a natural disaster become a human rights story?

    What human rights issues/ incidents of discrimination are happening in our world today? (20 min)

                 What is a human rights issue?

    Scour the international and national news websites. Be sure you are consulting credible sources.  Use this list as a guide.  Submit the following in your folder for Nonfiction:

                 Name two different violations of human rights occuring today in other parts of the world 

                 Paraphrase what is happening.

    Could this happen in America? Why or why not?

     Interviews to tell a story: Florida hurricanes

    Watch this video.  What questions would you ask Mandi Jackson to get her story?

    HW: Final essay, hard copy due; Final draft of article, folder complete in Bark Drive--HERE is the folder in Bark Drive


    Tuesday October 22nd-- Begin Article Cycle 2

    • Photo Tutorial by Ms Schneider...refresher
    • What is a Lifestyle article?
      • Read sample for structure: What do you notice?
    • Bark archives
      • As you read old articles, what are the topics of these stories?
      • What are some themes/topics that the Lifestyles section has not covered in the recent past?

    HW: Read pp. 3-21


    Thursday October 24th--Eggers's style and method

    Interview Questions, revisit policies

    Pp. 3-21

    1. How does Eggers demonstrate American values and aspects of Zeitoun’s life?
    2. What is the significance of the time of six-thirty in the morning?
    3. Consider the fact that the Zeitouns are practicing Muslims.  How does this make it an interesting detail that Eggers includes about the girls loving Pride and Prejudice?
    4. What does the story of the “forgotten first born”(8) reveal about Kathy?
    5. How do we know that Zeitoun’s birth family and life in Syria is still important to him?
    6. Describe Zeitoun and Kathy’s relationship.  How do you know?

    For each question, now give a question that Eggers must have asked to elicit this information.


    You will have 15 minutes to share interview and source questions with a classmate.  Is there any background research you could do on your topic to create more effective questions?

    The third part of class will be a close reading of the second reading of Zeitoun.  Be prepared to analyze what is said and how Eggers is structuring the story.

    HW: Read pp. 21-36 in Zeitoun


    Friday October 25th--Lifestyles Assignment

    Lifestyles Assignment

    HW: Read thru 54 for Monday



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