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    Antiracist Book Club Student Unions Vanessa Kristal Claire McKechnie To educate ourselves racism, learn how to combat it through the books we read, and to have open conversations about racism in our society.
    Art Honor Society Arts & Ideas Ms. Bartone Claire Henry/Keegan Searles The Redwood Art Honor Society is a part of the National Art Honor Society in which the club would create a place for students of all art levels to collaborate and come up with oiginal deigns to beautify the Redwood campus through different medias such as mosaics, ceramics, or drawing and painting to beautify the Redwood High School campus, along with getting community service hours for the hard work.
    Backpacking Club Activiity Clubs Ms. Flores Rachel Mueller Educate about backpacking, talk about backpacking, engage with the backpacking community
    Chemistry Club STEM Dr. Kartin John Bettinger To introduce members to the amazing science of Chemistry, further their existing knowledge of the subject, and to discuss experiments and recent advances in research.
    Chess Club Activity Clubs Todd Van Perseum James Phelan To learn and play chess with the intention of teaching those who may not know how to play. And to diffuse the game further across the teenage culture.
    Climate Now  Environmental/Animal Care Ms. Mastromonaco Lauren Duncan  
    Daraja Community Engagement Ms. Rattet Arianna Ayaz/Hannah Morgan To help provide education to girls in Kenya at the school Daraja.
    Endangered Species Club Environmental/Animal Care Ms. Kniesche Denia Mittelman To raise money for organizations that help endangered species and to raise awareness on how everyone at our school can help.
    Environmental Action Club Environmental/Animal Care Mr. Stewart Kodey Moore / Taylor Caron In order to educate our peers about sustainable / preservation practices for the environment. This year we'll focus on household management since school is out for the time being.
    Friendship Club Arts & Ideas Kim Cochrane Sadie Leonard In our club, we work with the severe and non-severe special education students at Redwood. We do crafts, plan fun parties, and share our favorite things with each other.
    Girl Up Redwood Student Unions Ms. Civano Rory Daly To raise awareness about inequality and empower girls on campus to advocate for gender issues.
    Girls Who Code STEM Ms. Peck Annie Goldstein, Claire /Lauren McKechnie Teach girls the basics behind computer science, build a sisterhood of like-minded girls, and to encourage girls to pursue a career in tech.
    JSA Student Unions Mr. Blaber Jack Haubold/Morgan Moseley Junior State of America (JSA) is a national student-run nonpartisan organization with the goals of fighting political apathy--especially among youth--and increasing excitement and involvement in government and current issues. At a chapter level, Redwood JSA focuses on debating current issues (such as the election, or pop culture) and discussing different news and controversies that affect the students in the club. Also, Redwood JSA attends regional conferences every season (except summer) among other events that are held by the state JSA, where different issues are debated and discussed.
    Like a Girl Student Unions Ms. Ghiraldini Meghan Roy/Haley Rothbart Womens rights and female empowerment
    Math Club STEM Mr. Simon Zachary Gerstenfeld To complete California Math League themed worksheets and learn about new mathematical concepts.
    Meme Club Other Ms. Maxwell John Bettinger To discuss memes and their influence in pop culture and analyze the style of humor used in memes.
    Men Against Gun Violence Student Unions Mr. Hart Jack Watson To provide a place for discussion about gun violence and educate Redwood students about gun violence.
    Model United Nations Worldly Affairs Ms. Kemp Sophie Duryee Model UN is a club dedicated to teaching kids about international politics, debating, and researching.
    Plant the Planet Environmental/Animal Care Ms. Civano Jordan Haskin To establish drought tolerant plants that would be sustainable in order to beautify local parks and communities.
    Recycle for Africa Community Engagement Mr. Gonzalez Kent Goodman Recycle for Africa is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help protect the environment as well as upgrade school facilities in less fortunate places in Tanzania.
    Redwood Racing Activiity Clubs Jessica Skieresz Izzy Heinemann All inclusive mountain biking club.
    Redwood Review Arts & Ideas Ms. Dahlman AnnaLise Sandrich/ Amelia Sharpe A literary magazine for students to showcase their creative writing and art.
    Run for Global Health Community Engagement Ms. Graydon Michael Geloso Fundraising for various health organization through recreational running events.
    Ski/Snowboard Activity Clubs Ms. Haver-Castex Ava Converse  To make a community of people who love skiing!  
    S.O.A.H. - Students Organized Against Homophobia Student Unions Ms. Kestenbaum Sienna Garsten To create a safe space for the queer youth at Redwood by education and getting the Redwood admin involved.
    SOAAS Students Organized Against Anti Semitism Student Unions Ms. Civano Sarah Steele The purpose of the club is similar to that of SOAR but for anti semitism. We hope to spread awareness and educate the community on this issue.
    Special Olympics Other Katie Peter Liv Holscher/Katie Conners To integrate general Education students in with the special education students while bonding over sports.
    SUFI (Students United For Inclusivity) Arts & Ideas Ms. Slattery Megan Minturn The purpose of Lunch Buddies is to promote inclusivity at Redwood. Now online it is going to more challenging as ever. We want to make sure no one feels alone and has someone to go to at Redwood.
    Surfrider Environmental/Animal Care Mitch Cohen Lauren Carbullido/Casey Addicks To help be a part of ocean protection, beach access, costal preservation, clean water, and clean beaches.
    Thrift 4 Hope Community Engagement Ms. Wright Abigail Shewmaker To raise money for charity by selling used clothing items collected through donation online and in-person through biannual thrift sales organized by the club.
    Title IX Club Community Engagement Ms. Marcoux Ella Zimmerman/Erin Roddy To spread awareness and fundraise for Title IX. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity that receives federal assistance.