Acaemic Genius Bar Lovelady, Skip 228 Tuesdays at lunch
    Amensty Civano, Maria 128 Tuesdays at lunch
    Anime Ryan, Jeff 703 Wednesdays at lunch
    Art Honors Society Maxwell, Susanne 521 Tuesdays at lunch
    Asian Culture Community Rubio, Elise 283 Fridays at lunch
    Backpacking Flores, Cathy 235 Wednesdays at lunch
    Basketball Club Van Peursem, Todd Main Gym Fridays at lunch
    Breakfast Club Plescia, Nicolle 280 Mondays at lunch
    CAIP Schneider, Emily 177 Tuesdays at lunch
    Car Club McCrea, Deborah 130 Wednesdays at lunch
    Cause and Effect Rupers, Ben 521 Wednesdays at lunch
    Ceramics  Rupers, Ben 514 Tuesdays at lunch
    Chemistry Peck, Marissa 214 Thursdays at lunch
    Climate Change Club Norwood, Julie 258 Tuesdays at lunch
    Climate Club LaTourette, Emily 157 Tuesdays at lunch
    Climate Now Rubio, Elise 283 Tuesdays at lunch
    Computer Science Diaz, Ernesto 259 Mondays at lunch
    Connecting Seniors Diaz, Ernesto 259 Wednesdays at lunch
    Cultural Unity Kwan, Faye 239 Thursdays at lunch
    Daraja Rattet, Bernadette 126 Tuesdays at lunch
    Debate Franklin, Alex 155 Wednesdays at lunch
    Dungeons and Dragons Sisneros, Andre 225 Tuesdays at lunch
    Environmental Action Stewart, Joe 211 Wednesdays at lunch
    ESports Club Diaz, Ernesto 259 Thursdays at lunch
    FCA Benjamin, Amy 257 Thursdays at lunch
    Flat Earth Alliance Crabtree, Tri 281 Thursdays or Fridays at lunch
    Friendship Club Cochrane, Kim 301 Mondays at lunch
    Girls Club Flores, Cathy 235 Mondays at lunch
    Girls in Tech Friedman, Laurie 304 Wednesdays at lunch
    Girls' STEM Adams, Emily 214 Thursdays at lunch
    Global Student Network Jaime, Anne 253 Tuesdays at lunch
    Help the Hungry Homeless Berkowitz, Erik  LT Every other Tuesday 
    Interact Norwood, Julie 258 Thursdays at lunch
    International Men's Club Dahlman, Maryanne 158 Tuesdays at lunch
    Junior State of America To Be Announced for 20 - 21 705 Wednesdays at lunch
    K-Pop Flores,Cathy 235 Tuesdays at lunch
    Knit4Need Silkworth, Christie 259 Mondays at lunch
    Like A Girl Ghiraldini, Kathryn 161 Second and fourth Wednesdays
    Linux/Unix Club Goldsmith, David 279 Thursdays at lunch
    Lunch Buddies Civano, Maria 128 Thursdays at lunch
    Magic Gathering Franklin, Alex 155 Tuesdays, Thursdays,Fridays lunch
    Marine Mammal Center Mastromonaco, Amy 232 Tuesdays at lunch
    Math Club Simon, Aaron 251 Mondays at lunch
    Meat Hirsch, Jon Arch. Cntr Tuesdays at lunch
    Meme Butler, Bradford 514 Fridays at lunch
    Mental Health Awareness Kenny-Baum, Jennifer 157 Thursdays at lunch
    MOCK Trial Zeiher, Melissa 139 Tuesdays at lunch
    Model UN Kemp, Lisa and Hart, Steven 237 Wednesdays at lunch
    MTB Skieresz, Jessica 201 Mondays at lunch
    Photography Maxwell, Susanne 501 THursdays at lunch
    Physics Club Nash, David 233 Fridays at lunch
    Ping Pong Nelson, Byron Gym Tuesdays at lunch
    Plant the Planet TBA TBA TBA
    Protect Victims Civano, Maria 128 Fridays at lunch
    Public Speaking 101 Plesica, Dave 280 Fridays at lunch
    Recycle for Africa TBA TBA TBA
    Redwood Night Live Hirsch, Jon 284 Fridays at lunch
    Redwood TV Parish, Peter 404 Thursdays at lunch
    Republicans Hirsch, Jon 284 Tuesdays at lunch
    Robotics Peck, Marissa DHS Lab Fridays at lunch
    Rock Climbing Club Apricio, Albert 151 Thursdays at lunch
    Sexuality Gender Alliance Kristal, Vanessa 159 Tuesdays at lunch
    SOAR Berkowitz; Kestenbaum  182 Tuesdays at lunch
    Spanish Movie Club Zeiher, Melissa 139 Tuesdays at lunch
    Special Olympics Peter, Katie 175/gym Wednesdays at lunch
    Spikeball Club Nelson, Byron Piper Pk Wednesdays at lunch
    Students for Safety Norwood, Julie 258 Mondays at lunch
    Surfrider Club Cohen, Mitch 215 Wednesdays at lunch
    Sustainable Economics Crabtree, Jessica 252 Thursdays at lunch
    Thrift4Hope Mastromonaco, Amy 232 Tuesdays at lunch
    Title IX Marcoux, Haley Wrestling  Tuesdays at lunch
    Triathalon Benjamin, Amy 257 Wednesdays at lunch
    Ultimate Frisbee Stewart, Joe S. Lawn Thursdays at lunch
    Underdiscussed History Zeiher, Melissa 139 Mondays at lunch
    Vogue Bartone, Lauren 501 Mondays at lunch