• Astronomy Spring Daily Agenda

    Wednesday, January 8

    • Understanding the Milky Way (handout)

              HW:  Understanding the Milky Way due Thursday

    Thursday, January 9

              HW:  None

    Friday, January 10

    • Finish Galaxies Notes
    • Start HUW:  Galaxies

               HW:  None!

    Monday, January 13

    • Finish HUW:  Galaxies
    • Classifiying Galaxies Activity

              HW:  Classifying Galaxies due Tuesday

    Tuesday, January 14

              HW:  Milky Way Q's due Thursday

     Thursday, January 16

    • HUW:  Big Bang
    • Chapter 18 RQs

              HW:  Chapter 18 RQs due Tuesday

    Friday, January 17

              HW:  Chapter 18 RQs due Tuesday

    Tuesday, January 21

    • Go over Cosmic Expansion from Friday
    • Continue Chapter 18 Notes

              HW:  None 

    Thursday, January 23

    • Finish Chapter 18 Notes
    • EM Spectrum as Evidence for the Big Bang (handout)

              HW:  EM Spectrum Activity due Friday

    Friday, January 24

    • Major Events after the Big Bang (handout)

              HW:  None

    Monday, January 27

    • 20 minutes to finish "Major Events..." from Friday
    • Start NOVA:  Universe or Multiverse

              HW:  Major Events due Tuesday

    Tuesday, January 28

    • Finish Universe or Multiverse from Monday

              HW:  Universe Test Friday (study guide here

    • Wednesday, January 29
    • Time for Test Prep

              HW:  Universe Test Friday

    Friday, January 31

    • Universe Test

              HW:  None

    Monday, February 3

    • Formation of the Solar System (handout)

              HW:  Formation of the solar system due Tuesday

    Tuesday, February 4

    • Chapter 19 RQs

              HW:  Chapter 19 RQs due Wednesday

    Wednesday, February 5

    • Scale of the Solar System

              HW:  Scale of the Solar System due Friday

    Friday, February 7

              HW:  Analysis due Monday

    Monday, February 10

    • Earth Notes

              HW:  None

    Tuesday, February 11

              HW:  Earth's Atmosphere RQs due Thursday

    Thursday, February 13

    • Apollo 11

              HW:  None

    Friday, February 14

    • Guest Presentation - Ron Rosano!

              HW:  None