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    PLEASE CHECK THIS WEBPAGE DAILY -Readings and assignments will be posted during the week. There will be "due dates" but I will not be checking or collecting work until school starts up again. Any assigned work is expected to be completed on the first day back to class.


    Wed (4/1): Please turn in the MERGERS p.6-10 assignment to Google Classroom. This was assigned on March 18. Please complete this outline while viewing the below videos.


    Intro   1  2  3   4   5

    Mon (3/30): Students who have not completed the March 5 Essay Test, please scroll down to that date and email me your finished test.

       -Due Wed = Please read and annotate the following reading: Auto Dealers

    Please view the below videos and follow the instructions.

    Intro  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

    This is the website that I pointed out in the video.

    Here is the LIST of bestsellig autos


          -Period 1, your essay tests have been entered



    Fri (3/27): no work assigned


    Wed (3/25): Please fill out this Bell sheet while viewing the attached videos.


    Intro  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  

    Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8


    Mon (3/23): We are going to begin including Google Classroom into our class. Please turn the MegaMergers p.1-6 via (through) Google Classroom. You have until Wedneday night to turn it in, then it will be late. I'm giving a buffer zone because this whole process is new to us.

         -Period 7 - I've entered a graded assignment for your class. Check your grade.

         -Period 7 - I've entered your March 6 Essay Test

         -Period 6 - I've entered your March 6 Essay Test

         -Period 4 - I've entered your March 5 Essay Test

         -Period 2 - I've entered your March 5 Essay Test


    Fri (3/20): I've posted/shared a survey for you to complete on Google Classroom.


        -Please complete this ASSIGNMENT by Monday, March 23.


    Wed (3/18): I'm going to get a little emotional here. I really miss the students from periods 1,2,4,6 & 7. Especially all your smart insights during our classroom discussions. If anyone has trouble downloading (viewing) any files I've attached, please email me directly. mtierney@tamdistrict.org

    Please read p.7-10 of Mergers. I recommend printing out the text and annotating. 

          -Add these TERMS & VOCAB to your lists

          -Answer these QUESTIONS due by Friday, March 20.


    Mon (3/16): Please read p.1-6 of MERGER. Once you have finished reading, please provide written answers to these questions. This is due Wednesday, March 18.

            -Please add these VOCAB words to your vocab list.

            -Also, here is a RESPONSE I sent to a student who asked for clarity regarding the article. 

            -Here is link a to the online version, in case you want to click on the links within the article.


    Thurs (3/12): Students have been assigned 3 readings on supermarkets. These readings are all from the same source. They are identified below:

    -RIGGED p.i-iv

    -RIGGED p.1-8

    -RIGGED p.9-18

    Here is the link to the reading = RIGGED

    Students should have already finished the first handout


    The below handout is due Monday 3/16

    -RIGGED questions p.1-7



    Thurs (3/5) Essay Test today - open notebook

        -students will recieve several prompts to choose from at start of test



    Thurs (2/27): We watched this video  Luxottica 60 Minutes



    Tues (2/5): no hw due today

    In class: CFIUS (this is due by Monday Feb 10)


    Mon (Feb 03): Vocabulary Quiz

       -The NYT magazine work from last class must be turned in by today


    Thurs (Jan 30): no hw due today

        -NYT magazine Venure Capital

        -NYT mag classwork


    Tues (Jan 28) - no hw due today

       -Watched a vidoe on cheating on SAT

       -Notes on NFL tax exempt status

       -Began reading article on Venture Capital team


    Mon (Jan 27) - no hw due today

         -We will have a Vocabulary quiz on Feb 03


    Thurs (Jan 23) - Please read WP Snyder

         -Quiz on both WP articles

         -We watched a video about athletes as employees


    Tues (Jan 21) - Please read WP Once Proud

        -This is the video on the Florida Marlins stadium: VIDEO

           Here is the homework for Thursday = WP Snyder

    Mon (Jan 20) - NO SCHOOL

    - Martin Luther King Jr. Day


    Thurs (Jan 16) - Answer these NFL Fleece questions



    Tues (Jan 14) - no hw due today

         -In class assignment   #3 Pros Cons choose 2 points and explain whether they support or contradict the info in the McDonalds & Disney articles.

         -Students typed up their handwritten answers from Monday (McDonalds) and added #3. 


    Mon (Jan 13) - Today we read a Washington Post article on wages at McDonalds. Students turned in the answers to 2 questions.  ARTICLE



    Due Thurs (Jan 9) - Read New Yorker - Ultra Wealthy: Disney by Sheelah Kolhatkar - ARTICLE